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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Rant for Nov. 2, 2016

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Tuesday, November 01, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. I watched the congressional debate tonight (10/18/16). I was not sure who to vote for. (Todd) Young and (Evan) Bayh are both the same. Loved the female Libertarian candidate. You go girl! You have my vote!

I stole this off the internet, but it is so good, had to pass it on: What do Donald Trump and a jack-o-lantern have in common? They're both orange, hollow inside and need to be thrown out in November.

Are you sick of political correctness? Vote for (Donald) Trump.

I don't want Hillary (Clinton) to be the first woman president. She is a very poor example to represent women. She is a mean, lying, deceitful woman who thinks she is better than us and doesn't have to follow any of the rules we do! 

Donald Trump: Media is against me. I say stupid crap, and they report it. They're against me!

Letting ... (a local public official go uncharged) when she clearly went against the law tells me that being old and committing a crime, or just a plain corruptive crimimal, is OK in Fort Wayne.  

Why is it that ... (a chain of restaurants) in Fort Wayne do not have handicap-accessible restrooms? For restaurants that say you do, my wheelchair does not negotiate the 90-degree turns to get into your restroom, my wheelchair does not fit in your stall, and when I sit on your toilet it is too low so I cannot lift myself up to get back in the wheelchair to leave. Before remodeling, the Waynedale restaurant asked my opinion of the restrooms, saying there would be changes. That was over two years ago. The remodeling of the kitchen took place, but no remodel to the restrooms. ... You lost my business.

It's been said, "Politics is the second-oldest profession." Getting to look more like the first. Poor (Gov. Mike) Pence. Keeping a pious expression (he could pose for holy pictures), doubting the truthfulness of (Donald) Trump's accusers and "forgiving him" for his disgusting, nasty boasts. 

I don't want to hear that (Democrat) Evan Bayh won the (U.S. Senate election) debate. I don't want to hear that (Republican) Todd Young won the debate. (Libertarian) Lucy Brenton won that debate.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) ...  (has claimed to have) 4.3 million members out of a population of 320 million. That is 1.3 percent of Americans. Why do normal people let the NRA try to set the political agenda? The AARP has 37.8 million members, and they are not trying to intimidate voters. 

(Donald) Trump: the GOP's (former Italian Prime Minsiter Silvio) Berlusconi — loud, evil, criminal.

Please read the ballot question about hunting and fishing. Your are turning the rights over the the General Assembly, and you will never be able to stop them if in the future they decide to stop hunting and fishing. Don't be fooled. This puts our rights as sportsmen in the hands of elected officials, and not the people. Vote no.

Finally, a city council member who is not part of the status quo. You are a breathe of fresh air! Thank you!

It's ... Halloween, a time for countless dogs and cats to be humiliated and embarrassed by owners who insist on dressing up their pets. Why some people think this is cute is beyond me. It's dumb, and the animals sure don't enjoy it — just look at their expressions. Give your pets a treat instead of tricks this year and leave the costumes in the closet.

Forty-three years in government service, and you won't vote for (Hillary) Clinton because of Benghazi. You voted twice for (former President Ronald) Reagan, who got hundreds killed in Lebanon. You voted twice for (former President Geoge W.) Bush, who got thousands killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Man up and admit it: You don't like Clinton. Quit hiding behind Benghazi. Your logic is failed.

Sure hope that the guy with the Trump T-shirt on enjoyed his lunch sandwich. I can't say where, but I would not have fed it to my dog. That I can tell you.

It's been 16 months, and (Donald) Trump has not given one position on how he will do everything that he says he will do. He just yammers, and the fools in the crowd cheer for things that they have no clue about. I have absolutely no respect for anyone who supports Trump, and I will detest them all the way until the day I die. They hate America and want a king, not a president.

The Democrats want more gun control while not using the existing laws we have. ... Gun registration is the first step to confiscation ... . Our founding fathers understood how important this is and that'e why we have the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Second only to freedom of speech and ... (press, religion and peaceably assemble).

Older voters, please do not show your disdain for the candidates by not voting. We do have horrible choices, but if we want to keep the freedoms we have grown up with, we need to elect the blowhard versus the socialist. The future of our Constitution depends on it! That goes all the way down the Democratic party lines. Think beyond the sound bytes. Understand what this election is all about.

Millennials, please think before you vote. This election will determine what freedoms you will continue to have or lose. 

Are you sick of political correctness? Vote for (Donald) Trump.

