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Fort Wayne births, through March 9

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through March 9.

Fort Wayne

•Aamir K. Alexander to Chambria R.Alexander.

•Aayden M. Whitfield to Sharane M. Watson and Aaron D. Whitfield.

•Abel J. Rogers to Alicia M. Duvall and Matthew T. Rogers.

•Adalynn L. Green to Kathryn L. and Joseph C. Green.

•Adalynn M. Kreie and Aiden J. Kreie to Casey L. Kreie.

•Adalynn S. Boroff to Michelle L. and Jonathan E. Boroff.

•Addison J. Smith to Camie J. Smith.

•Addyson K. Ells to Allison J. Shaw and Jerid F. Ells.

•Adrian B. Bauer to Heather M. and Brian M. Bauer.

•Adrienne R. Jaxtheimer to Amy J. Burton and Jacob S. Jaxtheimer.

•Aiden E. Jones to Cory E. Jones.

•Akiva A. Numbers to Lynnea J. and Jared M. Numbers.

•Alexander P. Glassley to Stephanie N. and Philip A. Glassley.

•Alexis N. Tash to Ashley N. and Harrison D. Tash.

•Amanda N. Nova to Melinda S. and Armando M. Nova.

•Amelia A. Hartman to Kerri A. Pendergrass and Andrew J. Hartman.

•Amelia J. Davis to Jessica L. and Austin K. Davis.

•Amelia R. Tompkins to Charlotte D. Barta-Tompkins and Jed C. Tompkins.

•Amia M. Wade to Afrika M. Davis and Micah C. Wade.

•Ana V. Mondragon to Blanca E. Mondragon and Gerardo Mondragon-Nova.

•Andrea L. Thornton to Ashley M. Thornton.

•Annika Y. Vargas to Sarah R. and Jose G. Vargas.

•Antonio A. Carmona to April A. Elliott and Alejandro Carmona.

•Aria L. Aycock to Anna L. and Shanon L. Aycock.

•Aubree M. Archbold to Wendy R. and Spenser L. Archbold.

•Aubrey R. Bauman to Andrea L. and Brandon D. Bauman.

•Ava L. Ziegler to Brittany R. Ziegler.

•Azariah G. Staller to Megan S. and Joshua B. Staller.

•Bentley M. Leggett to Leeanna M. Leggett and Marcus A. Myers.

•Blake A. Hess to Wendy M. Brown and David A. Hess.

•Bloi Mon to Htaw and Ponnyar Mon.

•Braxton L. Davenport to Brittany R. and Theopulus Gordon.

•Carlos J. Cervantes to Alma G. and Jesus Cervantes Jr.

•Carmine E. Howell to Mercedes R. and Anthony L. Howell Sr.

•Carter D. Linn to Sharon A. and Dustin D. Linn.

•Carter R. Murray to Amber D. Murray.

•Charlotte L. Scott to Vanessa J. and Mark J. Scott.

•Charlotte R. Nees to Emilee R. and Tyler J. Nees.

•Chelsea M. Phillips to Kimberly A. Fetters and Jonathan M. Phillips.

•Constantine D. Crum to Amanda N. Bobb and Ryan D. Crum.

•Cooper A. Dekoninck to Brittney R. and John A. Dekoninck.

•Da'marion L. Bowen to Cetera A. Bowen.

•Da'yonte K. Pitts to Danita D. Pitts.

•Deacon J. McClain to Anna M. and Kevin G. McClain.

•Dekaveon L. Miller to Nicole D. Miller.

•Delilah R. Lewis to Rachel M. and Graham M. Lewis.

•Eli J. Karl to Angela R. and Jon A. Karl.

•Elin S. Smith to Lisa A. and Kyle T. Smith.

•Elizabeth J. Frincke to Bethany A. and David M. Frincke.

•Ella M. Sullivan to Monica A. and Ryan S. Sullivan.

•Elyse M. Schultz to Stephani M. and Brandon L. Schultz.

•Emarie E. Butler to Brittany D. Butler.

•Emerson D. Maibach to Ashley E. and Mitchell S. Maibach.

•Emily C. Swihart to Shelly M. and Jared P. Swihart.

•Emmanuel Ramos-Guevara to Maria G. Guevara and Jose M. Ramos-Oliva.

•Evelyn M. McCain to Myra A. and David M. McCain.

•Ezra J. Suddarth to Sarah M. and Steven T. Suddarth.

•Foster J. Merz to Rachel M. and Nicholas E. Merz.

•Gabriella S. Carswell to Nikkita M. Brown and Gabriel L. Carswell.

•Georgia G. Louden to Emily M. and Nathanial N. Louden.

•Grace R. Gunder to Barbara J. and Joshua T. Gunder.

•Greyson R. Cabanaw to Ashley B. and Tyler J. Cabanaw.

•Greyson T. See to Tiffany L. and Tyler S. See.

•Hannah L. Springer to Jodie L. and Erick J. Springer.

•Hannah N. Lambert to Michelle N. Workman and Alex E. Lambert.

•Henry C. Larson to Mary C. Larson.

•Holly N. Garman to Heather N. and James W. Garman.

•Ijah Mberwa to Kerima A. Alridge and Haji H. Mberwa.

•Irma E. Ruiz to Leslie C. Ruiz.

•Isabella D. Meeks to Heather D. Meeks.

•Isabella M. Kenny to Jill M. and Thomas M. Kenny.

•Jacob L. Vandall to Tiffany O. and Zachary L. Vandall.

•Jada H. Foster to Jameka L. and Eric D. Foster.

•Jai'ceon J. Thomas to Chanel S. Tyler and Jason L. Thomas.

