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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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The Rant for Nov. 9, 2016

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Tuesday, November 08, 2016 09:01 pm

The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel.

I was very disappointed with ... (a local department store's) decision to get rid of the 10 or more shopping carts that they've had for the last five years. As a person with limited mobility, I enjoyed being able to push the cart around to shop. I have enough strength to lean on and push the cart around. This gave me independence, and I used my ... (store) credit card more often. ...  We enjoyed spending our money in their store, but that can no longer happen. 

Hillary Clinton tells people I can, but you can't. I can have a private computer, but you people in the State Department can't. 

You think a strong Congress can restrain rotten Hillary( Clinton)?  Well, they can do the same with (Donald) Trump. But Trump will put in great (U.S.) Supreme Court justices, and he's right on many other issues. Ignore the polls and the shamelessly partisan media.

Here in Indiana's senatorial race, the GOP keeps harping about Evan Bayh living outside Indiana when their big gun is "Bayh gave us Obamacare." It will be truly embarrassing and disastrous if Indiana ends up with two Democrat senators.

How can Hillary Clinton be an advocate for children when she approves of (limited) late-term abortion, or any abortion for that matter.

Bill Clinton cheated, Donald Trump cheats and Pete Carroll cheated at USC (University of Southern California). The only ones who care about the cheating are the people who are being rewarded by the cheating, like the Trump supporters, the Clinton supporters and the USC supporters. Cheating always has its drawbacks. Clinton was impeached, USC had sanctions and Trump ... (may lose) the election. Cheaters never win.

I wonder how many people will leave FOX (News) to work for Trump TV? It's all about the money, not the truth. Like rats leaving a sinking ship, they will all abandon FOX.

Trump is the most dangerous man in America. Just got back from a European vacation, and I can't tell you how many people asked me if the election process is fixed. I told them it certainly is not, but since Trump is losing he has to fall back on something. This man is killing democracy, and his supporters are clueless.

Establishment Republicans and Democrats are in the temple praying, "Thank you God, that I am not like others. Like that tax-avoider Trump — greedy dishonest and adulterous."

Why is it I receive campaign ads from John Gregg telling me his policies and what good he will do for Indiana? Then all I receive from Eric Holcomb is negative campaign ads, stating what Holcomb believes is wrong with Gregg. Like last time, I am voting for John Gregg.

If you have voted for or will vote for (George) “W.” Bush, Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence or Eric Holcomb, then you are part of the problem and what is wrong with Indiana and the United States of America.

In the past three weeks, I have received 18 negative campaign postcards from Todd Young telling us what he thinks is wrong with Evan Bayh, but nothing about Young's plans. I received three campaign cards from Evan Bayh telling us his plan and what he will do for Hoosiers, but nothing negative about his opponents. I am voting for Evan Bayh.

Maybe you should give your vote to (Donald) Trump so he can build the wall. It just might help reduce the amount of heroin on the streets of our country. And that could save the life of someone you love.

All the whining and complaining about (Evan) Bayh not staying in Indiana comes from people and politicians who never said one thing about (U.S. Sen. Dan) Coats return last election. 

(Fort Wayne City Councilman Jason) Arp wants to cut money earmarked for economic development. Does he want us to move forward or backward? Why won't he work for free? ... The Republican city council is trying to move Fort Wayne back to where we were 20 years ago. They must go in the next election and get some progressives on the council.

Now (Donald) Trump says he is going to sue all of his (sexual abuse victim) accusers, win or lose. This is a man's way to terrorize his accusers and try to keep other women quiet. Any woman who votes for Trump has absolutely no self-respect for herself or other women and might even be close to being brain dead.

To all the good Christian Republican ladies that are still voting for (Donald) Trump. If Mr. Trump had forced himself on or grabbed your sister, mother, daughter, or granddaughter, would your vote be different?

There has never been a time in American history where we did not have some kind of hatred or racism — think slavery and what we did to the Indians — when men did not abuse women or children, when there was no unemployment or poverty, when every child went to good schools and went to bed with a full stomach. So let's drop the "again" slogan and start trying to just make America great.

Instead of saying, "May she spend eternity in hell," let's pray that she shows remorse and turns to God. There are women who have had abortions and have later regretted and sought forgiveness from him. I see no difference between abortion and what Amber Pasztor did to her children.

Tax cuts are not the panacea that a lot of misguided people think they are. Cuts equal less revenue. Less revenue equals no money for roads or bridges, less money for education and your kids will all walk to school. And don't use the failed argument that it creates small business. People who want to own a business will start one no matter what the taxes or interest rates are. I know, I've done it.

Hillary (Clinton) and (President Barack) Obama wasted the lives of all Americans lost in the Middle East by leaving too soon, and now we have our first military loss this week trying to take Mosul back again. She is stupid.

