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Sunday, September 24, 2017
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How civilization and regulation differ

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Wednesday, September 06, 2017 12:01 am

Leave it to the self-righteous hypocrite in our hearts to insist that we are better than other mortals and that we need to make God's law more compatible with our need for recognition and respect.

Satan tempts us to be our own gods, with our own goals and our own means to achieve them. The pharisee within is his priest and propagandist who shows us how to feel self-righteous about religious charade.

Truthfully, it's just sanctimonious waste that needs to be dumped with the rest of the crap which gets shoved in our face daily. For example, the self-righteous politicians and agitators on the public stage piously push political correctness and social justice, no matter what they really want. These are code words for discrimination against oppressors (usually straight, white males) and preferences for grievance and identity groups (usually gays, blacks and feminists).

Human beings are not angels and if you give them the chance they'll show you just what pious liars and self-righteous bullies they can be.

I am an American male of mixed European lineage, an octogenarian who loves women. This no longer just biological data, but, for many, a confession of sins. To be straight, white and male is to have sinned against homosexuals, African-Americans and women, the sacred trinity of victimhood.

So dismiss me as a homophobe or racist or chauvinist, discriminate against me if you must. I know I'm out-of-step with today's politically correct fascism and socially just racism. But I still think straights and homosexuals, whites and blacks, males and females need to work hard for what they want, enjoy the fruits of their own labors, and get along with their fellow Americans as best they can.

Jesus used a self-evident truth to answer the experts from Jerusalem who accused him of casting out demons by authority of the ruler of demons. “How can Satan cast out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand (Mark 3:23-24).” Common sense understand that a nation conflicted within itself over fundamental beliefs and purposes is in real trouble and on the path to ruin.

In our own time and country, major segments of population are at loggerheads with one another to the point of disunion and disruption. Liberals denounce conservatives, blacks denigrate whites, females accuse males, and the poor envy the rich, gays condemn “homophobes” and Muslims condemn “Islamophobes.” The end of our Union is in sight, but our self-righteous leaders distract us with divisive diversions and sweet dreams.

There is a big difference between civilization and regulation. Civilization is humane, based on human morality, intelligence, and well-being. Regulation is political, based on the needs and ideology of the ruling class. Regulation is imposed on the community. Civilization rubs off and is absorbed by the community-in the family, in school, at work in church. Regulation breeds violence which it suppresses with more violence. Civilization functions best at peace.

The only way to protect and preserve our civilization is 1) to thwart the self-righteous revolutionaries who want radical change at any price, and 2) to restore the decency, good sense and general well-being which provide the roots, the structure and the fruition of American civilization at its best.

How we do that is the tell-tale issue of our time and our children's future.

John Ribar


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