•Jaleasa A. Taylor to Kimberly A. Dalman and Michael S. Taylor.

•Jayce J. Collins to Latricia J. and Phillip I. Collins.

•Jayceon B. Green to Leona A. and Broderick O. Green.

•Jaylene E. Pacheco to Sonia and Gerardo Pacheco.

•Jayonni A. Wilson to Miega S. Wilson.

•Jazlyn S. Vazquez to Andrea Gaytantamayo and Cesar E. Vazquez-Bahena.

•Johnse M. Leonard to Kaitlin E. Bratton and Christopher M. Leonard.

•Jordan D. Harris to Sara K. Germano and Benjamin D. Harris Jr.

•Joseph W. Crozier to Rachel E. and Matthew C. Crozier.

•Jude L. Springer to Jovanni T. and Justin L. Springer.

•Jurnee M. Venters to Nina L. Billingsley and Jesse J. Venters III.

•Kerrigan L. Kovalcik to Heather S. Kovalcik.

•Kiley A. Hess to Alisha C. and Barton A. Hess.

•Kyler B. Gallaway to Paige A. and Tyler R. Gallaway.

•Lailah M. Mueller to Amanda S. Caldwell and Douglas J. Mueller.

•Leeland M. Menzie to Johanna L. Basinski-Gaskill and Devon M. Menzie.

•Lillith I. Baker to Katherina J. Holmes and Jeffery D. Baker.

•Linkin M. Kirchgassner to Gretchen L. Kirchgassner.

•Londyn G. Harvey to Brittany L. Campbell and Randolph L. Harvey.

•Lucas R. Snyder to Christy D. and Eric D. Snyder.

•Lucia F. Tippmann to Joy E. and Kenneth M. Tippmann Sr.

•Luciana D. Angle to Katherine E. and Ian M. Angle.

•Lucille G. Bisig to Rachel N. Bisig.

•Lucy C. Bratten to Melissa A. and Louis E. Bratten.

•Ma'kenzie R. Piper and Matthew S. Piper to Precious L. Piper and De'andre W. Brabson.

•Ma'leeah M. Gillespie to Ashley E. Sharp and Ryan M. Gillespie.

•Mariana J. Nino to Gabriela Y. Lemus and Marco A. Nino.

•Marisella A. Castillo to Sanjuana A. and Uriel Castillo.

•Mark K. Hurst to Emily D. and Mark A. Hurst.

•Mason J. Cairl to Tessa G. and Brandon J. Cairl.

•Max D. Menze to Jennifer B. and John D. Menze.

•Maxwell A. Love to Jessie and Michael A. Love.

•Mckenzie A. Holmes to Jessica L. and Bradley M. Holmes.

•Mckenzie R. Baker to Ash-Lee E. Baker.

•Monteze C. Wilmschandler to Ianna M. Wilmschandler.

•Myo Aung H. Ma to Der Hee Ma.

•Myra A. Painter to Sarah E. and Benjamin J. Painter.

•Nadia Calvillo to Stephanie Loera and Alan R. Calvillo-Ruiz.

•Niang L. Cing to Niang L. Cing and Khup S. Khup.

•Noah T. Gase to Nicole M. and Scott M. Gase.

•Nyeimah C. Bright to Ceiara D. Bright.

•Oliver L. Canville to Yesamin and Christopher W. Canville.

•Parker A. Landis to Courtney J. Benefiel and Nathaniel L. Landis.

•Penelope A. Reed to Crystal J. Cramer and John W. Reed.

•Phoebe L. Beadner to Jennifer L. and Michael D. Beadner.

•Phoenix M. Duncan to Crystal L. Lucas and Brian E. Duncan.

•Rayden D. Stuckey to Amanda and Brandon C. Stuckey.

•Roxanne I. Jastrzemski to Sonia I. Martinez Rangel and Zachary A. Jastrzemski.

•Russell J. Rowe to Allison W. and Daniel B. Rowe.

•Ryan W. Magofna to Martha E. Hoisington and William J. Magofna.

•Sa Min to Nwe N. Tun and Wunna Maung.

•Sadis Khain to Rabe Ar and Ah Y. Khain.

•Samuel A. Rollins Jr. to Jessica C. Lutz and Samuel A. Rollins Sr.

•Saria A. Hartsock to Kimberly M. Fisher and John B. Hartsock.

•Sasha E. Kline to Krista M. and Adam A. Kline.

•Savannah M. Bonilla to Stephanie M. Bonilla.

•Seneca Bright to Brittany L. Bright.

•Shahe Dar to Mi N. Kyi and Htun H. Aung.

•Shirissa S. Taulbee to Alicia C. Taulbee.

•Taelyn P. Dunkin to Sarah N. and Timothy A. Dunkin.

•Tibyan A. Mohamed to Fatima M. Omar and Abubaker S. Mohamed.

•Tobias A. Copenhaver to Madeline R. and Cody A. Copenhaver.

•Tr'chell L. Jones to Preoshia D. Green and Tyrell F. Jones.

•Trenten W. Howell to Josi E. Rowdabaugh and Derek W. Howell.

•Tye D. Trent to Leslie A. Scott and David A. Trent.

•Vince Keller to Nicole M. Keller and Tj Winget.

•Violet F. Clendenen to Letisha R. and David A. Clendenen.

•Warren E. Leffler to Laura L. and Gregory A. Leffler Jr.

•Willow N. Sherrill to Jacqueline K. and John W. Sherrill.

•Yuna A. Lee to Lucinda K. Eicher and Jesse J. Lee.

•Zeller J. Redwanski to Natalie C. and Jacob L. Redwanski.

•Zya M. Cody to Takeya M. Cody.