Mr. (Donald) Trump is not a Republican, nor is he a conservative. If he is elected, he will destroy the party that I have been part of all of my life. If Mrs. Clinton wins, at least we will live to fight again in four years. If Mr. Trump wins, it's all over for the Republican party. This started with the Tea party, and I could see it happening then. Stop this madness.

The Gold Star Khan family are "liberals." Their son died fighting for this country, and Mr. Khan carries the Constitution in his breast pocket. I am a liberal and have the Constitution hanging in my office. Can the right-wing ranter say the same thing. Just because someone is a liberal doesn't mean that they don't respect the Constitution. Turn off your TV and educate yourself. Your stupidity is showing.

The GOP currently holds 247 out of 435 seats in the House; 54 out of 100 seats at the senate; 31 out of 50 governors; ... (68) out of 99 state legislative chambers; and ... . I just thought it is worth nothing that the party complaining the most about where the country is heading seems to have its hands all over the steering wheel.

To all of you male (Donald) Trump voters. I guess that it's alright if I grope your girlfriend, wife or daughter. Thanks, I'll get right on it.

When FOX News had a Catholic priest on giving (Donald) Trump accolades, I finally said enough. I will not tithe to ... (a local Catholic church) anymore. The church is getting more radical by the day, and that is why so many have left. My kids don't want to go to ... (a local Catholic high school) because of the pressure put on them in school. I am saddened by this but not surprised because the church is not the same church that I grew up with. They have swung far to the right.

(Donald) Trump was my man before the Indiana primaries. But after his terrible debates where he melted down like a snowman in the March sun, I had to change my vote. I don't think that he could negotiate anything without acting like a child. I don't know what his advisers have been telling him, but he lost my vote along with my vote for Todd Young because Young won't distance himself from Trump.

What a bunch of *&%$ being perpetrated on the American public, and buying into it is the epitome of ignorance. Are you going to tell me that the Democrats have never asked for a vote recount when they didn't accept the outcome of an election?

To the lady (and others) who used my driveway to drop off political flyers on my door (& other stuff): Please stay on the driveway when you back up. If you have no back-up skills, then park on the street, even if you have further to walk.

(Todd) Young voted against (keeping) the medical device tax. ... (Young's) hands are in so many lobbyist back pockets that he can't even wipe his nose. He is the worst of politicians. It's all about him getting rich and nothing to help our country. Some Marine he is. What a phony.

The mayor of Fort Wayne loves to spend money but has he once offered the taxpayers of Fort Wayne any tax breaks? I think not. We need to lose this meathead.

(U.S. Rep. candidate Jim) Banks is a (U.S. Navy Reserve) supply corp ... (officer). Big deal. They are not even in harm's way, but he says it makes him special. ... Banks is a sissy — too scared to actually fight. Like most Republicans from northeast Indiana, he is as milquetoast as they come. He couldn't wear my boots.

(Donald) Trump speaks in two- to four-word sayings. Example: "Believe me," "That I can say," "big league," "I'm the only one." 

If as Hillary Clinton says, there are no harmful emails on ... (Huma Abedin's) or her husband's laptops, she could ask them to release copies to the media to prove this.

650,000 e-mails is ... (89) per day, every day, for the past 20 years. Who believes this nonsense?

Peace and prosperity: A strong military deflects aggression. Financial strength is found through lower taxes and fewer regulations, which equals more jobs. (Donald) Trump gets it! (Hillary) Clinton has no clue!

(Donald) Trump blusters, (Hillary) Clinton lies. Take your pick.

As a Republican, I abhor having to vote for Donald Trump. But he is a far better choice than Hillary Clinton, if we expect our Constitution to survive.

Even we Democrats can't justify voting for Hillary (Clinton) anymore.

It's pretty discouraging when the Russians have figured out how stupid our millennials are in their support for democracy. The Russians are used to being led around by their dictatorial leaders, but we're supposed to be smart enough to think for ourselves. Unfortunately our millennials are led by socialists and social media and don't know, or understand, how to think for themselves thanks to their Gen-X parents.

Our legislators ..., (who are) predominantly Republican, are in cahoots with the alcohol lobbyists. They have given you no carryout on Sunday. No cold beer at convenience stores and even passed legislation allowing the DNR (Indiana Department of Natural Resources) to give out liquor licenses without oversight of the ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Commission). ... Vote everyone out in the next statewide election.

Donald Trump proved again he is not fit to be president by claiming — without evidence — that the FBI's probe of the new emails is proof of criminal conduct by Hillary Clinton. We need a president who makes decisions based on facts.

A dog is outside, chained, all day, with water (but no food). The dog has a doghouse but there is no padding, straw or anything inside and is surrounded by cement but no grass. Does this constitute dog abuse?

