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Letter to the editor: Repeal health insurance tax for sake of small business

Monday, March 17, 2014 - 9:37 am

I have been the sole proprietor of B&S Lawn Service since 1979. I have had as many as 25 employees in past years, but times are different now, and manufacturing has moved out of the Fort Wayne area. I'm down to only three employees; I cannot afford to offer them health insurance coverage. Many weeks, I cannot even take a salary for myself.

I fail to understand why, with times as hard as they are for small businesses, there is yet another tax targeting us. On Jan. 1, the health insurance tax was levied on health insurance providers. Costs will go directly down to the consumer, namely small businesses, by means of higher premiums.

Many small businesses like mine, on the brink of going under, will not be able to pay the additional fees. Small businesses employ over 50 percent of the private- sector work force, and we are the backbone of our economy. Instead of giving us room to grow, we are being hit with yet another unfair, hidden tax.

If the government keeps targeting small businesses, we will be joining the ranks of the unemployed rather than maintaining our traditional roles as employers. There is a bill in Congress that aims to repeal this new tax. “The Jobs and Premium Protection Act” would repeal the tax and stop it from harming small business. I hope our elected officials will support this bill for the good of companies here in Indiana and across the country.

Steve Wyss