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Fort Wayne births, through Sept. 8

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 12:44 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Sept. 8.

Fort Wayne

•Abel Osorio-Tello to Rafaela Tello and Amancio Osorio-Xique.

•Abigail D. Barfield to Yewubdar and Tyree Q. Barfield.

•Abigail J. Streicher to Erica L. and Robert J. Streicher.

•Ahmya R. O'Bannon to Sonette R. Douglas and Hymel L. O'Bannon.

•Aiden L. Martin to Kristy L. Martin.

•Alaric S. Tilbury to Amanda L. and Timothy K. Tilbury.

•Alayna M. Pawlicki to Rachel R. and Jeffrey S. Pawlicki.

•Alexis R. Perez to Lea Perez.

•Alondra Romero to Ma Soledad Guzman Diaz and Javier Romero.

•Alxavier C. Talamantes to Cassondra L. Skidgel and Andre B. Talamantes.

•Anamarie E. Watts to Audrey N. and David T. Watts.

•Areli Romero to Rebeca Romero.

•Ariana S. Burnett to Devon N. and Ricky L. Burnett.

•Aubree N. Campbell to Angela N. Campbell.

•Aurora E. Austin to Rachel E. Austin.

•Avya G. Miller to Kacie L. and Ryan J. Miller.

•Beckhym N. Persaud to Ashley A. Gibson and Muneshwar J. Persaud.

•Benicio M. Luna to Lacie K. Hall and Emilio M. Luna.

•Benjamin A. Oropeza to Myah J. and Jose A. Oropeza.

•Bethany E. Miller to Heather D. and Chris J. Miller.

•Brantley S. Robinson to Lacey M. and Shawn M. Robinson.

•Braylee J. Vayavong to Bonnie S. and Vilakone B. Vayavong.

•Bryan R. Vazquez to Luz M. Vazquez Toledo and Jorge A. Perez Serrano.

•Camdyn J. Stopher to Kristi S. and Brett A. Stopher.

•Chloe E. Volk to Jennifer R. and Brian A. Volk.

•Clara E. Stoner to Abbie R. Sirrine Stoner and Jeremy H. Stoner.

•Cole W. Conrad to Jessica M. Rupert and Ben W. Conrad.

•Corbin L. Utterback to Aimee M. and Ryan L. Utterback.

•Corey J. Back to Autumn L. Steed and Micheal P. Back.

•Cristian E. Gaytan-Perez to Ana S. Diaz and Jose A. Gaytan-Perez.

•Cruz J. Booker to Abagail R. Miller and Jonathon R. Booker.

•D'angelo C. Walker to Chasity A. Darnell and Michael D. Walker.

•Dalaya M. Clark to Courtney L. Clark.

•Darion R. Hinton to Ashley D. Hinton and Dale D. Fitzhugh.

•David A. Macias to Maria I. Macias Mora and Francisco Rojas Magallon.

•Deacon R. Borchers to Leslie L. and Dustin R. Borchers.

•Demayra A. Minniefield to Denise A. Martin and Derrick A. Minniefield Jr.

•Demetreus J. Anderson to Meena Y. Anderson.

•Dominic M. Keesbury to Christine E. Glew and Brian G. Keesbury.

•Dominic R. Durnell to Cristina A. Ray-Durnell and Kyle S. Durnell.

•Drake A. Ebersole to Angela S. and Joseph T. Ebersole.

•Edan F. Spare and Evelynn G. Spare to Adrienne R. and Adam M. Spare.

•Emerson R. Levy to Jennifer L. and Barry J. Levy.

•Emery C. Blake to Natasha D. Davis and Shaun A. Blake.

•Emma G. Freiburger to Amanda M. and Benjamin R. Freiburger.

•Ethan B. Burlew to Heather E. and Bradley D. Burlew.

•Eva L. Kemp to Julie A. Schele and Christopher D. Kemp.

•Everett M. Trahin to Julianne R. and Dustin M. Trahin.

•Farirudeen Sharif to Sa Ra and Maung Aye.

•Finn E. Pyck to Suzanne B. Bautista and Cole C. Pyck.

•Finn L. Jordan to Charlene M. and Daniel J. Jordan.

•Gabriel E. Diaz to Adriana M. Diaz.

•Gavin S. Shutt to Amanda D. and Michael L. Shutt.

•Ghimiria Karmar to Chaw Su and Kar Mar.

•Giselle C. Chaney to Jordan A. Chaney.