I don't want Hillary (Clinton) to be the first woman president — she is a very poor example to represent women. She is a mean, lying, deceitful woman who thinks she is better than us and doesn't have to follow any of the rules we do!

(Donald) Trump would be in prison if his taxes weren't done in a legal way. Hillary (Clinton), on the other hand, seems to skate on all of her corrupt, crooked and illegal dealings ... . And where was she when our four men died in Benghazi? ... She is nothing but a liar!

I guess Hillary's (Clinton's) emails weren't about yoga and wedding plans after all. Thanks to (Julian) Assange, we know some of what she didn't want us to know. What a liar she is, a real piece of work.

For the male driver on Cook Road heading west: Your green pickup truck with the rust on the bottom of your tailgate is duly noted. Your truck plate ...  was noted, too, along with the fact that you were driving in two lanes! In front of two schools! ... Pay attention before you kill an innocent pedestrian!

If you care about your 401K, then you should vote for (Hillary) Clinton. If she wins, the markets will be off to the races. If (Donald) Trump wins, then it's a race to the bottom. On Nov 7 you decide: Do I add money to my investments, or do I bail and convert to cash. Good luck on your decision. 

Goofy (John) McCain and his moronic cadre say that if (Hillary) Clinton wins, they will never give her (U.S.) Supreme Court nominees a hearing. This is not how America works, and this is not democracy. The Republicans are obstructionists in the true sense of the word. If you hate America as bad as McCain does, then you should not be in office. Arizona needs to put him out to pasture. The heat in Arizona has baked his brain.

Students at Liberty University in Va., which was founded by Jerry Falwell, started a petition ... criticizing the university’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr. (the founder’s son), for endorsing a candidate (Donald Trump) who is “actively promoting the very things that we as Christians ought to oppose” and tarnishing the school in the process, the petition said.

Our choice for voting this election is more of the same (Hillary Clinton), or a really loose canon who lies, changes his opinion on everything by the minute, talks bad and negatively about everybody and everything, then blames everybody for being negative towards him and doesn't have a clue of what the job of the presidency entails (Donald Trump and Mike Pence). I'm going for more of the same and staying somewhat stabilized.

The taxpayer-paid Allen County Prosecutor determined that it was not in the best interests of the public to ... prosecute the (then) taxpayer-paid (former City Clerk) Sandy Kennedy. Say it isn't so! Karen Richards shame on you! 

Kudos to Jason Arp! The restriction on guns in Fort Wayne Parks is ... (against Indiana law). If I get cited for carrying, the first thing I will do is contact an attorney and sue the city. I'm so fed up with these businesses thinking they can restrict my right to carry. Post a sign on your door all day long — I will still be carrying my firearm.

Trump rhymes with grump which rhymes with chump which rhymes with rump. That is what he is, a horse's rump.

Mississippi's criminal justice system, which provides almost no state funding for public defenders, allows for people to be held for months without seeing a judge. Local rule provides almost no money for judges or public defenders. The state is ruled by Republicans from top to bottom. 

War is killing the enemy. Abortion is murdering the innocent. Hillary Clinton and President Obama are for partial-birth abortion.  

We'll have 51 elections on Nov. 8. To suggest they will be rigged is to suggest that tens of thousands of state and local officials and poll workers and partisan poll watchers will cooperate to determine the outcome. Anyone making such a bizarre claim must explain how and why that will happen. It is just as feasible as Trump Tower rising from its foundation and relocating to Buffalo.

Where was the voter fraud claim when Trump was winning the Republican primary? Now that the American people are rejecting him and his rag-tag operation, the only thing he has left up his sleeve is voter fraud.

Why is Vicki Carwein still chancellor of IPFW? She's past the mandatory age for retirement. Mike (Wartell) was forced out for his age.

It's heartening to see firearms charges being filed and pursued for dangerous felons. We don't need more guns laws, as proposed by the Democrats. We need rigid enforcement by our legal system, something the Obama administration has not pressed through his Justice Department. New gun laws would only affect law-abiding citizens since criminals don't follow laws anyway.

Gun-free zones become killing grounds for predators. They should be outlawed.

... Evan Bayh ... is one of the rich 1 percent, living in Washington (D.C.) and wanting to represent Indiana. Out of touch with Indiana, and now he wants to represent us. Doesn't sound viable to me. Didn't we send (former U.S. Sen. Richard) Lugar packing because he had lost touch with Indiana?

