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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Rant for Nov. 23, 2016

Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.The Associated Press
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. I'll sure be glad when the ... (city) has given away all the Legacy fund. Then the vultures will have to spend their own money on upscale projects!

Voting for Hillary (Clinton) says you wouldn't know a good deal if it bit you on the nose.

Looks like the media, academia and the Democrats were the only ones who didn't know that Trump would win.

At least (Donald) Trump's "uneducated supporters" are not burning the American flag, torching neighborhoods nor flipping cars. No, that must require some other special kind of "intelligence and class."

Yes, Mr. Trump, the system is rigged. It allowed you to become president even though your opponent got more votes than you did.

Democrats are depressed. Suck it up you Nancy's.

It's time for the pro-life people to step up and adopt one of those unwanted kids. If you protest on the courthouse green, if you have a Pray, Fast sign in your yard, then run now and adopt one of those kids. Or is it more about telling women what they can do with their own bodies? Adopt now, or be a hypocrite.

To all you left-wing protesters who have now moved on from trying to disrupt President-elect (Donald) Trump's primary rallies to your obvious "organized" protests of his election, I support your right of free speech 100 percent. However, when you start disrupting traffic, breaking windows and burning vehicles or businesses, you have crossed the line to criminal activity and you should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

(Donald) Trump by his tweets is following the dictator's playbook. 1, Silence the media, newspapers, magazines and then the internet. 2, Stop freedom to assemble. Send out the riot police. 3, Round up all dissidents. 4, Stop immigration, and expel all who don't agree with you. Congratulations America. You have just signed the end of democracy, ... .

After eight years of the (President) Obama legacy, Americans will remember the Democrats for after-election and Black Lives Matter rioting and the thousands of people murdered in his home town of Chicago. No control.

Our founding fathers made us a republic, not a democracy as so many characterize our government. This was to prevent the tyranny of the majority and mob violence deciding issues. The destructive riots by Democratic supporters show that they, not (Donald) Trump (as was worried), are not willing to cede and accept the results of our election. 

Well, (Donald) Trump lovers, did you see he is already backing off Obamacare and his kids are becoming involved, although they said, "In no way will we become part of our dad's political agenda." And you said (President) Obama was always lying! Trump has started, and he is not even in office yet! Get ready, it's only going to get worse.

Peaceful protesting is protected by our Constitution, but anyone who resorts to violence, looting and assault needs to be arrested and swiftly prosecuted for those crimes. Actions have consequences, and felony charges never go away. Think before you act.

The protests by the liberals over the (Donald) Trump election pretty well shows their mentality as a bunch of sore losers. I am sure us conservatives would not be out protesting and destroying property had Hillary won. Maybe they should be included in that basket of deplorables that Hillary talked about.

(Donald) Trump just had the dirtiest and most crooked campaign in U.S. history. If he wants to make peace with the Democrats, he should allow the Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination to get a vote. It would be a step in the right direction if he ever wants us to support him.

At least with Mr. (John) Gregg and Ms. (Glenda) Ritz loosing in the election, we will not have to look at his ugly mustache or her bad hairdo every time they would have been on TV.

To those people in New York City, Chicago and the West Coast protesting against our president-elect and burning our beloved American flag, please imagine this scenario: You are standing on a city square in China, North Korea or Iran protesting. I doubt you will live to see the sunset.

What our children are learning is rude, crude, cruel, bigoted, deceptive, vindictive, ego-centric behavior is acceptable. You can get away with sexual assault if you're famous. Bullying is OK. What a sorry excuse for a human being, and people rewarded this moron with the presidency? 

Let's hope the new Indiana Constitution Amendment about the right to hunt doesn't make people think they have the right to invade and trespass on private property to hunt. 

He cheats the illegal Polish workers and his real estate agent. He betrays his partners and investors and gropes women. The Republicans elect him as their president. Their elected politicians and supporters claim they are pro-life but serve the corporate criminals and materialistic sick as their God at the expense of the working class and those in need.  

It's morning in America once again!

