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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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The Rant for Aug. 2, 2017

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017 12:01 am

The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel.

Ask Charlie Gard how health care provided by government works out. They decided he must die!

Why is it that conservative Christians demand that they have the "freedom" to live how they want, but everyone else doesn't?

Fantastic and beautiful Indiana weather this year. But where is the usually incessant high heat and humidity? I think the global warming people are full of hot air.

I think the Democrats and Republicans are acting very bipartisan. Neither want to drain the swamp and lose their golden goose, so neither will even try to give (President) Trump a chance to fail or win.

(President) Trump had a speech to the Boy Scouts of America. It was all I, I, I, I. What a tool he is. These are kids who should be thanked, not blasted with propaganda.

To the ranter in the July 19 edition of the News-Sentinel, who accused President Trump of being the "king" of affairs: Really? I don't condone any extramarital affairs he might have had, but your obvious and typical liberal thinking blind you to the real "king" of affairs. That would be your own "Slick Willy" (former President Bill) Clinton. You conveniently have forgotten about Juanita Broadrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and I saved the best for last, the in the White House affair with Monica Lewinsky, which he almost got impeached for.

State legislator Martin Carbaugh wants to buy me dinner. He keeps sending me invites to go to some of Fort Wayne's finest restaurants. All I have to do is listen to him try to sell me securities (think time-share) and I can have a free dinner. If he spent the same amount of time on lowering my state taxes, I might have some money to invest. I know a scam when I see one, but to have it held by an elected official is a travesty.

Awaiting my Rx at the Parkview Hospital, the TV was on the only station, CNN. The hospital, already such a dreary place to be, why have the TV on such a "bad-news-only" station? Why not have some upbeat, something worth watching, and something more hopeful to look forward to? This sure does not cheer me up as a patient!

God help us, two of our branches of government are in disarray and filled with court people. Our government is no longer concerned about us , just themselves and getting re-elected. Therefore we must take more responsibility in choosing them. This last election, we were given two poor choices because we didn't speak up soon or loud enough. If we do not change, neither will they. It is a shame that some of them call themselves "born-again Christians" while we do not challenge them.

If this country has such "vast" oil and gas reserves, and thinking of selling on the world market, why 30-cent gas increases? Someone playing Enron here? It's not tax increases — those have already been dumped on us!

Anti-technology people step aside: I just invested in a company that is starting human trials on a chip that is implanted in the lymph node under your arm. It will detect cancers before any other technology could see it. It is the wave of the future. Chips all over our bodies. We have moved on from black-and-white TV and AM radio. The future is calling. Will you answer?

(U.S. Rep. Luke) Messer wants to run for the (U.S.) senate, and he wants to kill off public schools. Yet he wonders why kids aren't making better lives for themselves. Well, if only the rich middle class gets to go to private schools on our dime, how are the poorer kids supposed to get ahead when the public schools will be the last resort for qualified teachers to work at. Republicans hate the poor.

The City of Fort Wayne just increased our taxes. The City of Fort Wayne, Allen County and the State of Indiana all three collect a wheel tax now. The State of Indiana just increased the gasoline tax. The Food and Beverage tax is still around. City Utilities now charges us for maintaining fire hydrants (of which they are now paying $5 each to neighborhoods that paint them). Now I & M wants a ... (19.7) percent rate increase. What's next? We need to stand as a society and say we've had enough.

(President) Trump and (U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell have well demonstrated what it's like to live under a Third World, banana republic-style government. We've gone from the sublime (Obama) to the dangerous.

The copious letter-writing Bible thumper says he is well versed in Scripture. Well, he better be well versed in the Constitution, which is the sacred scripture of America. Laws are written following the Constitution, not the bible. If he ever appears in court, it will be the constitutional laws that either exonerate him or send him to jail, not the biblical stories. He can pick up a copy of the Constitution at his local bookstore.

To the ranter who says that cats are the only animal that kills for the sake of killing. Say what? Man is the highest form of animal. Man kills for the sake of killing. Man does not eat or process the kill, he just does it, mostly for no reason.

Kudos to the president on his decision to bar transgender individuals from serving in our (U.S.) armed forces. I have no doubt that many of these currently serving under Obama's policy are patriots, but if these poor, mentally confused individuals deny science and can't accept such a simple concept as to what sex they actually are, then they should not be put into any position where potential life-and-death decisions must be made that could influence their fellow servicemen and women as well as the defense of our country.

So what if you only have one insurance company to choose from. Most corporations only offer one insurance company to choose from. You have different levels of plans, just like the ACA (Affordable Care Act). The Republicans are the Chicken Little's of modern day. The sky is not falling, only in their minds is the ACA failing. It is smoke and mirrors, brought to you by heartless Republicans.

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