Bill O'Reilly says that Americans don't pay attention to foreign policy. Who is this idiot, and how did he get on TV? What an ego to think that he is smarter than the American public. This is typical of all of the hacks on FOX News. Just shut up and sell your books Bill. You are a halfwit.

I just got passed, while stopped at stop sign, at the corner of (Indiana) 101 and Old U.S. 24 by a man on a bicycle. He totally disregarded the road sign. Maybe his race time was more important that his safety.

Funny how most of the people who are against the players who take a knee when the national anthem were for Cliven Bundy, who armed himself against the Feds. Even FOX News and followers were behind him. Hypocrite's they are.

Michelle Obama should get off her high horse. We know that she allowed rap concerts to take place in our White House. And I'm sure she allowed her girls to attend. We know (some of) those songs are quite lewd!

Well our first leaf pickup has just about passed, and there are still not enough leaves down to put out yet. Now they will brag again, saying they are finished in the south and moving to the next part of town. This service is such a joke.

What a hateful rant that you want a business to fail because you couldn't get a cup of coffee during non-business hours. I have customers like you at my business, and, when you leave, I tell my employees that I hope that you never come back. You are a spoiled brat.

I am a Catholic. I resent the bishop's attempts to control our vote to the Republicans. I am a Hillary (Clinton) supporter and do not feel that my Catholicism is being threatened. There is a separation of church and state for a very good reason, Bishop Rhoades.

... (Health) insurance costs will never come down until the hospitals make their charges reasonable, not exorbitant.

I am tired of hearing how wrong or bad a running politician was in the past. I want to hear what your politician will do in the future. That is what I am gearing my vote on.

Seems like every political ad is some organization strongly criticizing the opponent without giving the person they want you to vote for. Smear campaign at it's highest. So when you go to the poll, whose name are you going to remember? The one that is splayed across the TV screen. 

This is for anyone who supports the recent actions of that lame and feeble NFL star (a person I will not dignify by naming) who has recently gotten so much news coverage lately: There is a time and a place to protest, and that is not during our National Anthem. That rich, spoiled, ungrateful fool should not be revered nor his actions copied.

I had data limits as a kid growing up in the '60s. It was my mom telling me to turn off the TV and go to bed.

Hack attacks can be attributed to one thing — Americans who are too lazy to protect their wireless devices. It takes 5 minutes people. When the lights go out, your devices won't work anyhow, and you only have yourself to blame. 

We have a rude loudmouth who will change the horrible system, or a corrupt, elitist liar who will put into stone the horrible policies that have damaged our economy, military and standing In the world. This choice will also stack the (U.S.) Supreme Court ... .

Bill Clinton is a well-known sexual harassing ... (man), so all those empowered women better not go to the White House if Hillary Clinton is elected. Or maybe Bill just won't be allowed to be in the White House! The Clintons have been scum since forever!

My "friend" of many years recently had a letter published in the paper asking his friends to vote for (Donald) Trump. He is now my ex-friend. I deleted his number from my phone, blocked his texts, unfriended him on Facebook and trashed any pictures of us together. As they say on Shark Tank, "He is dead to me."

Bible readers believe that God created everything. God created the dinosaurs and then wiped them out. Why? So he could make the most violent animal to ever walk the earth. I'm talking about humans. It makes no sense to believe what is in the bible. I don't think that even God is that dumb.

When you are a U.S. senator, how do you get to be worth ... (millions of) dollars, and also have ... (about $10 million) in campaign funds at your discretion? 

An entrepreneur is someone who takes a risk, from law offices to landscaping companies and all businesses in between. Ivanka Trump calling herself an entrepreneur is a joke. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has never had to risk anything or work hard for anything. This is how arrogant the whole Trump family is.

I'm not voting for (Donald) Trump because of Trump. I'm not voting for him because I am scared to death that he would appoint (Rudy) Giuliani, (Kellyanne) Conway or one of his kids as his chief of staff. Now that would really be a disaster.

The first leaf pickup is the biggest waste of manpower in the history of Fort Wayne; and it happens every year. 

God would have never created man and woman if he could have forseen that some would turn into Republicans.

A local Catholic is going to vote a straight Republican ticket because Democrats, and I quote, "Basically they're communists." So half of America is communist. Your teachers, lawyers, doctors, preachers, police, etc., etc. are communists. They might be surprised that half of all Catholics are Democrats. What a stupid statement from someone who does not have a clue. 