Not allowed to burn leaves in the city? Yet a neighbor can have a campfire in his yard with just stones around it? No one was around the heavily smoking whatever-was-in-it all afternoon either. Smokey Bear: One never leaves a campfire smoking or burning unattended! 

A vote for Hillary (Clinton) is a vote against the Constitution. If she should be elected, she will lie while taking the oath of office "To support and defend the Constitution." That alone should lead to her impeachment. Hillary has become so used to lying she probably won't think she's done anything wrong.

Evan Bayh, a Washington lobbyist, wants to represent Indiana? Is he kidding? We should look at his candidacy as a joke. He doesn't know anything about Indiana or Hoosiers, except that he thinks we are gullible enough to elect him. Remember Richard Luger and how he lost touch with Indiana? We voted him out of office for being out of touch with Indiana. So let's not elect someone we know is out of touch before he can do any harm.

Eight years ago, there were the "Real" Democrats and the Clinton Democrats at each others throats. Now the "Real" Democrats seem to be lining up beside the Clinton Democrats. Perhaps the "Real" Democrats should step back and think about what Hillary stands for; it certainly isn't for the common person as the Democrats want to let on like they represent.

I'm disgusted with (Donald) Trump and his blustering, but I can't help but think he is the best candidate we have in the running. I believe he will be a much better supporter of the Constitution than Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary can't control or influence her husband, what makes us think she could or should lead our country?

Being a staunch Democrat, I can't believe what I'm about to say. But after serious thought, I find I cannot, in good faith, vote for our presidential candidate. She is just too untrustworthy, and her disdain for the average citizen is too much to tolerate. I urge all my fellow Democrats to join me in not supporting her.

The lie used to be that the check was in the mail. Now the lie is by the right-wing newspapers ... that (Hillary) Clinton wants to take your guns. The editors know that this is a lie but they spread the gossip because they can't come up with a real reason for people to vote for (Donald) Trump. The editorial writers have bastardized what they went to school for — to always be honest, even if it was not in their best interest. Shame on you.

Finally, after pretending to stop wild " Legacy Fund " spending — they're going to "loan" the funds to keep the money rolling out. It (may) really mean they will "forgive" the loans at a later date.  The public is supposed to be too ignorant to figure that out, until they have it all spent!

Todd Young keeps touting himself as a Marine. He worked in an office from 9 (a.m.)-5 (p.m.). I did two tours. We had a name for guys like Young that were all talk and no walk. 

It really doesn't matter who wins the election. With the two candidates we have, the office of the president will be tarnished forever. We have made a mockery of the office if all we can have is (Hillary) Clinton or (Donald) Trump. We have fallen so low in world politics with these two that I don't ever think we will go back the the glory days when our president was respected by the whole world.

All team sports have banned fighting and are worried about concussions except hockey. Hockey players must have dense brains with no grey matter because they don't worry about concussions. What a stupid sport that lets players beat each other senseless. 

The angry, white, uneducated voters are going to put (Donald) Trump in the White House. After the election, they can go back to their minimum-wage jobs and shopping at ... (a local food bank). The rest of us can watch our investments tank. Trump will be so bad economically for our county that it will be a disaster. The poor will be poorer, and the middle class will collapse. Farmers' profits will wither without trade, and food prices will go through the roof.

Look down with mercy upon us and touch the hearts of our people. Open our minds to the great worth of human life and to the responsibilities that accompany human freedom. Grant our country the wisdom to proclaim that God's law is the foundation on which this nation was founded, and that he alone is the true source of our cherished rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Give us the courage to reject the culture of death and the strength to build a new culture of life.

Notice to seniors: Some of us will have a Medicare increase next year. $149 per month, and in 2018 it's going up even more. ... And if there is a Social Security increase at any time it will automatically trigger a Medicare increase. So much for a raise for cost of living. 

Voting for someone because they were in the military is dumb. (Republican U.S. Senate candidate) Todd Young got free college at the Naval Academy. He did his mandatory four years and then quit. 

Todd Young, by far for U.S. Senate. (Evan) Bayh is not worthy to represent "We the People." He floats from state to state for his benefit financially. Mr. Young is a solid guy and really cares about our values and welfare. 

(Donald) Trump's ... (transgressions) of his past, long ago as an entertainer, is not who he is now. His policies are what we need now. More important: probable appointments to the Supreme Court. That affects our country for generations. Please pray in earnest. Hillary (Clinton is) for herself. Trump for us. 

Changes at IPFW: As always in education, academics lose, sports go untouched. A solid reputation bit the dust in favor of mediocrity. Look for enrollment to drop even further.

I agree that Donald Trump is a loud-mouthed lout, but, as far as I know, he is not responsible for any deaths. Remember Benghazi and Vince Foster; if not, look them up.

