News Sentinel - Local The News-Sentinel, Allen County’s oldest continuously operating business, celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2008. en-US Copyright (c) February, 2017 American Press. All rights reserved <![CDATA[2 arrested after Fort Wayne Police officer fires weapon]]> By Lisa M. Esquivel Long,

A Fort Wayne Police officer fired his service weapon at a group of armed suspects running toward him in an alley Wednesday night, according to police. Two unharmed suspects were ta ...

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<![CDATA[Earlier action might have prevented messy public spat over county car]]> By Kevin Leininger,

In criminology, the "broken window theory" is the belief that failure to punish petty crimes like throwing a brick through a pane of glass encourages even more serious behavior. Th ...

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<![CDATA[Work begins on latest downtown improvement project]]> By Kevin Leininger,

Although the scope, type and appearance of the improvements are still undetermined, work to redevelop a dated eight-story downtown office building has begun.

"We're continuing to ...

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<![CDATA[New ACRES preserve expands protected land in Cedar Creek corridor]]> News-Sentinel staff reports

The Garman family treasured the blend of woods, wetland and farmland they owned in the Cedar Creek area in northeast Allen County. Now the property will be preserved for its wild p ...

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<![CDATA[Eyewitness testimony, forensics focus of murder trial]]> By Sheryl Krieg;

Two eyewitnesses described the chaotic scene that took place during the early morning hours of July 6 in the 3400 and 3500 blocks of McKinnie Avenue, where Edward Kiel died.

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<![CDATA[Two arrested following Tuesday afternoon bank robbery]]> By Sheryl Krieg,

Two women have been arrested following a bank robbery Tuesday afternoon, according to the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Lori J. Williams, 39, of Huntington, and Tiffany M. Whisman ...

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<![CDATA[Two detained after Tuesday afternoon bank robbery]]> By Sheryl Krieg;

A man and a woman have been detained by police following a bank robbery Tuesday afternoon.

Fort Wayne Police responded to the robbery at 1:50 p.m. at Salin Bank, 9835 Lima Road, a ...

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<![CDATA[Woman testifies about events leading up to July murder of friend]]> By Sheryl Krieg;

The woman who last saw Edward Kiel alive testified she and Kiel were sitting in his car last July when her former boyfriend fired gunshots into the car.

Her former boyfriend &mdas ...

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<![CDATA[Fort Wayne starting stabilization of St. Marys riverbank by Old Fort, Headwaters]]> By Lisa M. Esquivel Long,

Three centuries ago soldiers carved out a bit of land from nature to build the first fort in what is now Fort Wayne. Now nature is taking it back, at a rate of 1 foot a year.

In th ...

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<![CDATA[Accident victims' identification delayed]]> By Sheryl Krieg;

Two fatalities of a motor vehicle accident Monday night in the 1800 block of West Jefferson Boulevard suffered "significant thermal damage," delaying their identification, accordin ...

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