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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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The Rant for Sept. 6, 2017

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Wednesday, September 06, 2017 12:01 am

The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel.

So I am slow? Hurray! I am retired! I finally get to leave behind the rat race, racing here and there all the time. By the way, I'll see you at the red lights.

Why aren't you Democrats coming forward and admitting that the Russians called you at home and convinced you to change your vote? Come on, fake news won't tell!

Help Texas? The State that gave us two Bushs, Jerry Jones, Ted Cruz and voted for (President) Trump. Not a chance.

Since North Korea is so isolated, let's just release one of our deadly biological strains in their country. How about the plague? Presto! Problem solved without ever firing a shot.

The left lane of Clinton Street approaching Rudisill Boulevard is a disgrace to the city. I thought it was supposed to get paved this summer. Please do something about it this year.

FOX fake news says it is America's Newsroom. What America is that? One that won't support LGBT rights, that thinks all Latinos are bad people, that thinks the same about Muslims? Who elected the biggest fool to ever occupy the White House? Not my America, and sure as hell not my newsroom.

OMG ... really ESPN. It was bad enough when you decided to end the best sports radio talk show ever, "Mike and Mike," but now you have even eclipsed that idiotic move. By removing an Asian American named Robert Lee from the University of Virginia's telecast of it's opening game for fear of offending some hypersensitive "snowflakes," you show your true colors. Your statement that, "It's a shame this is even a topic of conversation, and we regret who calls the game has become an issue," is only because you made it an issue ! I no longer have any desire to support your network. I can get my sports information from many other sources.

Is (Fort Wayne City Councilman Russ) Jehl going to close East Central Towers since the police have been called there ...(many) times in the last year? Be consistent with your morality, Mr. Jehl.

If someone said an F-2 tornado was going to hit your home and stay for 12 hours, would you leave? If you said yes, you are smarter than a million Texans.

So the ACLU is suing because the homeless are being targeted for doing the "same thing" as other citizens. Have vagrancy laws been abolished? This is crazy! Panhandling done by firemen and others collecting for worthy causes is not the same as homeless accosting every passer-by for their money.

Red Cross volunteers are coming from Mexico to help in Texas. I guess not all Mexicans are rapists, murderers or drug dealers, Mr. Trump. You are a fool, "El Donald."

The local Italian restaurant with many locations has great food. I just don't want to share it with flies and gnats. Disgusting. No more famous salad or bread for me.

To all of the Parkview Field naysayers: You were wrong, now fess up. In nine years, Parkview Field has hosted ... (about 3.2 million people). Your motto of "Fort Wayne, just good enough" has been blown out of the water. We are moving ahead with so many projects it will be bigger than anything anyone has ever seen in the history of America. Oh, so sorry. I was caught up in all of the superlatives that (President) Trump uses.

I'm sick of hearing skinny weaklings complain about not having a girlfriend. Women like real men who wear cologne, have big biceps, tattoos, great beards, ride loud motorcycles and aren't afraid to display their toughness. Don't be an idiot. Women hate weak and sensitive men without a backbone.

... (A local apartment complex) does not have fire stops in the attics of its buildings. The building inspector should rectify that problem immediately.

Government can't handle a flood, but President Strangelove (Trump) wants to contemplate a nuclear war.

While leaving the high school on Cook Road, I was sitting at the red light. The woman behind me was honking for me to turn while she was on her phone. H-m-m. First, I did not have a good view of oncoming traffic. There was a school bus next to me. Obviously she did not have a good view either. When the light turned green and it was safe, I turned. She blew passed me, got in front of me and slammed on her brakes for no reason other than to provoke. Still on her phone, driving aggressively and yelling at me, she had to stop at the next red light. Just makes me laugh. I have your SUV with the dealer plates all on video. This woman has no business driving in a school zone! Honey, if it ain't clear, then I ain't turning. Honk all you want. It makes you look dumb.

That girl Taylor Swift has a disease; it's called anorexia. She needs help because young girls are trying to emulate her. Give her a sandwich. Now!

More fake news from Republicans about Indiana being in the red. We might have $2 billion in the bank, but our state pension fund is underfunded by $15 billion for a net of - $13 billion.

No investigation, be it allegedly homicide, burglary, rape or any crime should be stopped until its conclusion, i.e., being solved. Ron DeSantis, Florida GOP ...(U.S.) representative, wants to limit the funding for the Trump-Russia investigation to six months. He put this amendment in the budget bill (which is thousands of pages). He also wants to limit the investigation to only (June) 2015 ... (and later). ... We, the United States, are at war — a cyber war — and every senator, every representative should put America first, not their party.

(President) Trump likes to compare himself with (former President Ronald) Reagan. When Fort Wayne flooded, Reagan put on his boots, went to the dike and threw some sandbags. Trump went 20 miles away from the flood, wearing designer shoes, and talked about how big the crowd was that greeted him. Even a blind man can see that there is no comparison to these two men. One was a great man, and the other is a dunce.

A 13-year-old female juvenile delinquent argues with mom and runs away from home at 1 a.m., and we have to spend our tax dollars looking for her. She shows up at a friend's house, safe and sound. The parents should be billed for the police time spent looking for her, and she should have to do 40 hours of community service doing something really icky. Next time, she might be in bed at 1 a.m., not out running around.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.


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