What is at the top of the list of road repair or pathways. $1 million dollars would go a long way on road repair. For once, use good common sense. Recreation we all enjoy, but first things come first. Use our tax money wisely.

Pray our God will help us to defeat Hillary (Clinton) in the election. Government without God would be a no, no. We need our God very much.  

(FBI Director) James Comey did nothing wrong in writing a letter to Congress. Hillary Clinton broke the law, she is not a victim. The American people are her victims. She has endangered all of America. 

We've all heard various celebrities vow to leave the country if Donald Trump gets elected. There are plenty of reasons to want him as our president, and this is just one more. I would look forward to seeing if those overpaid, egotistical morons actually follow through with their "threat." I'm betting none of them will, though.

Here's a rant all dog owners can get behind: I hate those commercials that have a serviceman showing up at your door. You know why? Because my dog, like any good watchdog, reacts when he hears the doorbell. And because TV is saturated with ads, this happens multiple times every day. Drop the doorbell from your ads.

I hope the Southtown (Centre) ... (national retailer) is doing a good business with the "local" people because every time I'm in there (white, middle class, female), I'm treated like a leper. The check out women nary say a word to me, but are all chatty and friendly with the "local" person right behind me. Never, never, never will shop there again! 

The latest Hillary (Clinton) email incident brings to mind a verse from Luke 8:17 - “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

Warning. Before you do the Ancestry DNA test, understand that your DNA profile is stored in a cloud that is easily hacked. 

Trump lies so much ... .

The only fraud on voters is people telling voters that there is voter fraud, and you believing them. Smarten up, people.

If you didn't vote or voted Republican, you have no right to complain about low wages, crumbling roads, lack of health care, poor schools, pollution, intolerance or student debt.

If you don't want student debt, the solution is simple. Don't go to college. College does not guarantee you a good life. Hard work does. Most major companies were started by people who did not have higher education. They had an idea and a tremendous work ethic. And by the way, a lot of them were immigrants.

I don't give a fig if you're a veteran. Our fathers fought in Europe and then came home. They did not say, "I'm a veteran, I'm a veteran look at me because I'm a veteran." They went to work, they raised families and they went to their graves peacefully without all of the bluster that today's veterans use. They were true Americans, and they did their job.

Ah, now the elections are over. Sure would be nice if residents who rant about the elections have that same fire in them when it comes to the City of Fort Wayne. The mayor wants millions from our legacy fund, ... shootings are an almost daily occurrence (don't forget robberies, too), drunk mother causes crash with her children in the car, ... hit-and-run driver hits a cyclist and kills him (very sad — the driver may have been scared). This is our community folks! This is where we live!

Ted Cruz said that if the election doesn't go his way, ... (Republicans may) prevent the next president from appointing their choice to the (U.S.) Supreme Court. Millions of Americans will be denied their preference because Mr. Cruz only cares about himself. The man has no morals whatsoever. Senator Coats was right — he only cares about himself.

It would be good to make America great again or rich again, but even better would be to make America moral again. Please, please, please God, do not let Hillary (Clinton) be elected, and make Christ the king important in the running of our country.

Women who are pregnant and drive drunk are just plain stupid. Those who defend them and provide excuses are enablers. Speaks volumes about your character. Feel sorry for the unborn child.

(Hillary) Clinton is a crook, and (Donald) Trump is a (pro-)Russian. I'll take an American over a Russian any day.

Wow! Ten Million dollars for Mayor (Tom) Henry's riverfront legacy! I have an idea: How about taking that money and using it to shut down all of the strip clubs in Fort Wayne? Then create an ordinance to never allow anymore in our beautiful city. If women are offended by Donald Trump, they should be even more offended by the fact we have too many strip clubs in Mayor Henry's city!

The closer (Donald) Trump gets to winning, the lower the stock market goes. All of his uneducated supporters ... don't care. And the high-profile supporters are all millionaires, so they don't care. But what about you? Can you afford to lose ... (on) your net worth? If you said yes, then vote for Trump. If not, then (Hillary) Clinton is your choice.

Nov. 1, and I'm reading an article that says climate change is a hoax. I'm watching hummingbirds at the feeder, monarchs in the garden and dragonflies darting around. I'm wearing shorts instead of sweats and cooking on the grill. In 100 years, Indiana will be Florida without the beaches, and the rest of the country will have stolen all of the fresh water in the Great Lakes. But it is a hoax.

It's no surprise that so many millions of Latinos don't want Donald Trump to be our next president. Even if they haven't entered our country illegally, they have friends and/or family who did. While I'm sympathetic, the people who came here illegally and started families knew exactly what they were doing and the risks of deportation if they got caught. America loves immigrants who come here legally.

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