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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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The Rant for Dec. 21, 2016

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Can't anybody help beautify Pontiac Street from Wayne Trace to South Anthony. It is so depressing. Is it too much to ask for a privacy fence to block off the industrial areas? A nice sidewalk and greenery on the north side of the street would be heavenly. Please somebody out there help.

The more Indiana tips to the right, the less chance we have of bringing in the high-tech companies with high-paying jobs. The more you vote Republican, the tighter the noose around your neck gets.

The cities of Indianapolis, Bloomington, Carmel and Columbus passed ordinances to include protections based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Now outside extremist groups, Indiana Family Institute, Indiana Family Action and the American Family Association of Indiana are trying to undo the protections. Let local people decide for themselves. Local rule is always the best.

Devious Donald (Trump) is attacking American workers because they want to belong to a union. These are American workers, not foreigners. If you don't want to work at a union shop, then don't. But quit attacking them. There is a reason industrial construction jobs are built by union members: Superior training and work ethic. Jobs finished on time and under budget. Just ask the CEOs of Parkview or GM. They will tell you the truth.

I only know that three times in the past few years, Fox Sports has pulled a football game off the air because they say the game is a runaway and no fun to watch anymore. 

Fox is calling (Donald) Trump's gilded chariot Trump Force one. This is a slap in the face of anyone who has ever served in the Air Force or the Army Air Corps. What is wrong with Fox? Are they all mentally challenged. My answer is yes. He has no Trump Force. We have the Air Force who protect us. ... Trump was a draft dodger, and he deserves no accolades for his non-service to our country.

(Donald) Trump picks Elaine Chao as his secretary of transportation. Her husband is Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader. Imagine if Clinton would have won and Hillary picked Bill to be in her cabinet. The Republicans would have gone ballistic. The one constant about Trump is that he believes in nepotism. His kids will be running our country. Hell no!

Everyone is upset over fake news. It all started with Fox News, yet they are not taking any heat because they are the propaganda arm on the Republican party. (Sean) Hannity and (Bill) O'Reilly are the kings of fake news.

The war against the unions has started in earnest, and (Donald) Trump has fired the first shot at the local union that represents Carrier in Indianapolis. It's time for the unions to fight back this tyranny like they did 100 years ago. The unions should have a five-day national strike. Let's see how much unions actually do for you every day. Close the ports, close the schools, close the hospitals. Stop making cars and trucks. Stop all commercial construction. Park the big rigs. Let airplanes sit on the tarmac. Let the lights go off. Let the sewage back up. It's time to tell Trump to go to hell.

The people complaining about the riverfront project are the same ones who complained about Parkview Field. In fact, they are the ones who complain about everything — the weather, the leaf pickup, their kids, their spouse. Just can't please them. 

In reading ... (the) article on former South Side student/basketball player Austin Boucher, I found it very disturbing that Austin and his father, an assistant coach, were verbally abused by family members of other South Side players. I found it particularly disturbing that a few fans came out of the stands and confronted Austin's father during a game. The article states that Austin's parents begged South Side to do something but principal Carlton Mable adamantly refused. The Bouchers also apparently were denied a meeting with Superintendent Wendy Robinson. Here in lies the irony of the situation. Both the principal and the superintendent are African-American. Austin and his parents are white. It appears many of the complaints we constantly hear from the African-American community about how white people are treating them has now been turned the other way. 

Remember the guy who tried to keep all of the plates spinning on wooden poles on "The Ed Sullivan Show." That is how (Donald) Trump will be with his cabinet. And his cabinet will be like the seals who honked the bicycle horns from the same show. A comedy of errors.

Bah, humbug! It needed to be said. 

Any politician against the sale of Boeing aircraft to Iran is anti-worker. This is a $16 billion deal. It will keep thousands of American workers employed. If it falls through, the deal with go to European builder Airbus. (Donald) Trump and Republican politicians talked about keeping jobs in America. Here is their chance to walk the walk. Do they have any backbone, or are they spineless?

Don't tell me to get over it. (Donald) Trump and his supporters started all of the discourse in our country. He had a derogatory name for all candidates. You chanted, "Lock her up," or "Build that wall." You are more than culpable for the disaster our country will be before this man is thrown out of office. Russia won, America lost and you are to blame.

Students needing "safe zones" are going to lead a very poor life.

Sanctuary cities and universities should be denied all federal funding and services for their refusal to accept federal laws, current and future.

A 16-year-old is running a successful drug ring in high school. I wouldn't wave him to adult court. I would give him a full-ride scholarship to a business school.

Mitch Daniels, David Long and most of the Republican voters want to see IPFW split and the liberal arts gone. They don't want anything to do with a school that they perceive as a liberal institution.

