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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letter to the editor: Taking issue with recent guest column

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 11:32 am
Tibor Bierbaum (May 9) did not demonstrate in his guest column that he knows what he promised he knew about the basic difference between the old and new testaments.Just who is the “us” that God made a covenant with? I could refer to covenants as “it” like Sandra Day O'Connor did when talking about the Supreme Court where she served for about 30 years.

The word “it” allows us (she and I) to distance ourselves from a decision we were very much a part of. Maybe a part of — in my case. Who knows?

On the contrary, the American people — 90 percent-plus — believe in God. We just don't believe in religion, and we, like our deistic founding leaders, don't trust the clergy — any clergy. We are not shutting God out of our lives as Tibor claims. Horsefeathers! It's the evangelical religion of today — heterodoxy — that our founders abhorred.

Next, the question of pledging to each other our lives. Come on, man. We, especially Republicans, won't even take care of our returning warriors who served so well. My gut tells me Tibor has never served the USA like I did or my son.

Our founders invented a secular, largely Lockean Constitution and adopted it with no mention of God or our past. In fact, citizenship is not based upon any religious belief, inessential baggage as they viewed “it.”

Low church attendance has nothing to do with government, but we as a people are getting closer to making government secular as our founders intended.

Mammon has replaced Apollo in the conservative pantheon. And this is not a recent thing. Our founders who lived into the next century — Washington, Jefferson, John Adams, Rush — were very disillusioned that the country had become “so capitalistic, so moneymaking, so vulgar.” (Gordon Wood)

How can Tibor claim that God helped us win World War II? Is his claim based on the fact that FDR asked God for help? Winning is proof of God's help? Rubbish!

I found two lies in Tibor's tripe. First, there are not “300,000 similar procedures” per year like Dr. Kermit Gosnell's later-term abortions. (He was liked by neither dog in this fight — pro-life or pro-choice.)

Second, President Obama has supported veterans like no president in recent memory, especially George W. Bush. Republicans have opposed Obama on almost everything he has tried to do for veterans.

One would like to think that God was on our side against Hitler or the terrorists, because they were/are wrong and we are in the right, and any deity worth his salt would be able to discern that objective truth. But this is simply good-hearted arrogance cloaked in morality.

Does God micromanage the universe for the advantage of particular believers?

B.J. Paschal


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