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Fort Wayne births, through July 14

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 9:56 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through July 14. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.

Fort Wayne

•Aaron J. Ramsey to Abigail J. and Wesley R. Ramsey.

•Adelina R. Teegarden to Ashley N. Pyle and Brandon E. Teegarden.

•Ahmir M. Manley to Kaila N. Rork and Dejour D. Manley.

•Aiden C. McKinney to Danielle C. Gonzalez and Joshua L. McKinney Sr.

•Aivery R. Zimmerman to Fleasha L. Strohl and Frank L. Zimmerman.

•Alana N. Swaim to Lizeth and Robert W. Swaim IV.

•Alondra D. Carlos to Lucila De La Torre Carlos.

•Amalia C. Ali to Amanda A. and Furqan Q. Ali.

•Amiyah K. Wimbley to Brittany K. Frane and Joshua L. Wimbley.

•Angelina R. Olvera to Angela M. and Peter M. Olvera.

•Archer J. Woods to Natalie J. and John E. Woods.

•Aryana J. Menorath to Judy and Aaron R. Menorath.

•Athena Srivijay to Vishali Anbalagan and Srivijay Kalidas.

•Austin D. Henney to Rebecca L. and William D. Henney II.

•Autumn K. Albertson to Angela K. and Bennie A. Albertson III.

•Ava A. Carter to Brandie M. Perona and Kevin A. Carter.

•Ava G. Leonard to Brittany L. and Jeremy D. Leonard.

•Ava J. Phillips to Elizabeth E. and Matthew B. Phillips.

•Brentley A. Graf to April R. Graf.

•Brevyn J. Risch to Candace A. and Brandon J. Risch.

•Brinnley P. Bowersock to Maria P. and Jason M. Bowersock.

•Caleb R. Ankney to Jessica L. and Daniel C. Ankney.

•Calvin M. Lehmann to Stefanie J. and Matthew L. Lehmann.

•Carter L. Burgin to Heather A. Burgin.

•Charles E. Ueber to Laura E. and Paul E. Ueber.

•Christian A. Vandall to Star A. Vandall.

•Christian C. Conwell to Breonda S. and Aaron C. Conwell.

•Cing N. Thang to No H. Lun and Pau L. Thang.

•Conrad J. Yoder to Devin C. and Ryan C. Yoder.

•Corbin A. Beard to Heather D. and Justin M. Beard.

•Cornelius A. Rice to Lanise F. Rice and Churon C. James.

•Courtney J. Pearson Jr. to Erica L. and Courtney J. Pearson.

•Dahja M. Clark to Tasha M. Cox and Christopher A. Clark.

•Damien C. Rodriguez to Kathryn M. and Esteban N. Rodriguez.

•Daniel Guzman to Yolanda and David Guzman.

•Dawson J. Minick to Kimberly R. Dornseif-Minick and James A. Minick.

•Daylan C. Woodfin II to Ashley D. Jackson and Daylan C. Woodfin.

•Dayne C. Keller to Mandy L. and Luke C. Keller.

•Delilah S. Muncie to Danielle D. Barger-Muncie and Lonny J. Muncie.

•Des Ayrae L. Meriwether to Amber L. Meriwether.

•Dominic P. O'Connell to Megan E. and Brian P. O'Connell.

•Drake C. Strawser to Vanessa and Christopher S. Strawser.

•Ella M. McGhee to Shawnna M. and Kyle R. McGhee.

•Emiline M. Brandenberger to Abigail N. and Matthew J. Brandenberger.

•Erick Nino to Juanita and Vicente Nino.

•Evelynne A. Boyer to Crystal M. and Travis J. Boyer.

•Ezekiel S. Bitler to Gina L. and Andrew C. Bitler.

•Fredus N. Peters VI to Jenna C. and Fredus N. Peters V.

•Gabriel C. Giant to Johanna and Christopher J. Giant.

•Gabriel Y. Surry to Preunda L. and Kenneth L. Surry.

•Georgia R. Pycz to Brenna R. and Thomas A. Pycz.

•Grace E. Mullin to Jessica A. and Gregory W. Mullin.

•Gracelynn R. Farlow to Nikolett J. and Lee E. Farlow.

•Graceson K. Demaree to Erin L. and Brandon L. Demaree.

