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Fort Wayne births, through Jan. 27

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 11:28 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Jan. 27.

Fort Wayne

•Aaron H. Bennett to Patricia J. Crozier-Bennett and Christopher L. Bennett.

•Abram R. Williams to Lyndsey J. and Taracus D. Williams.

•Adallyn H. Tarr to Heidi A. and Shawn D. Tarr.

•Addison J. Rarick to Amanda L. and David W. Rarick.

•Adelyn M. Schenkel to Cassandra M. Flynn and Zachary J. Schenkel.

•Adrian J. Honeycutt to Felecia D. Honeycutt.

•Aiden M. Reynolds to Rebecca E. Bradley and Tamarcus L. Reynolds.

•Alayna L. Hyde to Angela M. and Joel S. Hyde.

•Alondra Quintana to Maria D. Martinez and German Quintana.

•Alys M. Giltrap to Emily L. Grigar and Stephen E. Giltrap.

•Amare D. Moore to Roxi N. Moore.

•Andrea L. Holley to Roshawn L. Holley.

•Arbor R. Cole to Jayda B. and Scott B. Cole.

•Ariya M. Thurber to Jessica K. Clark and Nicholas L. Thurber.

•Ashton C. Scott to Tasshay S. Scott.

•Audrey E. Champion to Amanda R. and Jon P. Champion.

•Ava N. Tubbs to Ashlee R. Washington and Detrick D. Tubbs.

•Ayden J. Thompson to Keri L. Thompson and Prentiss Q. Richardson.

•Ayonna M. Ward to Catherine L. Carter and Antonio Ward-Colbert.

•Barrett A. Eicher to Sally K. and Dillian R. Eicher.

•Braxton W. Long to Tiffany M. Long.

•Breasia N. Brown to Brittany A. Brown.

•Brekken E. Kemery to Kylie T. and Shaun D. Kemery.

•Brenden T. Butler to Jayda L. and Brett R. Butler.

•Brianna G. Nino to Lilia Nino and Gerardo Guzman.

•Brodric W. Kissinger to Brittany L. Kissinger.

•Brooks T. Bevineau and Brynne M. Bevineau to Carrie L. and Mark H. Bevineau.

•Cadience N. Cashman to Asheley N. and Thomas L. Cashman.

•Christian Romero to Maria L. Romero.

•Cobain N. Hantz to Randi N. Himes and Christopher D. Hantz.

•Cory W. Coats to Latanya D. Coats.

•Dalton B. Hope to Maria J. Tretter-Hope and John F. Hope.

•David N. Austin Jr. to Sherry R. Carter and David N. Austin.

•Delaney L. Davis to Amy M. and Brian W. Davis.

•Duaa M. Omar to Halima S. Abakar and Mohamed O. Bashir.

•Ducan L. Wallace to Alisia C. and Keith W. Wallace.

•Ella R. Laux to Nicole M. Newman and Troy A. Laux.

•Emerlynn J. Hyde to Angela M. and Joel S. Hyde.

•Emerson J. Cardelli to Faith A. Cardelli.

•Esther J. Hoot to Johanna L. and Jason M. Hoot.

•Ethan R. Stanley to Shelly M. and Jeffrey C. Stanley.

•Ethan W. Heller to Malissa D. and Jordan M. Heller.

•Everett P. Carpenter to Jennifer J. and Austin P. Carpenter.

•Everly O. Haggard to Allison N. and Alexander W. Haggard.

•Finnley J. Smith to Emilee A. and Eric G. Smith.

•Frances J. Fisher to Deirdre T. and Joel A. Fisher.

•Gavin L. Evans to Nicole M. and Zachary D. Evans.

•Genesis E. Anderson to Kearra T. and Garth R. Anderson III.

•Greyson T. Kupferschmid to Meghan M. Rediger and Cameron J. Kupferschmid.

•Gunner M. Yates to Meagan R. Kammeyer-Yates and Calvin Yates Jr.

•Haidyn M. Tilkins to Tara L. Tilkins.

•Hannah J. Burt to Nicole A. and Michael R. Burt.

•Harris T. Boyer to Nadia T. and Kyle D. Boyer.

•Hau L. Thang to Ma Leit and Maung P. Thang.

•Hendrik S. Wieland to Emily K. and Devin B. Wieland.

•Henry L. Runda to Lisa L. and Nathan M. Runda.