•Grayson M. Noyes to Lauren N. and Adam E. Noyes.

•Greyson A. Smith to Danielle M. and Bryan A. Smith.

•Hailey A. Jordan to Stacy Y. Kintz and Justin J. Jordan.

•Harnoor Kumar to Simran Gulati and Piyush Kumar.

•Harvey S. Hanke to Hui Di and Steven A. Hanke.

•Hazel M. Sneary to Mhairi N. and Ross A. Sneary.

•Henry J. Leeper to Cassandra J. and Lonnie J. Leeper.

•Hunter R. Steigerwald to Cassandra R. and Shawn R. Steigerwald.

•Isabel F. Welch to Deborah A. Niemoeller and Timothy W. Welch.

•Ja'kai T. Feltis to Shyanne F. Feltis.

•Ja'leeya N. Smith to Adrianna R. Armour and Johnnie L. Smith.

•Jace K. Miller to Vanessa A. and Jesse R. Miller.

•Jacquelyn E. Montes to Maria D. Campos Rojas and Santiago Montes.

•Jada L. Fields to Erin M. Gruber and Talando L. Fields.

•Jamarra L. Lambert to Shaneaka S. Lambert.

•Javeah N. Ellington to Yezmen L. Ellington.

•Jayden L. Miller to Morgan D. Miller.

•Jazarah C. Norris to Natasha M. and Christopher L. Norris.

•Jeffrey E. Wittkamper to Britiny L. and Austin J. Wittkamper.

•Jeremy D. Wendlowsky Jr. to Ashley M. and Jeremy D. Wendlowsky.

•Jerrica L. Pierce to Taylor R. and Aaron C. Pierce.

•Jocelyn E. Giant to Shannon T. Giant.

•Johanna V. Alvarez to Erika Alvarez and Fernando Vargas Gonzalez.

•John P. Deryk to Rachel E. and Jeremy G. Deryk.

•Jonathan Zepeda-Barron to Leticia Barron Sanchez and Marcos Zepeda Guerrero.

•Jonqual I. Selmon to Takisha F. and John H. Selmon.

•Jordyn C. Collins to Katherine A. Pearson and Jeremy J. Collins.

•Journee C. Washington to Chakia M. Robertson and Vondale E. Washington.

•Jozarrai D. Yocum to Nakai D. Wright and Joseph W. Yocum.

•Jude D. Purnell to Laura A. Niezer and Eric A. Purnell.

•Kadyn N. Stewart to Shannen A. Stewart.

•Kai D. Schafer to Kami J. and Daniel I. Schafer.

•Kar Ark Nook to Janetbee and Yin Nook.

•Karely Arias-Torres to Greisi Y. Arias-Torres.

•Kaycen D. Kunce to Ashley M. Kunce.

•Kayden C. McKinney to Keosha McKinney.

•Keegan A. Walker to Natalie K. Stein and Andrew M. Walker.

•Kennedy R. Thomas to Maria Luna and Alex E. Thomas.

•Khiyon J. Williams to Porsche L. Williams.

•Ki'nylah A. Rogers to Carla D. Rile and Kiaundray C. Rogers.

•Kingston J. Davies to Alexis E. and Warren J. Davies.

•Klayton J. Hardiman to Mary Jo and Kristopher M. Hardiman.

•Laila S. Edilov to Deja K. and Reshi M. Edilov.

•Landon J. Gerz to Ashley K. and Andrew J. Gerz.

•Landon M. Badger to Jennifer A. and Thomas A. Badger.

•Landry J. Balkema to Jennyfer M. and James E. Balkema.

•Latham A. Teems to Elizabeth A. Webster and Travis A. Teems.

•Layla B. Avetova to Zahirah S. Abdul-Haq and Aram R. Avetov.

•Leigha J. Shea to Carrie L. Helgesen and Tyler J. Shea.

•Leon I. Gutierrez to Kate E. and Jared N. Gutierrez.

•Leonardo J. Corner to Alicia M. and David B. Corner.

•Leslie P. Cruz to Maria D. Cruz Perez and Lorenzo Perez.

•Levi L. Wagner to Andrea N. Vander Sloot and Kyle A. Wagner.

•Lilian R. Geyer to Andrea M. and Robert Z. Geyer.

•Linnette A. Langschied to Linda A. Hoffman and Christopher F. Langschied.

•Logan M. Slater to Amber M. Terry and Larry K. Slater.

