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Letter to the editor: Another oil pipeline just adds to problems

Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 12:01 am

Dear Mr. President,

Aside from a dwindling number of naysayers, most Americans are aware that our planet is already suffering the initial effects of global warming.

While part of our country is facing a disastrous drought of several years’ duration, other regions wrestle with record-breaking cold and snow. Meanwhile, scattered cities are being suddenly visited by devastating hurricanes and tornadoes, and our glaciers are disappearing. Extremes in weather patterns across the planet, taken as a whole, make it clear that our careless misuse of our global homeland is a growing threat to its future habitability.

We rationalize that we have to have sufficient energy for our economy to survive. We remind ourselves that we are encouraging the development of some renewable energy resources. Yet we continue to heavily subsidize our oil industries, which provide the fuel that causes a major source of our global pollution. Rather than diminish our drilling for more oil, (much of which is now sold to other nations), we encourage more drilling.

We know “some day” we must end our dependence on that black gold. Eventually, we agree, we’ll have to turn to the renewable energy resources required to wage this crucial battle for the future of our planet. Yet so far, devotion to our present convenience and comfort obscures concerns about a precarious future for our children. We know this, but to date we haven’t been able to muster the determination to get out of our own way.

We know our present condition has to change. However, we dread the costs of making changes now. Besides, we don’t want to be the first to make a move. Let other nations go first.

We know, but we haven’t been acting on what we know. We need someone to get us off our duffs. We need a proven, courageous leader to nudge our nation into taking a first step toward a healthy future for our negation and the world.

We know nixing the Keystone XL Pipeline won’t dissolve this global specter, but it can start the ball rolling to curb these destructive climate changes. Please show us the way by turning down the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Francis Frellick