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Fort Wayne births, through Feb. 24

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 9:51 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Feb. 24.

Fort Wayne

•Aaron C. Mann to Jaron C. and Christopher A. Mann.

•Alexa R. Schroeder to Dana A. and Kyle A. Schroeder.

•Alivia M. Greer to Breann M. Greer.

•Amelia S. Collins to Brandee L. Middlebrook and George Collins IV.

•Amos J. Kortus to Ashley D. and Todd F. Kortus.

•Andrea E. Barrientos to Elvira E. Barrientos.

•Andrew D. Cox to Melissa A. and Casey B. Cox.

•Angelo D. Blackmon III to Tranee A. Walker and Angelo D. Blackmon Jr.

•Anijah R. Wimes to Anasha F. Wimes.

•Annabelle C. King to Brittany R. King and David M. Ackermann.

•Annmarie N. Kissinger to Cassandra L. and Nicholas J. Kissinger.

•Arianna L. Coleman to Brittany L. and Anthony D. Coleman.

•Armando R. Araujo to Christina M. and Carlos M. Araujo.

•Arvin K. Lochev to Nandini Lochev and Surinder Balram.

•Audrey R. Hoos to Jill A. and Christopher R. Hoos.

•Aurora F. Smallman to Holly M. Smith and Joshua D. Smallman.

•Autumn S. Cable to Quiana T. Jones and Walter Cable III.

•Ayana J. Threatt to Jessica M. Gable and Demetrice M. Threatt.

•Benjamin A. Rathgaber to Sarah E. Jones and Erick N. Rathgaber.

•Bentley C. Christlieb to Courtney L. Pulley and Jonathan L. Christlieb.

•Braden N. Green to Brittany N. Green.

•Bradly G. Crawshaw to Maryann Zavala and Jordan P. Crawshaw.

•Braxton J. Price to Erin L. and Chad W. Price.

•Briggs L. Tenney to Shannon R. and Richard W. Tenney.

•Brooklyn A. Hauser to Jennifer M. and Joseph W. Hauser.

•Cadence N. Haggenjos to Ashley L. and Jason A. Haggenjos.

•Calan K. Jarrell to Erika R. and Nicholas A. Jarrell.

•Carlos G. Torres to Juanita D. and Leobardo Balderrama Torres.

•Carson J. Meyers to Brittany A. Chilton-Meyers and Aaron J. Meyers.

•Carter L. Clingenpeel to Alison P. and Ryan L. Clingenpeel.

•Carter S. Nodine to Britney T. Othersen and Nicholas A. Nodine.

•Chaitan E. Becerra to Latasha M. Becerra.

•Charles L. Bell to Shyanne L. Bell.

•Charlotte B. Quesinberry to Hollie A. and Brandon P. Quesinberry.

•Charlotte C. Morgan to Leah J. and Tyler B. Morgan.

•Charlotte M. Beiswanger to Sara M. and Zachary J. Beiswanger.

•Charlotte N. Madarang to Kelly A. and Jerum R. Madarang.

•Chloe G. Mahlan to Tiffany L. and David B. Mahlan.

•Christian M. Ritchie to Andrea R. Ritchie.

•Colin A. Faszler to Jessica M. and Cory A. Faszler.

•Da Zyiah S. Nelson to Laquanda C. Nelson.

•Dai Ja K. Luna to Dilonia A. Burks and Jordan D. Luna Sr.

•Darrion A. Hardy to Briaunna C. Hardy.

•Declan R. Kelty to Christine R. and Gregory M. Kelty.

•Deirdre R. Tiefel to Joy K. and Ted L. Tiefel Jr.

•Dev Gauchan to Reena Thapa and Shiva Gauchan.

•Dominic A. Delong to Ashli R. Allen and Shane A. Delong.

•Dominic K. Williams to Cari M. and Dustin L. Williams.

•Eleanor M. Schwartz to Abigail J. Bireley and Corey M. Schwartz.

•Elianna R. Bradley to Olivia P. Olson and Aaron M. Bradley.

•Ella V. Sievers to Stefanie B. and Andrew J. Sievers.

•Emerion A. Stewart to Tiffanie D. Stewart.

•Emily Maldonado to Maria A. Romero and Pedro Maldonado.

•Emma G. Valentine to Sheila M. and Kevin D. Valentine.

