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Fort Wayne births, through Dec. 2

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 9:39 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Dec. 2.

Fort Wayne

•A Lyis R. Arnett to Jamie L. Larkey and Austin A. Arnett.

•Abigail H. Freeman to Ruth M. and Wayne S. Freeman.

•Abigail M. Fruchey to Lindsay L. and Adam C. Fruchey.

•Adalynn G. Stoppenhagen to Jamie L. and Adam L. Stoppenhagen.

•Adia K. Haist to Marcy D. and James D. Haist.

•Aidan C. Morgan to Tonee M. Morgan.

•Aidan M. Gregg to Katharine M. and Chad M. Gregg.

•Aleena G. Morris to Arieal C. Martin and Seth L. Morris.

•Alex A. Arita to Chassity N. and Yeyson E. Arita.

•Alex T. Kuhn to Christina W. and Micah R. Kuhn.

•Alexis R. Ahlers to Debora J. and Michael W. Ahlers.

•Alivia J. Munro to Stephanie L. and Kevin T. Munro II.

•Allyson M. Vickrey to Lisa N. and John M. Vickrey.

•Amelia M. Neiger to Amanda L. and Joshua J. Neiger.

•Amiya L. Wilson and Arya L. Wilson to Elizabeth M. and Derrick A. Wilson.

•Amya T. Bell to Otisha Sewell and Christopher E. Bell.

•Anallely A. Hernandez to Deysy A. Lopez Puebla and Guadalupe M. Hernandez.

•Anna A. Ours to Erin E. Holehan and Randall S. Ours.

•Anna J. Weber to Joy N. and Brian R. Weber.

•Asher L. Amphonephong to Alyssa A. Heflin and Chanhdawn S. Amphonephong.

•Atreyu L. Rowan to Virginia M. Woods and Robert L. Rowan.

•Ava E. Maley to Lindsey E. and James J. Maley.

•Averin M. West to Jennifer R. and Brian S. West.

•Ayden Y. Zhang to Jing Chen and Yong Kang Zhang.

•Azalia R. Gracanin to Jessica L. Aldridge and Edis Gracanin.

•Benjamin M. Watson to Kristie K. and Robert L. Watson.

•Bentley M. Bassett to Kristin A. Daub and Aaron E. Bassett Sr.

•Bianca M. Johnson to Kyra L. Johnson.

•Blake C. Melton to Rebecca A. Saylor and Robert F. Melton.

•Braelynn M. Fisher to Kristie A. Worman and Michael R. Fisher.

•Brian O. Wilson to Tabatha E. Jones and Brian S. Wilson.

•Cain Garcia to Melissa I. Romero and Luis M. Garcia.

•Cameron E. Blume to Michaela O. and Eric M. Blume.

•Carmin M. Rogers to Devan R. Rogers and Justin M. Mcgraw.

•Carson L. Hooley to Lara M. Melton and John R. Hooley.

•Caylee J. Berry to Candiace M. Lay and J.D. Berry.

•Charlotte M. Klee to Laura B. and Nicholas A. Klee.

•Chloe C. Kizer to Drameka L. Swain and Cameron L. Kizer.

•Christian G. Kimes to Tamer E. Blackburn and Andrew C. Kimes.

•Christopher D. Pierce Jr. to Cecilia M. Guzman and Christopher D. Pierce.

•Coleman J. Groves to Sarah N. and Kyle C. Groves.

•Corbyn A. Conwell to Alyssa K. Robbins and Contrell D. Conwell.

•Coreon D. Franklin to Karonda K. Franklin.

•Cydney A. Perez to Brandy K. Pontzius and Joseph S. Perez.

•Daniel G. Nunez to Brittany A. Hart and Roberto G. Nunez.

•Dean F. Smith to Gretchen Smith.

•Declan J. Janes to Brook E. and Joseph M. Janes.

•Deosha A. Gerig to Vanessa M. Gerig.

•Dexter M. Crow to Caitlin M. and Darren M. Crow.

•Dorian T. Stephens to Detanja T. Stephens.

•Eli J. Keim to Brenda L. and Joshua D. Keim.

•Elizabeth G. Sampson to Amanda L. and Michael J. Sampson.

•Elliott V. Rios to Jessica A. Nieto and Felipe G. Rios.

•Elsa N. Post to Esther M. and Alex C. Post.