•London O. Latham to Jordan A. Chaney and Eric R. Latham.

•Lucaius C. Bumpus to Christal M. Bumpus.

•Lydia G. Neff to Lucinda J. and Travis D. Neff.

•Lydia L. Swing to Rachel L. and Brett T. Swing.

•Mac R. Putman to Rachel D. and Cory M. Putman.

•Mackenzie S. Walzer to Jetaun L. Walzer.

•Maddison E. Satterfield to Deana D. McCord and Adam R. Satterfield.

•Maggie L. Miller to Michal R. and Kyle R. Miller.

•Makayla A. Juarez to Marisela M. and Ernesto Juarez.

•Malikhi D. Bankston to Ebony V. Bankston.

•Masen M. Jacobo to Ashley L. and Elias V. Jacobo.

•Maximus N. Resner to Angela M. and Mark A. Resner.

•Maxton S. Towers to Shu-Fen and Steven S. Towers.

•Mckenzie J. Fisher to Laquan K. and Larry D. Fisher Jr.

•Meara K. Geist to Carrie D. and Brian K. Geist.

•Melania K. Inniss to Erlinda F. Wall and Johann N. Inniss.

•Natalie L. Mendez-Monterrozo to Mayra E. Monterrozo and Wilson J. Mendez.

•Nathalie Europa-Vazquez to Maria I. Vazquez Rodriguez and Jesus Europa Castillo.

•Ni'ayli M. Edwards to Cherokee S. Ursery and Brandon M. Edwards.

•Norah E. Jones to Samone D. Doyle and Mason N. Parsons-Jones.

•Nu R. Na to My N. Be and Mue Tee.

•Nyjah A. Moellering to Veronica N. Moellering.

•Oakleigh M. Howard to Brittany M. Cuney and Shylo A. Howard.

•Patrick B. Quinlan to Sara I. and Sean J. Quinlan.

•Paul D. Schenkel Jr. to Lisa M. and Paul D. Schenkel Sr.

•Rajia H. Nassor to Majda S. Haggar and Hassan Z. Nassor.

•Raymond L. Rogers Jr. to Amber S. Fletcher and Raymond L. Rogers.

•Rosy Sin to Nu Sar Bee and Hu Sin.

•Ryah J. Diederich to Kayla D. Wegman and Ryan W. Diederich.

•Rylee K. Crawford to Allison V. and Ryan P. Crawford.

•Rylee R. Myers to Daniella M. Garner and Phillip J. Myers.

•Sadie G. Ratliff to Valerie M. and Joshua D. Ratliff.

•Sameola Nah to Sa H. Nah and Sa He D. La.

•Samuel I. Cruz to Amber C. Cour and Alberto J. Cruz Jr.

•Samuel L. Velez to Valentyna E. Rasmussen and Jose A. Velez.

•Saul Castro to Maria G. Rodriguez-Chavez and Jesus A. Castro Arreola.

•Seeley E. Zuver to Whitney L. and Ryan A. Zuver.

•Serena A. Morgan to Heather L. Brittain and David L. Morgan.

•Sofia L. Hamilton to Jami L. Oatts and Earl L. Hamilton.

•Sofia R. Moeller to Kathryn R. Flanery and Keven S. Moeller.

•Steele K. Sorg to Janell D. and Keith A. Sorg.

•Ta Marcus L. Walker to Tarnisha R. Walker.

•Treriah L. Peterson to Treasure D. Peterson.

•Tyler L. Hepworth to Stephanie A. Mosley and Danny L. Hepworth Jr.

•Umar S. Dhariwal to Afshan L. Randhaawa and Shuja E. Dhariwal.

•Wesley M. Correll to Victoria A. Garrett and Sean M. Correll.

•Westin L. Brady to Sarah A. and Philip N. Brady.

•Willow L. Suttle to Twyla M. and Terrence L. Suttle.

•Zachary A. Baumle to Cristy M. and Aaron J. Baumle.

•Zadi P. Whaley to Jasmine K. and Matthew D. Whaley Sr.

•Zaia L. Williams to Brionna M. Williams.

•Zaiden M. Souliske to Lorraine M. Souliske.

•Zoey I. Matson to Jennifer L. and Justin T. Matson.

•Zuri M. Mwalilu to Nkonye R. and Stephen S. Mwalilu.

•Zyler L. Robinson to Tashon B. Howard and Curt T. Robinson.