Councilman (Jason) Arp shows his true colors in his first paragraph in his guest column. He calls Fort Wayne "my" city. Sorry, Jason. It is our city. You are only one person who lives here. It is not named for you. He also made it known that he does not like taxes, but he is all for a new gas tax and tax on cigarettes. Talk about gobbledygook, you take the cake.

(Richard) Nixon went to and opened up China. Obama mollified Iran and opened up communist Cuba (one third of the Cuban people left under his tyranny). Even though Republicans and Democrats hate each other, they still compromise and pass legislation. Politics make strange bedfellows at times. (ExxonMobil CEO Rex) Tillerson has no allegiance to Russia but probably some helpful insight.

A recent ranter said he was perplexed at the "strange allegiance" that non-rich people have with a capitalistic system that only bestows riches on a small percentage of us. I don't understand your logic; wouldn't you like to try to be a little less non-rich, too? I sure would.

Still waiting for even one of the California celebrities to leave the country like they vowed to do. Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Who has the ... (nerve) to step up and tell (Donald) Trump, "No?" It sure isn't his lap dog (Indiana Gov. Mike) Pence or any of his other picks in his administration. This is going to be a royal family running our country — the king and queen along with the princes and princess. ... (The) rest of us are serfs and peasants.

(Donald) Trump and (Mike) Pence are going to pick winners and losers when it comes to jobs, and those that are saved are going to be paid for with your tax money. Are you in the winner or loser column? Depends on which city you live in. If your job is not high profile and makes a good sound bite on TV, then you are in the loser column.

Been visiting all of the local shops and stocking up on ammo. I'll be ready for Armageddon, will you?

I'd like to nominate Pastor David Grisham as worst person in the world for going into a (Texas) mall and yelling at kids who were waiting to see Santa, that Santa does not exist. The look on those little kids' faces told the whole story. What in the world would possess a person to do something so hateful?

If you are walking through a parking lot or on the side of the road and looking at your phone, do not expect me to slow down, give you more space or any additional courtesies. Can't you put that stupid thing away long enough to walk to your destination? Have you ever heard of situational awareness?

Superintendent (Wendy) Robinson (of Fort Wayne Community Schools) makes $210,164 and receives perks with (about) 33 percent of FWCS getting a grade of D or F? Time for new leadership. The other three Allen County (public) schools systems have two total D or F. Waste of my tax dollars.

Everyone has the crazy uncle that they don't want at the Christmas get-together because his kids are brats. That is (Donald) Trump. And now you can't uninvite him.

So now we Democrats are not only snobs but also immoral. Let me get this straight. Someone who supports a man who disparaged a disabled reporter, insulted Muslims, Mexicans, women and a war hero and who also has the morals of a large, brown, field rabbit and seems to have not a clue what he's doing, you voted for and you're the moral one. And no ... . Those remarks of Trump's before large crowds were not "a few unfortunate remarks."

Just got done reading the Rants of 12/14 and the consensus is pretty funny — a bunch of whining, mad, poor-loser Democrats going on about the election. Funny how when they're in control everything is right with the world, but when they're not, the country is going down the tubes and everyone who was voted into office got there by cheating. You Democrats are really a piece of work.

This current generation of politically correct nonsense is one big reason Donald Trump won the election. This current crop of wimpy, coddled and oversensitive children is unprecedented. Best stay in school forever where you have your safe zones and rules on micro-aggressions because you'll never make it out in the real world.

Think of the state of Indiana as a small town with only one radio station, WGOP. You can either listen to it or turn it off. I have turned mine off.

These children do not need to be standing outside when it's this cold and the wind's blowing. It only takes about 15 minutes, they say, for their skin to freeze, to get frostbite. I'm upset the school system (Southwest Allen County Schools) is not thinking of the kids. ... All I want is these kids safe.

You work in the corner ... (grocery) making minimum wage, and you voted for (Donald) Trump. Now you have his whole ... (family) running the country. The kids who are millionaires and have never even been in a grocery store are now advising their dad what is best for you. You deserve to have that minimum-wage job because you are not very bright.

Although she has been superintendent since 2003, there is no one more qualified and (able to) bring in new ideas and management skills? At $210,000 per year plus perks, we could hire two calculus teachers and get grades and learning improved.

The left lane of Clinton (Street) approaching East Rudisill (Boulevard) is in terrible condition. It needs to be resurfaced. It is embarrassing to drive on it. This is a main street through our city.

Boy, I am not sure, but with new teachers making $35,000, I am not seeing a fiscal bargain at a superintendent level of $210,000. Looks to be a gravy train. How much extra staff does she have and is she (or) anyone worth $210K? Schools don't seem to be a big success. 

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