•Hunter M. Berghorn to Rebecca S. and Brian D. Berghorn.

•Isaac J. Guptail to Stephanie R. and Matthew J. Guptail.

•Isabella E. Franco to Alexandra M. and Juan C. Franco.

•Isabelle M. Case to Dannielle R. and Jeremiah J. Case.

•Jaidyn B. Woods to Tiffany K. Woods.

•James M. Pearson to Angela L. and Lewis T. Pearson.

•Jaxon L. Hofherr to Maria R. Hofherr.

•Jaxs L. Hockenberry to Angelina J. Love and James L. Hockenberry.

•Jeremiah B. Kindness to Katherine C. and Matthew B. Kindness.

•Johnathan J. Price to Rebecca L. Place and Johnathan J. Price.

•Johnathon M. Overby and Wyatt P. Overby to Holly G. and Jason P. Overby.

•Jose P. Sanchez III to Rachel A. and Jose P. Sanchez II.

•Jude T. Fleming to Jennifer L. and Andrew L. Fleming.

•July Bee to Sai N. Bee and Mat K. Sin.

•Kadrian K. Williams to Lavonda Williams.

•Kaelynn M. Harrison to Alison R. Harrison.

•Khaysin T. Guin to Savannah K. Guin.

•Kiernin J. Wade to Kimberly A. and Staughton W. Wade.

•Kinslei J. McDonald to Jennifer E. and Jared R. McDonald.

•Ladarianna E. Thomas to Charlene Thomas.

•Larry E. Seitz to Brittany E. Bauer and Larry G. Seitz.

•Leonardo D. Call to Rachel M. and Justin D. Call.

•Levi G. Morgan to Lisa C. and Anthony R. Morgan.

•Liam M. Brown to Megan N. Leckner and Alex J. Brown.

•Lillian B. Brudi to Lindsey S. and Mark C. Brudi.

•Lisette K. Swager to Ashley T. and Quintin G. Swager.

•Mackenzie G. Abbott to Alexandra J. Rupp and Quentin R. Abbott.

•Maliah J. Bohner to Vanessa E. Anderson and Stephen E. Bohner.

•Mariah K. Swihart to Amanda K. Swihart and Robert J. Carter.

•Martina E. Espinosa to Jovelyn and Marroh C. Espinosa.

•Maxwell D. Williams to Tameika M. Williams.

•Mykenna J. Davis to Anna M. and Matthew J. Davis.

•Myo Aung Oo to Ha Lee Ma and Zarnee Maung.

•Noah D. Klein to Karisten L. and David A. Klein.

•Olivia D. Boone to Misha J. and Joshua A. Boone.

•Owen R. Hoff to Jenelle R. Jackson and Corey R. Hoff.

•Paytn M. Wade to Cody K. and Brian L. Wade.

•Quayvion D. Cooper to Breosha J. Brown and Lavonte M. Cooper.

•Raul A. Galicia to Rosa T. Galicia Cuautle and Paul C. Martinez.

•Raven L. Kaehr to Chelsea B. Couch and Brandon M. Kaehr.

•Raylei M. Holley to Ambria M. Aron and Raydell R. Holley.

•Renee A. Brockwell to Dana J. and Andrew A. Brockwell.

•Rokaida Mi to Cho Mi and Salam Nu.

•Ronin E. Wade to Kimberly A. and Staughton W. Wade.

•Roselyn R. Burger to Ashley N. Burger.

•Ryleigh D. Paris to Tiarra N. Suel and Reid D. Paris Jr.

•Sebastian A. Ricks to Catrina E. and Joshua G. Ricks.

•Simon K. Hau to Vung K. Hau and Theng K. Mung.

•Sofia M. Gaff to Jacqueline N. Gaff.

•Taliyah N. Tanner to Tiffany N. Tanner.

•Theresa R. Hambleton to Katie J. and Aaron M. Hambleton.

•Trinitee J. Young to Latoya J. Stewart and Terrence J. Young.

•Tyaira R. Moore to Reva L. Moore.

•Urijah J. Ulfig to Yavonda M. and Mark V. Ulfig.

•Violet O. James to lsie S. and Peter T. James.

•Walden M. Estes to Lauren L. and Gregory D. Estes.

•Wyatt A. Tippmann to Heather M. and Joseph D. Tippmann Sr.

•Zyaireon I. Wilson to Kristen L. Wilson.