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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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The Rant for Aug. 9, 2017

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017 12:01 am

The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel.

... (Insanity is) ... "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time." GOP = Insanity X 7 years.

There are two pedals in your car. One's for the gas, and one's for the brake; this slows or stops your car. Many animals would still be alive if drivers could learn this.

You can wipe your nose with the unemployment numbers. If you're 55 or older, you can't find a job. That means you are not counted in the numbers. It's a fake number.

I hope taxpayers aren't paying the salaries for the "Do not call list" (staff). Seven unwanted calls today. Indianapolis, get on the ball.

Here a lie, there a lie, everywhere a lie, lie. OK, you morons. It is not Mr. (Mayor Tom) Henry who adds taxes, it is the Republican city council.

To Emory McClendon: Great article. It should be sent to Congress and read before each session for a year. Maybe people would wake up, but I doubt it. They seem to thrive on argument. God must be so disappointed.

To the sign "Drive as if your children live here": Yes, they do live here. They also know to look for cars and not run or dart into the street without looking first. (And yes, I do drive slow.)

Sadly there are too many people who are restaurant servers that should have never been put in the job. They believe their job is just to take an order and deliver the food, when in reality they are to be salesperson, selling the product by telling the customer about the specials, suggesting add-ons (appetizers, juices, milk, desserts, etc) then returning to remove empty plates, refill drinks and check on meal quality, suggest desserts and thank guests for stopping in. Sadly this sales-service aspect in missing in many servers.

Tonight's paper (08/28/17) says, "It's unclear whether GOP can advance any health bill." It can if it quits thinking about win, win, win, beat the Democrats, beat the Democrats, and starts planning what's best for the people. (President) Trump and (Vice President) Pence have to go.

I suggest the letter writer who thinks a yellow light means, "Hurry and go through," should "hurry up" and go back to Florida and have an eye exam, since they can't even read the road signs. Yellow means caution but when you are old and are only driving 25 (mph) in a 45 (mph) zone, how are you going to "hurry" anywhere?

(President) Trump is a classic paranoid schizophrenic. His voters either No. 1 don't care or No. 2 are too stupid to know what a paranoid schizophrenic is capable of. My money is on No. 2.

Engage brain before ranting. The Republicans control the (Fort Wayne) city (council) and state. If you don't like more taxes, quit voting Republican! They are the party of higher taxes.

A San Francisco biweekly magazine called Rolling Stone features Justin Trudeau (Canada's prime minister) on the cover and asks, "Why can't he be our president?" Anyone who wants him as the leader of your country is more than welcome to give up your citizenship and emigrate to Canada, where your wish will be fulfilled.

I don't know what has happened ... (a local bakery), but something is amiss. After numerous complaints from my customers, my restaurant has changed breads. I would like to switch back because I have used the same company for 10-plus years but will not make the switch until they get their quality back up to where it should be. Someone is responsible for the change and should be held accountable.

If your kids don't like nothing burgers and faux fries, try this: You feed them. Nationwide, 60 percent of school meals are thrown out or wasted. If you can't feed them, quit having them.

My family of four go to as many (Fort Wayne) TinCaps games as possible. Parkview Field has become the new mall. So-called parents bring their spawn to the ballpark and turn the little heathens loose. Anyone can make babies, but it takes dedication to be a parent and to teach children respect for others.

The earth is 197 million square miles, Indiana is 36,000. The ranter who is not as smart as a fifth-grader thinks that because Indiana is not overly hot that there is no climate change. What a stupid statement.

Love fake news? Just watch the middle channel local morning news. From one broadcast: ... The weather for that evening's (Fort Wayne) TinCaps game. The game was at noon. Not once or twice or three times, but four times. This is just pure lazy reporting. Either the reporters are just winging it, or the producers don't care. Either way, that fake news should not have ever made it on the air.

The column writer from IPFW only told half of the story. He only moved here to buy a house and have kids because it was affordable. He doesn't need the amenities that Fort Wayne has to offer. I bet my paycheck that his family has been to the (Fort Wayne Children's) Zoo, Parkview Field, the Coliseum and Embassy (Theatre) and many fine restaurants. ... He is anti-tax, but also a Republican.

Where's the Clinton Foundation? Bill Clinton was on TV begging for money for Haiti. The people are starving. They are living on the edge of a garbage dump. It's the Christians who are feeding the people. Love a child.

President Trump read a statement concerning new immigration policy that said in part that it puts the needs of Americans first and America first, and that the Raise Act will insure that newcomers to our wonderful country will be assimilated, will succeed and will achieve the American dream. To all leftists who seek to oppose this legislation: Resistance is futile.

If a Democrat does something and you disagree but a Republican does the same thing and you are OK with that, then you are a modern-day Charlie Brown — all wishy-washy with no backbone.

It's only fitting that ex-IU football coach (Kevin) Wilson, who resigned over player mistreatment, now works for Ohio State, the dirtiest playing team in America.

Never, ever, slam on the brakes or swerve to miss an animal. You could kill someone. Who taught you to drive? PETA?

Why would I trust anything that (Gov. Eric) Holcomb says. He is the third liar-in-chief in a row in Indiana. Daniels lied, Pence was hand-picked by Daniels and Holcomb was hand-picked by Pence. Indiana is not in the black as they would like you to think. Do some homework and see how much debt the taxpayers of Indiana are on the hook for. Someone has to pay for all of the underfunded state pension plans, and that someone is you, your kids and grandkids. (Indiana Sen. Pro tempore David) Long lies, too, but not to your face like Holcomb.

It's easy to spot the (President) Trump supporters. ... White, uneducated voters. That's Trump's base.

People who support politicians who give monies to those who don't need it while refusing to care for those who need help might believe this will be acceptable. ... (They are) as sick as our president.

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