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AUTO REVIEW: 2017 Pacifica

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is a sharp-looking, roomy and versatile minivan with more technology than previous Chrysler vans and thoughtful features that other minivans can lack.


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FARM FILE: More money, less accountability


On Jan. 5, Harvest Public Media reported that “a federal investigation has been launched into the alleged embezzlement of $2.6 million by an employee” of the Oklahoma Beef Council.According to the report, the ...

Harriette Cole: British co-workers humor goes too far


DEAR HARRIETTE: One of my co-workers is from the U.K. "Grant" is well-liked, but he can occasionally go too far with his jokes. Whenever others bristle at his humor, Grant huffs and claims that American humor is just not ...

Amy Lindgren: Critique Your Own Resume


 When it comes to Sisyphean tasks in job search, not much can compare to asking others for advice on your resume. Sisyphus, if you recall, is the hapless character in Greek mythology consigned to an eternity of roll ...

Michael Hicks: Who Really Pays Taxes?


One interesting aspect of any discussion about taxes is how many otherwise well-educated people misunderstand the truths about who bears the burden of a tax. Let us consider sales tax as an example. Indiana has a complex ...