•Emmanuel A. Cortez to Claudia P. Galindo and Clemente Cortez.

•Esmeralda Carranza-Macias to Sandra Mora-Macias and Victor H. Carranza.

•Evan M. Ash to Andrea D. and Ryan R. Ash.

•Evelyn M. Smith to Anne M. and Michael D. Smith.

•Ezra E. Adams to Alexis B. Adams.

•Ferdinand H. Gulker VI to Brittany A. Payton and Ferdinand H. Gulker V.

•Gabriel A. Kaluza-Sawrey to Angela M. Kaluza and Jason A. Sawrey.

•Genevieve M. Rogers to Toni N. Wisniewski and Jesse C. Rogers.

•Gianna S. Poulimenos to Kelli R. and Christopher J. Poulimenos.

•Gioni M. Mata to Nicole M. Nania and Juan V. Mata.

•Grissom A. Harding to Kara M. Divelbiss-Harding and Eugene M. Harding.

•Gunnar T. Bushee to Lindsay S. and Brandon R. Bushee.

•Gunther A. Knoblauch to Melinda A. and Timothy R. Knoblauch.

•Hadassah C. Palacios to Carmen L. Forsberg Palacios and Jaysen K. Forsberg.

•Haddie S. Zeiger to Anastasia and Eric M. Zeiger.

•Hadley J. Morgan and Mila J. Morgan to Heather J. and Clint E. Morgan.

•Hadley P. Long to Jami E. and Jared M. Long.

•Hailey M. Esterline to Sarah J. and Dan F. Esterline.

•Hailey S. Bennett to Angela R. Nelson and James E. Bennett.

•Halian H. Ibisevic to Ana G. Vasquez and Halil Ibisevic.

•Hared F. Gamez to Olga L. Morales and Juan G. Gamez.

•Harrison B. Brager to Stephanie A. and Todd R. Brager.

•Henry E. Watts IV to Alon J. Hill and Henry E. Watts III.

•Iris C. Meehan to Ashley C. and Thomas J. Meehan.

•Isabella L. Maurizi to Cindy D. and David E. Maurzi.

•Israel B. Mimpongo to Margueritte M. and Pathy N. Mimpongo.

•Ivan D. Nichols to Katrina M. and Derek R. Nichols.

•Jackson D. Scheiber to Karianne C. and Jordan M. Scheiber.

•Jackson L. Badgley to Debbie L. Bullock and Joshua R. Badgley.

•Jacob J. Frank to Erica L. and Aaron J. Frank.

•Jacob P. McClain to Melissa R. and Matthew P. McClain.

•Jadyn A. Neal to Faye D. Neal.

•Jakius D. Rothgeb-Manning to Adriana H. Rothgeb-Manning.

•Jalayha M. Gary to Charday D. Gary.

•Javarus R. Raspberry to Denine R. Raspberry.

•Jaxon E. Scherer to Meghan R. and Richard E. Scherer.

•Jayden R. Nance to Alicia M. Nance.

•Jaylen A. Partin to Rachel N. Partin.

•Jonathan M. Rice to Rachael A. and Joseph M. Rice.

•Josephine R. March to Katherine R. Hackman and Christopher C. March.

•Kane M. Hoffman to Michele L. Hoffman.

•Karrie L. Wasmuth to Jessica L. and Thomas D. Wasmuth.

•Kashis L. Littlejohn to Tiffany N. Nicole and James A. Littlejohn.

•Katarina A. Langley to Shanda M. and Matthew A. Langley.

•Katelyn R. Martin to Erin K. and Brian C. Martin.

•Keitan G. Anastacio-Osorio to Maria I. Osorio and Carlos Anastacio.

•Kendra K. Bloom to Lauren M. Coffee and Lawrence F. Bloom.

•Kendrick S. Tyler to Laquetta T. and Kelvin C. Tyler.

•Kikolai M. Anderson to Heidi M. and Michael T. Anderson.

•Kirndeep K. Kajla to Rajwinder Kaur and Gurmail Singh Kajla.

•Kolton L. Koehlinger to Rhonda K. and Bryan D. Koehlinger.

•Kristin M. Warfield to Denecia M. Warfield.

•Kroy M. Young to Sara E. and Adam D. Young.

•Laila N. Gilbert to Lena M. Evans and Kristopher S. Gilbert.

