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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Thursday, December 20, 2012 12:01 am
Here we go again with another deadly shooting! Wake up, America, this isn’t going to simply go away. No, in fact, it will continue to become worse until we put in place a standard that is far beyond what is normal in this day and age.What do I mean by that? We need to put in place a metal detector, and, yes, we need to have members of law enforcement, at least two, patrolling the area inside the school building. I believe with the lives that were lost, we must move on implementing a plan where (no) gunman can ever get past that checkpoint.

I think I speak for all Americans when I say I would be willing to pay more on a local and state level to ensure that innocent lives will be protected from the senseless acts of the few. Let this be our lesson, if we do this for anyone, do it for the 26 victims.

First, let’s kick bureaucratic red tape aside. There isn’t any time for windbags to save a few bucks. If this was put in place when we had our first school shooting, we would not be doing this today.

What we are dealing with are not only sick individuals, but people with nothing but pure evil in their hearts, and also copycats, the likelihood of more to come, according to leading psychologists, increases.

I call on the mayor of our great city to move forward this week to start making sure we have an allotment of funds so we can protect our greatest resource, our children.

I have a good idea for what we can do with the light lease money: Protect our next leaders of this great state as well as the rest of the country. For less than $2,000, each school in the area can have the protection needed to thwart another deadly attack.

So, Gov.-elect Pence, I ask you on your first day as the governor to set aside funds so we can have young ones that will be able to see their next birthday. But it’s time to stop the debate and put your money where your mouth is. You just might save that little boy or girl that you know, a choice that 20 parents never had today. Vote with your conscience. Let’s put these legislators to work for the people they say they serve.

Charles A. SizemoreNumerous media outlets, friends and family: Yes, the shootings in Connecticut were horrific; my sincere sympathies to all persons affected!

That being said, here go the media again (written, TV, online, et al); 90 percent of recent coverage has been about the shootings, rehashing the same things over and over with the same “talking head” experts, psychologists, sociologists and, I dare say, ideologists (gun-control disciples).

Here’s the rub: We’re nearing a fiscal disaster, and no one seems to be paying attention! Certainly not President Obama. He’ll go to Connecticut (making sure the cameras are rolling) but won’t cross the street to talk some serious business about how our spending is out of control.

By the way, most all economists, even those on the left, agree that spending has to be reined in. However, since the Democrats are controlled by the likes of Howard Dean, spending/entitlement cuts of any significance are off the table “for now.” And we all know why: Any cuts to entitlements would cause a backlash from those getting the freebies, i.e., the Democrats’ base.

Why doesn’t someone have the guts to call it like it is?! This country is being “Europeanized” (we know how that’s working out), and I think in all honestly that the Obamaites would love to have one ruling party for the next generation so as to accomplish their primary goal: The dismantling of capitalism/free markets to be replaced with a state-(as in federal)-run centralized planning economy a la communist China. Someone start speaking out, and let’s get our arms around this mess before we’re totally screwed.

Rich Polk


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