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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Just returned from Oklahoma where gas was $2.989 while the same day in the Fort it was $3.499.

Must have been a Hoosier fan who said Purdue has no class. I don’t recall Purdue ever being called for violations. They deserve a bowl, not because they beat Indiana, because anybody can beat IU. Ball State did.

City workers tear up the grass in the (parade) strip. That is why some people put their leaves in the street. Kids are not supposed to be playing in the street anyway! Many residential streets have parked cars, and two cars can’t pass each other.

It is really strange to hear people complain about the poor folks who have to work on Black Friday but have no problem going out and shopping anyway.

How many times does the University of Saint Francis have to lose a playoff game to realize that the man at the helm should, no, must be replaced. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride. Sad that the university does not see it as well. The coach must go!

Does … (a large, chain shoe store) think only able-bodied people need shoes? The way they have the store set up, with stools in the middle of the aisles, there is no way a person in a wheelchair could get down the aisles to look for shoes. I suggest customers shop elsewhere until they improve on their floor arrangement.

… (A card and gift retailer) should be ashamed of itself. They have the store aisles so packed an able-bodied person can hardly get through, let alone someone in a wheelchair. My husband and I had to leave the store, as we could not get down the aisles to purchase Christmas gifts.

To lifelong Democrat with such thoughtful advice for us right-wing, Fox-watching troglodytes: What you seem to be saying is dump any conservative news source and join you anywhere else to get the “whole picture.” Oh, I get it now! … Compromise — as long as it’s in your favor; hear all opinions — except those on the right.

Dear, rude IU fan: Yet another reason we’re glad we sent our kids to Purdue.

I have voted both Republican and Democrat. I’ve tried to learn what I could about the person I voted for. Obviously, those who voted for President Obama the first time and second time spent his first four years in a closet. If they had read anything on him, probing his past and educating themselves on his plans for the future of America, they would never have made the same mistake twice.

I wonder if Jesus ever referred to poor people as “takers.”

Jeers to the … (small freight) driver pulling two trailers on Interstate 69 on Nov. 12. It was snowing, and he was driving so fast and motioning for me to get in another lane.

FYI, the tea parties are still here and paying attention. We don’t have to occupy public parks and streets to prove it. Believe it.

The 18,000 people who lost their jobs when Hostess went out of business should sign on with SEIU (Service Employees International Union). They could get a paid bus trip and a box lunch to a … (big-box retailer) protest. The good thing they don’t even have to know what they are protesting. More unionized success stories.

Wow! Fort Wayne Community Schools superintendent Wendy Robinson refused the $5,400 raise but accepted the nearly $9,500 bonus. What a slap in the face to us taxpayers.

Whoever decided to change the timing of the stoplights on Coldwater Road for Cook Road and Wallen Road is an idiot. Obviously, math was not your best subject because whatever equation you used is causing traffic jams and making everyone late. Thanks for nothing.

If you hope to win one of the big lotteries, you might want to reconsider. … No longer will people be happy for you and wish it might be their turn next. You will be the new enemy, expected to give your wealth to be redistributed … .

Lies, deceit and infidelity were the price we had to pay for electing the promised one-term politician that made a career of Washington gravy train and resigned office in disgrace. Why do you still have to see him on the guest column page and detract from respectable opinions?

After the national shellacking Republicans took in the election, whose brilliant idea was it to try to amend the Indiana Constitution to ban gay marriage, which is already illegal in Indiana? This is the way to reach out to people? Come on, Republicans! If you keep focusing on stuff like this, you will be digging your own political graves!


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