I really have to shake my head in disbelief when I see the left over-analyzing the (Donald) Trump win. Our side won because we're sick and tired of being lied to, being taken for granted, being used for our taxes to fund all sorts of illegal activities, being called every name in the book when we are none of those and being denigrated because we choose to believe in God. So, we voted ... in droves. Lefties, it's as simple as that. We will not be taken advantage of again.

America is going from first to worst in four years.

Republicans say it's time for the country to come together. I say never. Republicans pushed against (President) Obama for eight years, ending with not giving a hearing to a Supreme Court nominee. I will protest every day that I can against (Donald) Trump, even if I have to get violent. It's my turn now to fight against this Republican monster president-elect.

America will be great again just in time for the planet to be blown up or destroyed by climate change. Yay.

If you want to do your part to help bridge the divide in this country, please look at a variety of news media. ... Use critical thinking skills to examine what is reported, who is reporting it and why they are doing so. Too many of us are in bubbles which have to be broken if we are to survive.

To those upset about being included in a "basket of deplorables," I assume you weren't at a (Donald) Trump rally chanting, "Lock her up!," like they would in a banana republic, which has no due process.

Yes, Hillary Clinton should not have called half of (Donald) Trump supporters a "basket of deplorables," which she apologized for (unlike our president-elect for his insults to more than half of the population). But polls showed that around half of Trump supporters believed President Obama was not born in the U.S. and/or was a Muslim. What should be said about those beliefs other than that they are deplorable?

The (Donald) Trump protesting mobs in the big cities destroying property owned by those who voted for (Hillary) Clinton are not helping their cause. What they should have done instead is voted  — too late now.

Is it possible to impeach a president before ... (he or she) are inaugurated?

Over and over, the petulant media and recalcitrant insiders questioned whether Donald (Trump) would accept Hillary's (Clinton) election and how he would react? Would there be rioting in the streets and mob violence? They never really asked Hillary. Too bad.

If you are a Catholic woman or worse, a Catholic woman teacher at a Catholic school, and you voted for (Donald) Trump, you will be judged very badly when you die. Read your bible and read what the church teaches about divorce and adultery. Your faith means very little to you. Just a job to get a paycheck. You also might want to remember the fact that sex is for procreation only, not for fun.

They (Allen County commissioners) keep rezoning good land for overrated housing additions. Not to mention all of these stupid round-a-bouts.

The South side of the city needs an additional leaf pick-up. They started in October, when there were no leaves down! People don't realize there are no more pick-ups and all the leaves at the curbs have to be bagged! Come on Fort Wayne! (Editor's note: The city announced last week it will have additional leaf pickup days in the south portion of the city.)

Just what the heck did the uneducated white voters want? Unemployment is near historic lows. Gas is $2 per gallon less than it was four years ago. The stock market is at all-time highs. The price of food is dropping. Wages are going up. What more do they want, other than a white male president, no Mexicans or Muslims, and white supremacy? Idiots all.

On 11/15, I was walking downtown on Calhoun (Street) and I was crossing Jefferson (Boulevard) and I had gotten into the middle of the street when this pickup truck just decided to slam on his gas and turn left right in front of me! Two more steps and he would've hit me! Pedestrians first, pal!

Tony Romo just got bit by the Drew Bledsoe bug. It is fatal to a pro football quarterback. The only cure is the broadcast booth.

The editorial board agrees with (Donald) Trump that he will punish irresponsible employees of the VA. What does this mean? Will he put them in jail? 

When pregnant women opt for birth, they are part of a pro-choice L\life movement. When pregnant women opt for abortion ,they are part of a pro-choice death movement.

To all the whining protesters: Get over it. All you crybabies who won't cope with life look like fools. This generation will be running our country in the future. Heaven help us. They need to stop listening to lies and read the Bible because, as they are, they have nothing to believe in.

Advice to all you libs (liberals) kicking and screaming on the floor like little toddlers who didn't get their way: Try prayer. Worked for me. Who would have thought Donald Trump would be the answer to our prayers.

