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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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The Rant for Nov. 16, 2016

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. President Obama, he's the "family values" voter's benchmark. Christian, one wife, no scandal, good kids.

What fools the poor people are who are voting for (Donald) Trump. The S&P (stock index was) on the longest losing streak in 36 years. Companies won't hire if they are losing money.

Another bang-up job by the Allen County Highway Department. Lincoln Highway west of Indiana 101 is now a 3- to 4-mile stretch of rumble strip with no edge or center lines. Shook my dentures loose.

IPFW does not have to worry about the impact of the athletics budget as they no longer have athletic teams — Fort Wayne does. Fort Wayne Mastodons?

The news media were also rejected in last night's (Nov. 8) election, though I doubt they will ever get it.

Hey, City of Fort Wayne. About time to change the traffic pattern again on eastbound Stellhorn (Road), just east of Maplecrest Road, and not post any signs. Keeps us guessing.

The ... right-to-life people are sticking their noses where they don't belong. They have no right to try to tell me when or how I decide to die. If I am terminal, then it is my decision when and where, not theirs. This will all backfire in their faces.

Oklahoma is controlled by Republicans. Oklahoma has had ... (many) earthquakes in recent years, with nearly all traced to the underground injection of wastewater left over from oil and gas production. Sunday's Nov 6th registered 5.3. Why not halt fracking for just one year. That would be the sensible thing to do. Guess then they (GOP) wouldn't get paid. Money rules over people.

A local radio station offers money if you text them when they go over two minutes of commercials. You can't call to win. That is discrimination. If you can text you can call, but not everyone who can call can text. I plan a lawsuit before the end of the year with the help of the ACLU. This is also against state laws regarding fairness of contests.

If there were no abortion rights, the anti-abortion zealots would be complaining that we need more jobs because the population is skyrocketing and there is no work. That would be 54 million more American mouths to feed and jobs to have. We need a worldwide disease outbreak to cull about 15 percent of the herd. We need food banks now just to feed everyone. Imagine 54 million more and their offspring in America.

I'm one of a few Democrats on a street full of Republicans. The things Republicans have said to me and my kids were not funny. Win or lose, if your house is on fire, I'm going back to sleep. If someone is breaking into your house, call (Donald) Trump. He will protect your property. Car won't start? Don't call me anymore, I will not raise a finger to help you. Take a bus.

If Fort Wayne was competitive politically, we wouldn't have so many losers on City Council. The Republicans would actually have to run people with knowledge and people who care. Not just people who know they can get elected because they run as Republicans. If you're not better off financially than you were two years ago, you are voting for the wrong party.

My condolences to the (Roy) Buskirk family. That being said, I wonder if (Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve) Shine knew that Roy would not be able to serve his full term or if he would even be around on election day. This ... (seems like) dealings from Shine so he can pick another Republican to take Roy's place. 

I'm a Republican who didn't vote for (Todd) Young. He was backed by special interest to the tune of $25 million. Even though we are not the smartest bunch, we know that when someone gives you that kind of money, they want something. And that is your vote on the floor of Congress. He won't vote for us, he will vote for them. Now you have no say in Washington because the money people will tell him how to vote or he won't get re-elected.

You really can't fix stupid. The sun's core is not made up of iron like the Earth's core. The Earth's core will not go nova. Who keeps teaching this stuff?

(Hillary) Clinton wins the popular vote, yet our rigged system gives it to (Donald) Trump. Over 50 percent of those who voted will not recognize Trump as president. ... We are worse than any other democracy when Congress and the president are from the same party. The system is rigged to favor the rich, and the white, uneducated are too stupid to see it.

It is now time to put away the party banners and pick up our flag and begin to learn how to work together again for the good of our country. Nowhere is it written that we must agree, but the Lord makes it very clear that we are to love one another. As we look forward once again to change as we did eight years ago, let's work to see that is done with gentleness and respect, and not by bullying. Let us turn once again to the Lord for guidance. I believe that he will help us if we are sincere. God bless America.

How insulting the media has been since (Donald) Trump's election. "Those blue-collared, non-college educated, white people who voted for him. So sad they didn't have a clue." We will take this country back! Now you see who "we the people" actually are.

Protesting and marching in the streets — aren't these people educated? The election is over. This isn't a Third World country. I was taught after an election, you were to support the winner — at least give them a chance!

If the (Indiana) Pacers are so anxious to have an arena downtown, let them build it and give them a tax break. Do not put it on us taxpayers, who are already burdened with the river project. 

The way I see it, the country was red with embarrassment on Election Day. The popular vote tells who we really are.

Burning an effigy of Trump after the election in protest, and it's considered free speech. Eight years ago, when (Barack) Obama was elected, that would have been a "hate crime."

Donald Trump has won the election and is our new president. News stories tell how college students are so traumatized by this that they can't attend classes, instead gathering outside and chanting "Not our president!" These poor little babies, put on your big boy pants and your big girl panties and stop whining. If you're upset Bernie Sanders didn't win, you can blame Hillary Clinton and her staff, who actively worked against him. 

In business when you vote for the board of directors, whoever gets the most votes wins. In sports, when you vote for the MVP, whoever gets the most votes wins. What the hell is wrong with our politics. The people chose (Hillary) Clinton, but the government gave it to (Donald) Trump. The Electoral College is way past it's shelf life. Time to throw it away.

