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Wednesday November 26, 2014
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Letter to the editor: Pence setting very dangerous precedent

Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 12:01 am

I totally disagree with your editorial view of Oct. 24 that the governor should be allowed to appoint who he wants to be the superintendent of public education. I see it the other way around. Let’s have Glenda Ritz appoint who she wants to be the governor of Indiana.

Mike Pence was selected to be the governor of Indiana, not the dictator of Indiana. If the state of Indiana is not big enough for Pence and Ritz, then there are plenty of other places for him and his family to relocate to.

There is a very big issue here that needs to be addressed. What happened to the votes that Ritz got? Weren’t they counted? Or does somebody think they don’t count?

Would you people think the president should be allowed to appoint who he wants to the Senate and the House? Would you think that the governor should be allowed to appoint who he wants to be the mayor of any and all cities in Indiana?

The people here in Indiana should be absolutely outraged over the fact that they went to the polls and those who voted for Ritz have now learned that their votes were meaningless.

Pence often claims that here in Indiana we do things the “Hoosier Way.” Their attitude and treatment of Ritz look more like the “Communist Way.”

A dangerous precedent has been set here. We will still have elections. We will still get to vote. However, if the voters choose someone who the powers that be don’t approve of, then through methods of trickery they will work their way around those people.

A very dangerous precedent has been set here.

Curtis J. Ransom