Crude oil price goes up a little less than 6 percent. Retail gas price in Fort Wayne goes up almost 24 percent. In one day! I'm tired of this "baloney."

It is a miracle that Fort Wayne Republicans win so easily despite the arrogant party chairman they have. (Democratic U.S. Representative candidate) Tommy Schrader was kicked out of a Republican meeting like he was a terrorist. He was a legitimate candidate, and he got 40,000 votes. Would Evan Bayh have been kicked out if he showed up?

What is inappropriate about "build the wall"? That is how (Donald) Trump got elected. Would the liberal whiners have complained if the chant had been, "Tear down the wall"?

To those protesting (Donald) Trump is not their president: Guess what? I don't recognize you as my fellow American citizen. Go back to grade school and study why we are a republic and not a democracy.

Colorado bar patrons can smoke a joint while they have a drink in a bar, but in backwater Indiana people are still going to jail for having a joint in their pocket. Indiana is such a redneck state that we might as well have the Confederate flag as our state flag.

Since we have a minimum age for presidents and senators, we should have a maximum age. Currently, eight members of the Senate are over 80 years old and another 17 are past 70 years old. These oldsters have no idea how the average person lives. Most of them were around when we had segregated bathrooms and drinking fountains. Send them to the rest home at the next election.

I bet a lot of people didn't like it when Abe Lincoln won the election either. Did they have protests, marches and signs saying, "Not My President," back then?

Let's get an Attorney General who understands and supports the Constitution, as well as Supreme Court justices.

Perhaps as we look at the changes we need to make, maybe we can get rid of (California Democratic Rep. Nancy) Pelosi?

The Obama experiment is over. Now it's on to the Trump experiment. Let's hope it turns out better.

Perhaps now that the Clintons have been ousted, the Democratic party can get back to being a party of the people, all people. We've preached about Trump and the Republicans. Now we need to look inward.

(President) Obama's worried about his legacy. He needn't worry. He'll go down as the worst president in the last 75 years, and that's saying a lot!

Now that the Republicans have control of the federal government, I hope they do something with it. After ignoring (President) Obama's ... activities for the last eight years, they can now really do something except wring their hands.

I hope all the celebrities and others who promised to leave the country if Trump won actually will leave. I just feel sorry for Canada. It has been a very good friend for so long.

(Hillary) Clinton's mouth got her in as much trouble as (Donald) Trump's. But her disdain for the Constitution really did her in.

We need to give (Donald) Trump a chance. We gave (President) Obama a chance, and look at the mess he made of things. His poison pen activities and appointments can be reversed. Trump can't be any worse.

College students needing safe zones because of the election outcome. What a poor upbringing and education. Parents and educators need to take a look at the way they've spoiled this generation. Everybody wins, nobody loses — no wonder the millennials can't grasp the real world.

(Donald) Trump can't be anymore divisive than (President) Obama has been. Look at the performance of (Hillary) Clinton's supporters! What a bunch of crybabies.

(Donald) Trump is draining the swamp of rich, white guys and filling it up with other rich, white guys. It's still lipstick on a pig.

The electoral college was created by our founders so that the more populous states would not be able to dominate the more rural, less populous states. Hillary (Clinton) won her vote winning in much fewer states, less representative of the United States as a whole. If we didn't have this system, the rural states would not have an equal representative voice, thus avoiding the tyranny of the majority.

It wasn't Russia hacking the emails that got (Donald) Trump elected, it was our own FBI. The FBI has lost all credibility. Just a bunch of Keystone Cops who couldn't figure out a crime if it was right in front of them.

The (Donald) Trump transition team says they are picking the most qualified team. That really translates to "who was loyal to Trump, and who will be his yes men." They are not picking the best Americans, they are picking the best lackeys that Trump wants around him. There will be a purge of his cabinet before the end of his first year. Bet on it.

College football needs to change. When a coach gets fired for lousy performance instead of him getting a buyout, the season ticket holders should get their money back for that year. They are the ones who suffered through the bad year. Why should the coach have a golden parachute and the fans, some of them out thousands of dollars to support a team, their team, lose? The system is broken.

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