Immigrants have always brought their culture with them. Little Italy. Little Havana. Chinatown. Some areas in Boston 100 percent Irish. German fest. Greek fest. The list is a mile long. That's what makes America great. We are a melting pot for all people. What do you want? Everyone to look like you and act like you. Pretty boring.

Really? The landing is full of drunks. When was the last time the ranter left their property? When was the last time they were downtown at night? Lies, all lies. But, hey, if it makes you feel better to rant, go ahead. But stop making up lies like an 8-year-old to try to prove your point.

In one of her campaign rally speeches. Hillary (Clinton) said Donald Trump hadn't read the Constitution or has forgotten it. She said he didn't know we were the longest-lasting democracy in history. That's funny, 'cause I thought we were a republic. Our founding fathers didn't want a democracy that fails when the people learn they can vote themselves bread and circuses.

When the (Donald) Trump police come to your door and arrest someone for speaking against him in person or on social media, don't whine to me. You got what you asked for. Total control by one person. That's what you voted for because you could not see the truth or didn't want to see the truth — a new police state called The United States of Trump.

The biggest tax ripoff in Indiana history is the (School Choice) voucher program. Eliminate it, and you make every public school corporation whole again. No more walking to school, or elimination of programs or teacher layoffs. (Indiana Sen. David) Long and his buddies are just taking care of their big corporate donors. Vote to stop this ripoff on Nov. 8.

Sorry to hear that a student of a FWCS high school was hit on Coldwater Road. I hope that student will be OK. Drivers need to slow down in school zones! Get off your phones, quit texting and pay attention! Too many drivers ignore the school crossing signs, the ones that are flashing and telling you to slow down. For many drivers these signs are merely a suggestion! So sad.

Someone believes in the Bible, which is fiction, but doesn't believe in the political polls, which are science. You have your thinking all bass ackwards.

Way to go (national electronics retailer). Snuck in a Christmas commercial during Game 1 of the World Series. C,mon, man. Can't you at least wait until after Halloween?

I see the starting pay is $174,000 for a (U.S.) Congress-person. I think they should start at $90,000 and then after two years move up. Who starts at full pay? CEO's? They vote themselves pay increases. Stop.

Write your congressman. No pay backs from National Guards. ... We must stand behind our servicemen. 

How long do we have to have a group of white men running our City Council? I would vote for any woman who was running. This good old boy network has to stop. They don't represent over 60 percent of our city.

Here we go again, leaf picker uppers came through Tuesday, no leaves to pickup. One more time for 90 percent of leaves. They might be behind.

I'm a progressive, and I would never vote for a conservative, even if it was Jesus H. Christ.

If neither candidate reaches 270 (Electoral College votes) because of Utah, and the House of Representatives gets to choose the president that will be the end of democracy. We have already had the Supreme Court pick a winner, and now maybe the House. Then why vote if the people's voices will not be heard. We are really on the verge of the American dream turning into a nightmare.

The sports seasons go way too long. NASCAR should be done by Labor Day. The Super Bowl should be the first Saturday after New Year's.The NBA should be done by Tax Day, and baseball should be over by Oct. 1. I don't care about hockey, but it goes way too long also.

The arrogance of FOX (News) and Bill O'Reilly shows when the airplane carrying the vice presidential candidate ... slides off of the runway and almost into the bay, and they don't break into his show. He would rather sell his book than keep his viewers informed of a near tragedy with (Indiana Gov.) Mike Pence. What a schmuck.

By watching the people on TV who want to get rid of Obamacare, one thing is obvious. They have never been to a doctor or a dentist. Smile for the camera.

What voters forget is that the e-mails were stolen. Just like someone stealing your phone or car. Why do Republicans not have a problem with stolen goods trying to help their candidate? Because they will stop at nothing and stoop lower than a snake's belly to try to stop (Hillary) Clinton. What does (Donald) Trump have to offer America? Absolutely nothing but trouble.

There have been elections where I wasn't happy with the outcome, however, can't imagine not accepting the will of the people. It's just deplorable that anyone would think that way.

People do not want to vote for (Donald) Trump because of his treatment of women. Do they not know that if Hillary is elected, Bill (Clinton) will be back in the White House? What is his history with women?

I just saw the Republican senator from Arkansas, and he said that it's time to change the direction of this country. I agree. Republicans have been in control of Congress, and what do we have — mounting debt, a Supreme Court that is one short, endless war, poverty and hatred. It's time to elect Democrats to Congress because the Republicans did not get the job done.

Voting for someone because they were in the military is dumb. 

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