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Letter to the editor: A question we should ask judicial candidates

Monday, March 31, 2014 - 8:56 am

Judges currently have to pick one parent over another based upon our current state laws. You can be ignorant of the issues or ask your candidates if they support equal rights for parents and children impacted by divorce.

Our newspapers and airwaves are riddled with stories of parents who mistreat children to the level lacking in humanity and compassion. We see this horrible pattern of violence continue by children shooting children, creating bullies and targets of our children.

If a court was not required to pick one parent over another and instead assumed equal rights for both parent (unless there is a proven situation of domestic violence) we would now allow our children to be exposed to the best option they have in parents, we would start to remove the court-mandated alienation children perceive.

Ask your candidates to support the proposed drafted legislation entitled Indiana Equal Rights for Children that allow our elected judges full power in giving equal rights to both parents.

Brian Thornton