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Taxpayers are footing most of the bill


We have heard the explanation for public-private partnerships. If the private sector can’t get over the financing hump, the taxpayer pitches in. Ideally, the result is an exciting project that otherwise would not h ...

Why the big need for secrecy?


Local government has turned on us. You could watch it happen from a news desk. It was rather sudden actually. One day we were dealing with hard-pressed public servants doing their best in the impossible job of squaring p ...

Another tradition falls to political correctness


“Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way!” declares PETA on their website, much to the chagrin of hunters everywhere. As far as abuse goes, that&rsqu ...

A bucket list with small goals


AT the realization that 2017 is upon us, many of us are creating a “bucket list” for the year. They used to call them New Year’s resolutions, but since I resolved several years ago never to make New Yea ...