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Letter to the editor: Don’t celebrate sin

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 12:01 am

In response to Jane L. Roth’s letter, I would like to comment. First of all, I do believe that the Bible should be our ultimate basis for opposition to gay marriage. But even anti-Bible folks can’t dispute the fact that simple biology should tell us that gay marriage is not a good idea and not in our best interests. Simply put, if we were all gay, there’d be no procreation.

As far as Roth’s point about one being against any particular sin in the Bible and not another, she is sorely mistaken. Christians are against all sin, whether it be homosexuality, stealing, lying, adultery or all the other abominations. The problem with the sin of homosexuality in this land is that it is celebrated. It is even encouraged by some, boasted about and now even rewarded as evidenced by new laws coming into effect. Gay pride? Have you ever heard of “Theft Pride,” “Celebrate Divorce Month” or marching in a “Liar’s parade”?

We are all sinners. Not one sin is better than another in God’s eyes. Most of us are ashamed of our sins and would rather hide them rather than flaunt them. The good news for Christians, even though all are sinners, is knowing that God forgives where there is repentance. We are redeemed because of Jesus’ blood on the cross and his saving grace.

No sin is condoned, and certainly none should be celebrated.

Jolene Whirrett