•Hadley J. Probst to Kathryn J. and Kelby M. Probst.

•Hayden J. Harris to Tiffany J. and Paul M. Harris.

•Holden D. Bristow to Carrie R. Seiferman and Michael P. Bristow.

•Hunter A. Shotts to Melissa A. and Ryan A. Shotts.

•Ilaiyah L. Stevens to Petrece L. McGraw and Dominique J. Stevens.

•Isaac L. Connelly to Amber N. and Joel W. Connelly.

•Isaiah D. Majorins to Kaitlin E. and Jeremiah D. Majorins.

•Ivy M. Neukom to Alicia M. and Joseph W. Neukom.

•Jace R. Houston to Alexis D. Houston.

•Jaceon D. Bragg to Janay K. Brown and Juwan D. Bragg.

•Jackson R. Richhart to Tara C. Richards and Jeremy S. Richhart.

•Jacquawn A. Walker Jr. to Ronique L. Madden-Brown and Jacquawn A. Walker Sr.

•Jakobe J. Jordan to Jaleisha J. Jordan.

•James P. Tippmann to Sarah A. and Jay P. Tippmann.

•Jaxton M. Menefee to Britny S. Slater and Kevin D. Menefee.

•Jazmine A. Lambert to Tia M. Lambert.

•Jesse J. Montemayor to Rosa L. Medina and Rodolfo Montemayor.

•Jesus D. Baeza to Rosa M. and Mario Baeza.

•Jocquail L. Driver to Brianda D. Driver.

•Jocquell J. Thomas to Tequita K. Thomas.

•John F. Westfall to Sara M. and Robert G. Westfall.

•Jonaven A. Nordvik to Rebecca J. and Stuart L. Nordvik.

•Jordan A. Tarwacki to Patricia A. Tarwacki.

•Joshua R. Wagner to Ashly M. and Jeremy M. Wagner.

•Josiah J. Logan to Kaya J. Logan.

•Joslen R. Bradtmueller to Elaine S. and Adam K. Bradtmueller.

•Journey M. Presley to Chynna M. and Alexis C. Presley.

•Kaiden P. Kimble to Hydee M. Gordon and Kevin L. Kimble.

•Kaleb B. Reck to Jessica F. and Nathan A. Reck.

•Kamarion D. Stephens to Porsche D. Gill and Carrington D. Stephens.

•Kayanna M. Croy to Cassandra S. and Marcus D. Croy.

•Kayden J. Barnes to Breanna N. Miller and Ian J. Barnes.

•Kaydence J. Hassan to Khaira E. Hassan.

•Keagan D. Slusser to Sarah J. Sikorski and Patrick D. Slusser.

•Kennedi L. Williams-Hernandez to Lakeisha C. Williams and Kennedy B. Hernandez.

•Kerwin M. Douglas to Jasmine C. Douglas.

•Kloee A. Garcia to Jasmin Garcia.

•Konnor E. Beckman to Shalei M. Northrup and Adam J. Beckman.

•Leila R. Devivo to Kendra M. and Kyle M. Devivo.

•Liam J. Tembras to Erin C. and Daniel Tembras.

•Liliana N. Ruiz to Kathleen C. Salazar and Cesar Ruiz.

•Lucas J. Gaffer to Jillissa B. Combs and Chris J. Gaffer.

•Lukas M. Koehl to Stacy A. and Michael A. Koehl.

•Maddox J. Barkley to Kelsey M. and Nathaniel R. Barkley.

•Malachi J. Ramirez to Sarah A. and Alejandro A. Ramirez.

•Mallory L. Zuber to Elizabeth A. and Shaon G. Zuber.

•Mason D. Evans to Heather M. and Carl D. Evans.

•Mason J. Barone to Carla R. and Michael J. Barone Jr.

•Mason P. Conley to Melinda L. and Adam R. Conley.

•Mason P. Sweet to Amanda L. Sweet.

•McKinnley A. Elbrecht to Merideth A. Elbrecht.

•Mia J. Ponce to Hannah J. and Christopher M. Ponce.

•Micah I. Wright to Shayla M. Wright.

•Michael A. Tabron Jr. to Shavonne M. Jackson and Michael A. Tabron.

•Michael H. Kefer to Stephanie L. and Michael C. Kefer.

