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Saturday February 28, 2015
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Fort Wayne births, through May 19

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 12:51 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through May 19.

Fort Wayne

•Adilyn M. Watson to Audra C. and Chad M. Watson.

•Aizen S. Baez to Allie Virginia M. Hughes and Mike A. Baez.

•Alana L. Treace to Tonia J. Caley and Daniel L. Treace Jr.

•Alanah L. Starry to Laura L. Starry.

•Alejandro W. Martinez to Makayla J. McKinney and Jacob E. Martinez.

•Aliyah E. Caudle to Courtney L. Cook and Todd J. Caudle.

•Aliyana R. Hayes and Aliyha E. Hayes and Anniya L. Hayes to Nichole R. Hayes.

•Allen W. Adams to Victoria R. Fisher and Derek M. Adams.

•Angel T. Walker to Nicole C. Walker.

•Angelika N. McFarland to Rachel N. Enriquez and Kevin R. McFarland.

•Anisa L. Kienel to Madalyn S. Kienel.

•Anthony L. Howell Jr. to Mercedes R. and Anthony L. Howell Sr.

•Anyla V. Ford to Monica T. Ford.

•Arianna E. Majors to Nissa R. Majors.

•Asher S. Kuhmichel to Alyssa J. and Robert J. Kuhmichel.

•August K. Steele to Gretchen A. and Benjamin J. Steele.

•Axel Ruiz to Santa Rosalba Ruiz Quintana and Juan P. Ruiz Gonzalez.

•Aydin H. Evans to Rochelle J. Hawthorne and Lawrence Evans Jr.

•Bailey E. Thomas to Chelsea L. Melnkovic and Zachary T. Thomas.

•Beckett A. Hille to Paige C. and Austin D. Hille.

•Beckham B. Byanski to Kristen N. Tillapaugh and Eric J. Byanski.

•Bennett A. Grashoff to Tracy B. and Joseph A. Grashoff.

•Bentley D. Byal to Ashley G. and Tyler R. Byal.

•Brody C. Thomas to Samantha N. and Nicholas B. Thomas.

•Brooklyn E. Scheretie to Heather N. and Justin S. Scheretie.

•Brooklyn M. Hershberger to Ashley N. Hershberger.

•Bryden J. Shirey to Ashley N. Williams and William J. Shirey.

•Cali A. Morris to Tiffany L. and Stephen M. Morris.

•Callen G. Kennerk to Amber L. and Jason P. Kennerk.

•Caly S. Landa to Yessenia D. Zepeda and Calixto Landa Trujillo.

•Cameron D. Boxell to Elizabeth J. and Kenneth D. Boxell.

•Cameron M. Peters to Leslie E. and Stefan M. Peters.

•Carter J. Moore to Tashara L. Beaty an Joel A. Moore.

•Cassidy E. Rohde to Rebecca A. and Steven J. Rohde.

•Catalena N. Castillo to Lakesha N. Davis and Samuel Castillo.

•Charlee M. Austin to Kathryn E. and Jeffrey M. Austin.

•Charlotte R. Bauer to Jennifer R. and Justin A. Bauer.

•Chloe M. Hoffman to Elisa M. and Zachary L. Hoffman.

•Chloe R. Swanson to Lindsay R. and Richard A. Swanson.

•Clara D. Eck to Angela L. and John L. Eck.

•Cody J. Warner to Tatiana and Scott M. Warner.

•Cooper L. Kaufmann to Kyla M. and Nicholas B. Kaufmann.

•Cooper R. Brenneke to Melissa D. and Andrew R. Brenneke.

•Corban J. Ebel to Charlene E. and Caleb J. Ebel.

•Cordae A. Grant to Ronyelle S. Shannon and Cordelra D. Grant.

•Corey J. Young to Renee C. and Aaron A. Young.

•Cynthia L. Feagler to Tara Y. and Aaron R. Feagler.

•Cyrus L. Friend and Desmond P. Friend to Brianna M. and Adam E. Friend.

•Daniel J. Agapie to Rachel E. and Craig D. Agapie.

•Daniel Lara to Apolina Lara.

•Diana San to Sa B. Bi and Dut San.

•Dominyck J. Fisher to Sandra R. Slider and Gene E. Fisher.

•Dorothy M. Fink to Lindsay M. and Daniel R. Fink.

•Devlyn M. Blalock to Ausha L. Rogers and Brian E. Blalock.

•Eisar A. Mohammed to Faiza A. and Adam I. Mohammed.

•Eleesea T. Green to Jawona C. Williams and Anderson L. Green Jr.

