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Monday, September 25, 2017
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The Rant for July 5, 2017

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017 12:01 am

The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel.

Tax the citizens for the riverfront project. Next will be a hike for the (downtown) stadium and then there will be a tax for the GE (campus redevelopment) project. With this (city) council, citizens don't have a chance or a voice. They (councilmen) are all spend, spend, spend — our money with no voice!

Do most people really give a ... what the names of Beyoncé's twins are?

I don't use your ... alleys, but we both use the ... streets. Fix the streets before the alleys.

We don't need ISIS to kill us, the liberals are.

(President) Trump needs to go back to the failed show "The Apprentice." That's all he is good for. How he got to be president is beyond me. He was sickening on "The Apprentice."

For seven years, Republicans have crafted a health-care bill. The end result: 23 million thrown off of insurance. Vote Republican and vote for death to the poor.

Obamacare was debated publicly for over a year. The Republican plan is being jammed down our throats in a week without any public debate over the plan.

Well, a weekend news anchor ... (local high school graduate) starts every story with the word "well." Well, this is not what she was taught in high school. Well, this is not what she was taught in journalism class, if she ever attended. ... Well, it also shows how poor the management of this station is. Well, if they weren't poor, they would coach her. Well, that's the end of the Rant. Well, good day.

In the spring, the city water smelled like perfume. Three weeks ago, it was chlorine smell. ... (On a recent day), after ... (a) big rain, it smells like dead fish. If we can spend $200 million on a tunnel, we can afford $2 million for some wells as an alternate water source when the rivers get foul. Bad water will stop companies and people from relocating here more than bad politics ever will. C'mon City Utilities, do something now to fix this problem or let city residents put in their own wells.

Liberal Democrats are a very one-sided group people. They want "sanctuary cities" to violate federal laws when it comes to immigration. If they want this policy, then I want a "sanctuary house"! I will not pay any federal taxes because I'm strongly against abortions or illegal immigrants drawing "free," tax-paid programs!

(U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks' op-ed piece reads like this: Blah, blah, blah. Yada, yada, yada. It has no facts, just his opinion. There is no proof that the Medical Device Tax has cost even the loss of one job. In fact, all of the companies paying the tax are hiring and are making record profits. He is just trying to protect his rich supporters who don't live in his district or even live in Indiana. His campaign slogan should be "Save the Rich, starve the Poor, that's what Banks is fighting for."

Before city council passes the (local) income tax hike (which they will), there should be an explanation of how much is in the food-and-beverage tax fund and where it is going, or not going. Or are they saving this for another project to be rammed down our throats.

For all the citizens of Fort Wayne and Allen County who are outraged over the proposed increase in the (local) income tax rate: Forget even going to the (Fort Wayne City) Council meeting to voice your concern. They do not care! They already have enough votes for it to pass. Too many RINOs (Republican in Name Only) for our voice to matter.

Republican leaders oppose abortion but have no qualms about killing off children and adults with disabilities as well as the elderly who rely on Medicaid. What cruel, heartless and sanctimonious hypocrites! They care only about the rich.

The Linda and Jerry Vandeveer Impact Award deadline has been extended. Why? Because no one cares.

What a travesty. The Mad Anthonys have selected the Frankes and Scott Sproat to receive the Red Coat. They all are very deserving for bringing joy to fans of the Komets and Fort Wayne for years. They also selected David Long, our so-called state Senate Pro Tem, who has brought poverty and hunger to the citizens of Indiana. The Komets are pros, Long is an amateur. Bad choice to honor Long, who does not deserve anyone's respect.

So the Indiana Republican legislature and the Republican Indiana (then) governor, (Mike) Pence, gave Carrier Corp $7 million to save 100 jobs. That's $70,000 per job. Yet these buffoons won't even consider a bump in the minimum wage to help the working poor. I guess that Republicans don't care about any one but the rich and wealthy corporations. Just ask (Indiana U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks, who voted to stop a 2 percent medical device tax to help the under-insured so a billion dollar company (Biomet Zimmer) could save less than a 1/2 percent of their profits. Republicans need to be run out of town on a rail.

"Ugly bill” (ACA, Affordable Care Act) as stated by (U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell. Ugly is a point of view. “Mean Bill” (Trump Health Care) as stated by Trump is lacking in kindness. A true portrayal of the inner man who has no respect for the average American. Both men do not represent what America has stood for and what America stands for today. McConnell has given his “loyalty” oath because of his wife’s appointment as U.S. Secretary of Labor. Where is his “loyalty” to the people of the United States?

The needle exchange saves lives and money? Maybe it just makes Fort Wayne complicit in enabling people to continue making bad choices, for which there are usually consequences. It's good to help save lives, but what is the needle exchange program doing to stop the drug use? Just wondering.

Why should I vote to send another Democrat to Washington D.C., if all they are going to do is sit back and not participate? Can't they even argue, or do they just want to take our money for showing up?

In the Republican health care bill, they give millions of dollars to their masters on earth by causing pain, suffering and death to millions of Americans. It is doubtful that Judas would sink so low.

When crimes are committed, deserving punishment is not committed to the lawbreaker; per example, this note: In exchange for the guilty plea, one count of battery and two counts of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon would be dismissed. (It) is becoming too prevalent for the guilty to go free instead of jail time just for admitting guilt. Shame on you court judges!

If the mayor and city council are so interested in the safety of Fort Wayne Schools children and restoration of alleys, they should put "all" of the new tax money to those (priority) projects. After all of those are "completed," then spend the taxes on the adult riverbank playground.

If someone before me pays for my meal at a drive-through, thanks. But I won't pay for a carload of teenagers behind me when all I had was a burger and soda.

A bunch of rich, white men are deciding the health care for you, your kids and grandkids, and you are sitting on your hands willing to accept this travesty. This bill must die.

(President) Trump and Company want to lessen fuel-economy standards. Just think how much gas would cost if everyone was still getting 8-10 miles per gallon. Go back to your tower Donald, you are in over your head.

If you think (President) Trump is doing a good job, you have mud in your eyes and ears. The people did not vote for Trump, the Electoral College did. Dumb College kids.

What "Community" Healthcare Systems in Franklin, Tenn., is doing to Lutheran Health Network here in Fort Wayne and nearby areas is so indicative of how some big businesses work nowadays — bleed the best to shore up its stock profile. This kind of life support just delays the inevitable, further tanking stock prices for CHS. There's nothing "community" about CHS for Northeast Indiana.

The (Fort Wayne) mayor and city council want more money for sidewalks and alleys, but where is the money we already pay in taxes going? I think there's a bait-and-switch going on here with the riverfront project. Sounds like Congress — we won't pass something unless we lump a whole bunch of other stuff in there to make it "look" good. And what about the "wheel tax" we are being charged for by all three entities (city, county and state). Oh, and blame it on the property tax caps. What property tax caps? They keep raising our assessed values to get around that.

If the (Fort Wayne) mayor and the city council want the Riverfront project so bad, why don't they use Legacy funds to fund it. Why tax all of us for something so few will use.

Republican (U.S.) senators have put their heads in a noose over the HCA (Health Care Act). Are they going to pull the vote and remove their heads or tighten the noose and vote? Only time will tell.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.


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