•Elysian H. Riddle to April L. Riddle.

•Emery S. Bostic to Jessica L. Prentice and Aubree D. Bostic.

•Emma E. Miller to Sarah L. and Eric D. Miller.

•Emma S. Jerome to Kristy M. Miller and Cody N. Jerome.

•Emmie R. Schroeder to Tiffanie M. and Marc R. Schroeder.

•Ethan J. Hite to Kristen M. and Eric M. Hite.

•Everett J. Blackburn to Cori R. Bowser and Jacob D. Blackburn.

•Ezekiel D. Brandt to Jessica H. and Andrew D. Brandt.

•Farah N. Nuffer to Ashley N. and Bryan R. Nuffer.

•Gabriella G. Bush to Andrea L. Duffey and Gavin D. Bush.

•Gavin M. Gordon to Jamie M. and Christopher M. Gordon.

•Gerardo M. Garcia Jr. to Elizabeth and Gerardo M. Garcia.

•Gionna F. Perez to Caitlyn J. and Ernest J. Perez.

•Gureet K. Grewal to Palwinder Kaur and Jagdeep S. Grewal.

•Haley N. Melcher to Stephanie A. and Brent A. Melcher.

•Isaac C. Magley to Jessica L. and Joshua L. Ludlow.

•Isaac L. Ramos to Shaquanda R. Green and Alejandro Ramos.

•J Lee R. Trigg to Brianna R. Gould and Branden L. Trigg.

•Jack T. Bains to Erin M. and Mark H. Bains.

•Jackson M. Pressler to Andrea I. Gatman and Matthew D. Pressler.

•Jaclynn C. Thomas to Leondra D. Thomas.

•Jacob T. Clawson to Sara A. and Jacob I. Clawson.

•Jade Estrada to Dolores Martinez-Rivas and Isaias Estrada.

•Jaiayrus L. Eldridge to Jalisa R. Eldridge.

•Jaila N. Martin to Raven N. Martin.

•Jalen R. Noel to Edwiena Mitchell and Jason R. Noel.

•James D. Alleshouse to Sarai Cuellar and Austin D. Alleshouse.

•Jaqwaylen L. Fitzhugh and Jaylen L. Fitzhugh to Capricia and Jovan L. Fitzhugh.

•Jaslynn C. Thomas to Leondra D. Thomas.

•Jaxsen T. Clay to Sabrina R. Lechko and Nielsen P. Clay.

•Jay A. Sharpe to Marisol M. and Justin A. Sharpe.

•Joclynn R. Kamphues to Felicia B. Kamphues.

•Jonais D. Humphries to Alicia A. Humphries.

•Jordyn R. Walker to Brianah L. Harris and Marquise T. Walker.

•Jose C. Lopez to Katalina R. Lopez.

•Josiah J. Sims to Shykiyla L. Sims.

•Ka Myia N. Johnson to Ebonye N. Johnson.

•Kai J. Martzall to Emily N. Bryan and Jeffrey S. Martzall.

•Kaia E. Shoesmith to Norma J. and Shawn L. Shoesmith.

•Kashiyah S. Jordan to Karina S. Burke and Justin J. Jordan.

•Katherine E. Wells to Amy J. Evans and Frank T. Wells.

•Kathryn J. Wannemacher to Amber M. and Ryan A. Wannemacher.

•Kaydin L. Anderson to Kayla D. Anderson.

•Ke Naray R. Bright to Dominique A. Thomas and Kenneth R. Bright.

•Kee Mya N. Khan to Janell K. Khan.

•Keondre D. Williams to Kiarra D. Williams.

•Keshon K. Hopson to Lashanda J. and Keith A. Hopson.

•King A. Win to Whitney N. Win.

•King O. Knight to Ikia D. Harris-Fanning and Luis O. Knight.

•Kinnley K. Barnette to Alicia K. Hubert and Brandon J. Barnette.

•Kole M. Ealing to Sarah M. and James M. Ealing.

•Kyla R. Paul to Marsha L. Baccam Paul and James W. Paul.

•Kyrielle N. Lechleidner to Shenora R. and George D. Lechleidner.

•Lane A. Havens to Cassandra A. and Jaron A. Havens.

•Layla L. Blake to Nikki L. Gantt and Joshua A. Blake.