The FBI influenced a presidential election. Will (FBI Director James) Comey be investigated by the Republican Congress? Only when hell freezes over. I have no faith in the federal government, and I am not alone. There is a movement, and it will only get stronger in the months to come. People will rally to the cause.

A local motorcycle shop owner is complaining that he can't afford to pay his employees overtime. Give me a break. He makes (money) on every bike he sells. He makes ... (a) markup on every part he sells. His loyal workers work weekends and extra hours because they care about the customers, not because they care about giving him the lavish lifestyle that he leads.

At least (Donald) Trump's "uneducated supporters" are not burning the American flag, torching neighborhoods, threatening the winning candidate with death nor flipping cars. That must require some other kind of intelligence and class — like Hillary's educated elite who lack both common sense and respect. Get over it. You lost. The country won. Pack your bags, and follow the Clinton money. They will be.

Well, it's over and the people have spoken. Pay attention Washington, we are tired of special-interest people running the country. Start to do things for us, the people, not the ones who stick money in your pockets. (With the) $1.3 billion spent on the election, we could have given food to every child who doesn't have any and housed countless homeless people.

Donald Trump was right after all. The election was rigged so he won!

All I heard for the last year was that Washington never got anything done. Now we have the same status quo because voters returned all of the nitwits in Congress back to Washington. I have never seen a more misinformed electorate in all of my 75 years. These kids have never had to struggle. They have everything handed to them. Now it's time for them to pay the piper.

It shows that you don't have to be able to read to vote. You just put your hunting and fishing rights into the hands of the state legislature, and you no longer have any right to disagree with whatever law they pass regarding hunting and fishing. If someday they decide no to hunting and fishing in Indiana, you're out of luck. Just keep giving more of your rights away every election.

Great! We are going to have a president who can't speak in full sentences and an immigrant First Lady who is going to have to have subtitles so we can understand what she is saying. We might as well have elected Tom Brady and Gisele. They know just as much about politics as the new King and Queen of America.

An employee in the largest public school system in Fort Wayne is offended by Career Academy students uniforms. You just might want to educate yourself a little more with the variety of programs that your employer offers these students. Students who are choosing a career path in high school should be applauded, not condemned for a required uniform in the manner that you did! Maybe you didn't notice, but your job requires that you wear a uniform, too.

Why doesn't Channel 21 news have CC (close-caption)? ... I don't know about the other hearing-impaired (people), but I'd like to know what the news is about.

All you whining Hollywood liberals and Lady Gaga and Michael Moore types who said that they would leave the U.S. if Trump won the election, get your bags packing and leave. We have no use for you, and don't come back.

The forefathers of our great nation had a great vision of the purpose of the electoral college.

Here's an idea for the Legacy fund. ... How about you just give it back to us and let the private sector decide of they want to invest in downtown or not.

In spite of all the endless Republican scare talk for the past eight years about President Obama being a dictator and taking away all our guns and giving away the country to radical Islam, etc., etc., etc., he has unfailingly conducted himself with dignity and respect. (Donald) Trump stops tweeting for a week, shows minimum respect for Hillary Clinton and President Obama as we transition power. Any guess how long that bare minimum of dignity we can expect from our president-elect will last? I am terrified!

Donald Trump gets credit for not sending a nasty tweet for a week, and now we're supposed to believe that he will have the self-awareness and self-control to not blow up the country, if not the world, for four whole years?

To the person who wrote of fear that Donald Trump has instilled all the hate in this country and will end civility: Are you kidding? Where have you been during the last eight years, or even during this election? The Democrats have totally divided this country. Now everyone wants to blame Trump — what a bunch of sore losers!

(Donald) Trump has verbally used a vast majority of the country for 18 months, and now we're supposed to all sing Kumbaya? It will take way more than a perfunctory victory speech for me to ever trust this man. Actions speak louder than words.

I am a lifelong Cubs fan. But if the cost of the Cubs winning the World Series is President (Donald) Trump, I will hope the Cubs never win the World Series again.

Right after the 2012 elections, President-elect (Donald) Trump tweeted that the electoral college is a disaster for American democracy. Now he gets fewer popular votes but wins the presidency because of the electoral college. I guess he was right about a rigged system after all.

Like they do every time they barely win an election, already the Republicans are crowing that they have received a mandate so they can do whatever they want. Hillary Clinton received more popular votes than President-elect (Donald) Trump. Republican U.S. Senate candidates received 6 million fewer votes than Democratic candidates. And though Republicans still control the House, the margin has narrowed. I don't recall hearing about a mandate in 2008 when President Obama and the Democrats cleaned Republicans' clocks.

Donald Trump is President-elect: Oh, no, the sky is falling. Wait no it isn't!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke For U.S. Attorney General!

Trey Gowdy, (South Carolina U.S. Representative) for U.S. Attorney General!

It's awesome when one cheats the voting system and still loses!

California now wants to secede: Awesome, see ya. Yo, Donald, more jobs now available — a lot more wall to build.

Mad because (Donald) Trump won and rioting and burning are what you are doing, I describe you as "A Real Loser".

You crybabies bummed out do to the election results, "Not My President." We just put up with eight years of "Not My President," and I didn't freak out about it.

I'm so tired of hearing liberals whine about (Donald) Trump's hate. ... Get over it, he won.

Tuesday's election is the dividing line between everything being (George W.) Bush's fault and everything being (Donald) Trump's fault.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.



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