•Mila K. Martin to Ashley N. and Frank J. Martin III.

•Miranda A. Sales to Maria N. Lopez and Luis A. Sales.

•Molly E. Junk to Megan M. Junk.

•Molly G. Warner to Abby J. and Jason M. Warner.

•Myles P. Rozewicz to Lauren E. Boles and Ryan S. Rozewicz.

•Natalia E. Godinez to Jamie L. Koss and Alejandro Godinez.

•Nazarieon N. Moore to Neisha N. Moore.

•Nella Hasic to Sanela and Halil Hasic.

•Nikiah A. Hood to Nichole A. Benson and Ricardo M. Hood.

•Nivaeh S. Brown to Laquinda T. Brown.

•Noah D. Herman to Rose A. and Justin A. Herman.

•Noah R. Suter to Britnee D. and Charles M. Suter.

•Noah R. York to Ashley N. Ford and Dustin L. York.

•Nolley S. Gallegos to Cheyann D. Fingerle and Mitchell S. Gallegos.

•Oliver C. Bowman to Rachelle J. and Jonathon M. Bowman.

•Otto P. White to Michelle A. and Anthony W. White.

•Owen D. Baller to Ashley M. and Dustin D. Baller.

•Paris K. Nix to D'osha S. Hogue and Nathaniel S. Nix II.

•Parker R. Cobb to Stephanie A. and Christopher R. Cobb.

•Paxton C. Lothamer to Lela M. Miller and Ryan W. Lothamer.

•Paytten N. McKnight to Diane A. and Jeffery J. McKnight.

•Penny G. Holt to Sarah E. and Michael C. Holt.

•Peyton D. Wyatt to Dawn K. Schreck and Chad E. Wyatt.

•Phoenix I. Arbogast to Christy A. and Philip L. Arbogast.

•Quinn D. Altman to Hillary L. Knipstein and Nicholas D. Altman.

•Quinn T. Hall to Amanda J. Hall.

•Ramina L. Aza to Shasha R. and Andres Aza.

•Raymond J. Kizer Jr. to Tamara D. and Raymond J. Kizer.

•Remington J. McGill to Chelsea M. Snyder and Erik C. McGill.

•Rhone G. Hardy to Rheason R. and Sinco J. Hardy.

•Rowan N. Glasner to Olivia L. Turner and Kurtis E. Glasner.

•Royce O. Bleich to Christina A. and John A. Bleich Jr.

•Ryland O. Archer to Chelsey A. Archer.

•Samuel Marquez to Lorraine M. Gomez and Rodolfo Marquez.

•Saydee K. Woodward to Christine N. Ohern and Ronald L. Woodward.

•Sha'laya M. Link to Sierra L. Link.

•Silus A. Garner to Stephanie M. Rutledge and Clark A. Garner.

•Simon D. Sipe to Lauren R. and Joshua D. Sipe.

•Summer L. Holse to Lindsay R. Holse.

•Taraj K. Coates to Stephanie M. Willett and Taft K. Coates.

•Tavaion L. Heath to Rema N. Heath.

•Tavion C. Wade to Tikia L. Wade and Donald C. Warren III.

•Tay'shaun S. White to Nikeshail S. White.

•Taya L. White to Kiana T. White.

•Toby A. Klotz to Jessica L. Dennen-Klotz and Niles A. Klotz.

•Trey R. Whybrew to Sarah E. and Nathan E. Whybrew.

•Tyrone Wilson Jr. to Sabrina S. Ross and Tyrone Wilson Sr.

•Tyvel J. Jemison Jr. to Kamarri Q. Powers-Tate and Tyvel J. Jemison.

•Wesson R. Hostetler to Jessica A. and Jonathan R. Hostetler.

•Winslow O. Lindelien to Megan G. and David R. Lindelien.

•Zachariah J. Thomas to Angela D. Botsford and Desmond D. Thomas.

•Zayden B. Eckhardt to Bobbie J. and Jake W. Eckhardt.

•Zayden R. Boersma to Casey C. and Brent A. Boersma.

•Zayden S. Parkison to Taylor J. Parkison.

•Zion M. Fields to Saundra L. Roman and Timothy A. Fields.

•Zoee A. Garcia to Jasmin Garcia.