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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Letter to the editor: The usual liberal suspects

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Wednesday, January 04, 2017 05:01 am
If The News-Sentinel is going to keep running Bob Rinearson’s gassy guest columns, at least fact-check him now and them. His Dec. 26 screed — recalling a blue-collar blue heaven curiously free of unions and tediously stereotyping all things liberal — included this whopper: “Over the span of the last eight years, the working class has watched economic opportunities disappear, values and the faithful attacked, and their way of life rapidly disappear.” Such a layering of lies in one line demands rebuttal. Let’s begin with the economy. It has, by every meaningful measure — a jobless rate under 5 percent, steadily rising wages, low overall inflation, strong consumer confidence, a soaring stock market and GDP growth of 3.5 percent in the third quarter — improved markedly over the past eight years. Moreover, this improvement was achieved against the obstruction of a do-nothing Congress and on the heels of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression — a crisis brought about by rigid adherence to conservative ideology.

When war and tax cuts for the wealthy blow up the debt — again — and a radically deregulated Wall Street crashes the economy — again — it may awaken Rinearson and the rest of the Fox-fixated faithful to the cynical manipulations of elitists posing as champions of the common folk, but I doubt it. A relentless grinding of red meat for the rubes will overcome reason — again. Immigrants, minorities, millennials, progressives churched and unchurched, the poor and others lumped into”the left” will be scapegoated.

Finally, what “values” and which “faithful” are “attacked” by a democratic desire for legal equality and a demand for sane gun laws, good public education, access to health care, dignity and common courtesy? How does a yearning for peace and tolerance degrade your “way of life?” It’s not “disappearing,” but a habitable planet is, and the cabal of hawks and fossil fuel barons in Team Trump will hasten its demise. Yes, the working class is threatened, but not by Rinearson’s roundup of usual suspects. 

Bill Forsythe


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