•Leomie C. Mboboshi to Leonie M. Mboboshi.

•Leyla A. Lopez-Perez to Saby A. Perez-Lopez and Carlos A. Lopez-Vieyra.

•Liesl A. Benz to Elizabeth A. and Jared S. Benz.

•Lilah L. Golden to Molly M. and Adam G. Golden.

•Lilah V. Rogers to Toni N. Wisniewski and Jesse C. Rogers.

•Lilliana M. Unger to Lindsey M. and Matthew W. Unger.

•Lucia E. Alvarenga to Lorena Alvarenga.

•Lucille A. Nicolette to Erin N. and Justin Q. Nicolette.

•Lyla R. Schisler to Stefanie R. and Gregory O. Schisler Jr.

•Maeve E. Omuireagain to Kathryn L. and Barrai Omuireagain.

•Major M. Pilot to Ashley S. Pilot.

•Malaysia A. Johnson to Alexandria J. Pringle and Marqual D. Johnson.

•Man N. Vung to Lian L. Cing and Thang T. Mung.

•Maria D. Cabello to Pamela D. Beiza and Aaron Cabello.

•Max D. Strautman to Sally A. and Jared M. Strautman.

•Micah T. Hall to Sarah M. and Matthew J. Hall.

•Mila C. Dennis to Loreal J. Dennis.

•Mischele S. Davis to Arnitra M. Davis.

•Mohamed Rediwaan to Lun M. Zanbe and Ma Met.

•Myka M. Gatlin to Melissa K. and Keith T. Gatlin.

•Nasjour K. Weemes to Shanna A. Weemes.

•Nathan D. Stoops to Dawn M. and Gary L. Stoops Jr.

•Nicolas N. Toledo to Christina A. Diaz and Jorge Toledo.

•Nimisha Athuluri to Kalyani Chede and Kiran K. Athuluri.

•Nitin Gauchan to Reena Thapa and Shiva Gauchan.

•Noa R. Spurgeon to Samantha M. Fishpaw and Ryan P. Spurgeon.

•Nyigel B. Billingsley to Brittney N. Billingsley.

•Olivia K. Meyers to Deanna L. and Jason A. Meyers.

•Orion J. Summers to Shannon M. Glenn-Summers and David J. Summers.

•Owen T. Conroy to Tristin N. and Nathan A. Conroy.

•Patrick D. McCrary to Terra L. McCrary.

•Raegan B. Smethers to Leah B. and Andrew J. Smethers.

•Rebecca J. Kerns to Rachel M. and Christopher S. Kerns.

•Remaz S. Nassour to Haoua Moussa and Sabre M. Nassour.

•River I. Vanrooyen to Cody J. Carpenter and Todd W. Vanrooyen.

•Ronesha N. Tompkins to Dyneka S. Tompkins.

•Rose Marrie to Ma Je Da and Dum Met.

•Rowan A. Vinson to Jaime J. and Omer D. Vinson Jr.

•Rylan K. Peters to Alysha N. and Joseph K. Peters.

•Ryland Z. Krauter to Cynthia L. and Brandon M. Krauter.

•Sarah C. Zom to Cing D. Mang and Hau Peter.

•Shelby J. Jones to April M. and Kevin L. Jones.

•Sidbilal M. Omar to Isnino S. Nasir and Mohamed O. Haji.

•Sophia S. Leitch to Tayler R. Slone and Jared A. Leitch.

•Srihan Meduru to Roopa Guntur and Sarath Meduru.

•Swayde A. Morton to Tara L. Sanders and Matthew J. Morton.

•Tanis M. Ashby to Tisha A. Bowman Ashby and Christian M. Ashby.

•Theron W. Garza to Celia R. Garza.

•Tomas Pinaud to Veronica Garcia and Augusto M. Pinaud.

•Trayvion A. Garner to Alexandrea T. Garner.

•Tristen J. Palmer to Emiley A. Jewett and Terry J. Palmer Jr.

•Weston E. Auker to Morgan E. Miller and Brent A. Auker.

•Yosiah A. Perry to Robin R. Perry.

•Zoe E. Soto to Ashley M. Perry and Michael P. Soto.

•Zoey F. Mobley to Danielle M. Mobley.

•Zuri L. Shaw to Amber M. Shaw.