•Elijah D. Jackson to Tyreca L. Jackson.

•Ella M. Garrison to Lindsay E. and Brandon R. Garrison.

•Elliot R. Kaiser to Cara L. and Adam R. Kaiser.

•Ema Halilovic to Alma and Ali Halilovic.

•Emett C. Paulson to Rebekah L. and Robert S. Paulson.

•Emily C. Cobanov to Christa J. and Brando Cobanov.

•Ethan M. Young to Cassandra A. and Jeffrey S. Young.

•Ethan S. Franklin to Alexandra N. Hoffman-Paterson and Robert W. Franklin.

•Ethan S. Repp to Jennifer F. and Andrew S. Repp.

•Evan M. Swoverland to Carolina and Shane M. Swoverland.

•Felicity E. Sells to Samantha S. Hoegger and Joshua D. Sells.

•Forever A. Young to Brittany L. and Aking M. Young.

•Francisco E. Townsend to Julie E. and Francisco A. Townsend.

•Fredah A. Neto to Christabel E. Adhiambo and Agostino E. Neto.

•Gavin L. Gerz to Whitney G. and Alan J. Gerz.

•Hadley M. Schaller to Amanda J. and Kevin J. Schaller.

•Hannah J. Harman to Miriah K. Herport and Bradley B. Harman.

•Harmoni S. Easterly to Shequaya D. Easterly.

•Haylee E. Ade to Ashley K. and Eric T. Ade.

•Ian G. Brown to Alyssa M. Runser and Gerald G. Brown Jr.

•Isaac J. Olson to Jessica M. and Brandon D. Olson.

•Isabelle R. Smith to Katelynn R. and Derek M. Smith.

•Jabari R. Piper to Bobbie W. Piper.

•Jacarrion S. Figgs to Katrina L. Figgs.

•Jaleeah N. Perry to Leechelle N. Perry.

•Jaxon C. Hartzell to Janai L. and Aaron R. Hartzell.

•Jaxton J. Franz to Casey L. Collins and Travis J. Franz.

•Jayceon D. Bennett to Brittney A. Windmiller and Lenion D. Bennett.

•Jceon D. Philpot to Keeighja D. Gray and Carlton D. Philpot Sr.

•Jensen D. Gajewski to Sherry R. and Dale T. Gajewski.

•Jesse Roque Jr. to Tabitha A. Johnson and Jesse Roque Sr.

•Joella D. Kruckeberg to Heidi A. Kruckeberg and Billy D. Green.

•John C. McBain to Jill K. and Joel N. McBain.

•Jordyn M. McFadden to Amber L. Thompson and Ean M. McFadden.

•Joshua T. Voglewede to Nicole R. and Chet W. Voglewede.

•Josiah J. Douglas to Colleen M. and James E. Douglas.

•Jovan M. Barnes Jr. to India L. and Jovan M. Barnes.

•Judiah J. Cox to Seanetta C. Johnson and Camron L. Cox.

•Julia R. Welch to Natalie R. Welch and Kevin J. Dray.

•Julian A. Romero to Wendy A. Romero and Adolfo Romero-Ramirez.

•Kaia B. Graf to Amy L. and Robert R. Graf.

•Kaidrean J. Reinking-Arroyo to Jessica K. Reinking and Joshua D. Arroyo.

•Kalyonna A. Thomas to Shimeka N. Thomas.

•Karter R. Coleman to Alyss A. Norris and Kam J. Coleman.

•Ke'meyah N. Shivers to Krystle T. and Terrance L. Shivers.

•Keishawn D. Hamlet to Quianna Q. Hamlet.

•Kevion K. Davis to Shakida K. Davis.

•Key'asia I. Jones-Ellis to Markeshia L. Jones and Marcus C. Ellis.

•Khy'on S. Lawrence to Kendasia D. Lawrence.

•Kolten T. Webb to Amanda L. and Richard T. Webb.

•Korbin L. Prostman to Callie R. Auld and Korie L. Prostman.

•Kristopher M. Houx to Kristina L. Houx.

•Ky Ara M. Swann to Arashaye L. Swann.

•Kyla K. Peters to Jessica M. and Kevin D. Peters.

•Kylah H. Reese to Stacy L. Reese.

•Kylee F. Burley to Susan E. and Patrick D. Burley.

•Kyler M. Jerome to Brook M. Eldridge and Michael G. Jerome.

•Kyson D. Hovey to Lisa M. Howard and Kevin D. Hovey.

•Leo T. Day to Ree N. and Dar N. Day.