•Liam C. Wnetrzak to Michelle R. Ward and Christopher A. Wnetrzak.

•Liam R. Brannan to Brittany C. and Aaron M. Brannan.

•Liliana J. Martinez to Angela M. and Alfonso F. Martinez.

•Lillian J. Ross-Jones to Jody M. Ross and William E. Jones Jr.

•Lucas J. Wallace to Rhayah D. Wallace.

•Lucy M. Copenhaver to Madeline R. and Cody A. Copenhaver.

•Luis D. Lara to Blanca L. Lara.

•Luke D. Dilley to Stacey M. and Andrew R. Dilley.

•Luke H. Bultemeier to Traci L. and Jamie J. Bultemeier.

•Madelyn R. Mann to Jamie S. and Derek P. Mann.

•Madison L. Foy to Melanie L. and Shawn J. Foy.

•Marcus G. D'Angelo to Mikhael K. Antone-D'angelo and Giuseppe D'angelo.

•Marcus G. Mishler to Angela M. and John M. Mishler.

•Maria E. Schenkel to Tammie L. and John A. Schenkel Jr.

•Mason R. Rivera to Cassandra N. and Mauricio R. Rivera.

•Mason S. Fallat to Erin G. and Preston J. Fallat.

•Mathew W. Perry III to Roxanne M. and Mathew W. Perry Jr.

•Mayleasia A. Phinezy to Oneitra M. Phinezy.

•Mia F. Becerra to Clare L. and Ashley J. Becerra.

•Mia M. Sullivan to Ann M. and Luke A. Sullivan.

•Micheal E. Troxel to Toni M. Gray and Raymond E. Troxel.

•Molly G. Ford to Beth R. and Robert J. Ford.

•Molly M. Shively to Amanda M. and Todd R. Shively.

•Naomi H. Neri to Nikita A. Neri and Champ C. Brown III.

•Nathalie I. Gonzalez to Nancy I. Gonzalez.

•Nevaeh R. Russ to Amanda R. Freeman and Andrew B. Russ.

•Noo V. Muang to Vung S. Lun and Suan Kim.

•Oliver H. Zanlynnsue to Paw L. Moo and Poe Shee.

•Oliver J. Debus to Vanessa V. Avila and Richard S. Debus.

•Osiris A. Reuille-Mendez to Shelbie K. Reuille and Alfredo V. Mendez.

•Osman S. Hassan to Muchuwa R. Tushundo and Somow H. Mabruk.

•Patrick C. Fallat to Erin G. and Preston J. Fallat.

•Patrick E. Ley to Kelly G. and Christopher J. Ley.

•Penelope L. Sauerwine to Katherine L. and Tony L. Sauerwine.

•Peyton E. Reynolds to Natalie A. and Jeremy J. Reynolds.

•Phoebe O. Stein to Felisa L. Davis-Stein and Jason R. Stein.

•Piper M. Bilger to Sarah L. Beachler and Christopher S. Bilger.

•Roberto D. Crisman to Kristin D. Crisman.

•Roman K. Miller to Tanya M. and Korban D. Miller.

•Rylynn M. Stabler to Kera L. Alpin and Ryan K. Stabler.

•Samara M. Porter to Samantha L. Doss and David J. Porter.

•Serenity E. Baldwin to Amanda J. Cooper and Dustin A. Baldwin.

•Skylyn N. Bowling to Amber M. Arnold and Christopher S. Bowling.

•So T. Sain to So Ma Ya and Yah Sain.

•Sommer M. Sheron to Joyce M. Johnson and Nicholas W. Sheron.

•Sophia V. Garcia to Martha G. Orozco and Adbeel J. Garcia.

•Stella K. Brackmann to Elisa N. and Phillip J. Brackmann.

•Taylor A. Hall to Toree F. Riddle and Jeffrey J. Hall.

•Thomas F. Kinsey to Suzanne M. Parquet and Gerald L. Kinsey.

•Tula M. Willman to Anna M. and Sean A. Willman.

•Vania S. Rodriguez to Martha M. Cerna and Isidro V. Rodriguez.

•Violet J. Hill to Lena E. and Andrew J. Hill.

•William A. Mueller to Kerri M. Killion-Mueller and Donald W. Mueller Jr.

•Zaka D. La to Be S. Har and Ja Mar.

•Zohau Hang to Nian Vung and Lian H. Khup.