•Leslie Ruiz-Macias to Ana R. Macias Paez and Jose E. Ruiz.

•Liam J. Miller to Hadley S. Miller.

•Lillian C. Sebastiao to Brandi L. and Nkrumah M. Sebastiao.

•Lillian G. Gregory to Lindsey J. and Joel R. Gregory.

•Lilly M. Nichter to Nichole M. Ramsey and Matthew J. Nichter.

•Loretta T. White to Precious M. White.

•Lucile C. Feagler to Tara Y. and Aaron R. Feagler.

•Madison R. Wilson to Tracy R. Wilson.

•Makenzie R. Stump to Kassandra K. Hormann and Brett M. Stump.

•Mariah D. Rogers to Dana L. Walters and Damarcus T. Rogers.

•Marlena K. Arnold to Sarah V. and Coley D. Arnold.

•Mary G. Kaminskas to Amanda A. Kaminskas.

•Mason P. Hunt to Christine D. Hunt.

•Matthew Poe to Bui W. Se and Eh Poe.

•Maxwell J. Bizjak to Jennifer M. Fawbush and Jason W. Bizjak.

•Maxwell T. Rauhut to Danielle R. and Thomas W. Rauhut.

•May Oo to Min T. Oo.

•Mikaya E. Beehler to Tristina K. Beehler.

•Mohammed A. Sayara to Safia S. Gamous and Abdalla M. Sayara.

•Morgan R. Baker to Melissa J. and Matthew M. Baker.

•Mustafa O. Alameri-Trejo to Maria J. Alameri-Trejo and Nasser A. Alameri.

•Mylaysia D. Beard to Alexis S. Beard.

•Nadi Ya to Zai Nub and Har Mat.

•Nahseme C. Young to Wyanika N. Young.

•Nolan X. Hultz to Jennifer L. and Derek S. Hultz.

•Oliver L. Messmann to Mariah A. Messmann.

•Orrin M. Gray to Ganit A. and Thomas S. Gray.

•Oscar G. Ingersoll to Katherine M. and Archie C. Ingersoll.

•Patricia A. Thomas to Lakeisha S. Young and Joshua D. Thomas.

•Pheabie F. Brown to Alyssa M. Runser and Gerald G. Brown Jr.

•Preston E. Queen to Melllsa K. and Fred E. Queen.

•Rayne C. Hendrix to Brittany N. Wilson and Dedrick C. Hendrix.

•Reginald A. Bogan to Shauntay E. and Reginald A. Bogan.

•RJ E. Templeton to Kayla M. Jackson and Larry E. Templeton Jr.

•Ro S. Nar to Da H. Be and Thet Naing.

•Robert A. Shirely to Candace M. Shirely.

•Samuel P. Widener to Rachel J. and Adam J. Widener.

•Sarina Be to Sajida and Matsap Be.

•September F. Borders to Eva M. and Joshua L. Borders.

•Skyla R. McBride to Molly L. Steenport and Steffen M. McBride.

•Sophia A. Navarro-Florek to Mary B. and Omar L. Navarro-Florek.

•Symone E. Brinkley to Shardae A. and Derrick A. Brinkley.

•Taichionna C. Robinson to Yolanda C. Criswell and Samuel D. Robinson.

•Tamiyah L. Storey to Tamara L. Storey.

•Tanner A. Gilbert to Tiffany L. Thieme and Robert R. Gilbert III.

•Tealin M. Harris to Teisha N. and Whitney M. Harris.

•Theresa R. Bequette to Nancy P. and John P. Bequette.

•Tracy S. Lawrence to Anitra S. Carroll and Tracy L. Lawrence.

•Trey A. Bunner to Trisha L. and Thomas A. Bunner.

•Troy A. Bermes Jr. to Heather N. Willoughby and Troy A. Bermes Sr.

•Twar H. Ba to So M. Yar and Ka Bee.

•Violeta Reyes-Zavala to Adriana G. and Miguel A. Reyes-Zavala.

•Vung N. Cing to Cinn Hoih and Mang L. Thang.

•Wyatt J. Wacasey to Nichole M. and Richard T. Wacasey.

•Xavier J. Berry to Ashley N. Wilson and Kirby J. Berry.

•Yessica Romero to Avelina and Miguel Romero.

•Zadrien M. Gordon to Sara K. Glad and Paul M. Gordon.

•Zoe E. Nancarrow to Casey A. Nancarrow.

•Zy'ah L. Stewart and Zy'aire L. Stewart to Brittany D. and Michael L. Stewart.