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Saturday February 28, 2015
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Fort Wayne births, through Nov. 16

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 8:21 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Nov. 16.

Fort Wayne

•Aaliyah A. Freeman to Candice M. Freeman.

•Aaron J. Colin to Gabriela and Moises Colin.

•Abigail S. Blaker to Elizabeth I. Keller and Bruce R. Blaker.

•Adalynn J. Shank to Morgan R. Shank.

•Adelina M. Rios to Lisa A. Soto and Oscar Rios.

•Ainsley J. Brown to Erin L. and Andrew L. Brown.

•Alana M. Downs to Brandy K. Richardson and Kameron B. Downs.

•Alax I. Richey to Jessica M. Hart and Sheldon D. Richey.

•Alaziah J. Clark to Sarina C. Hathaway and Alonzo J. Clark.

•Alexander Gonzalez to Esmeralda Paniagua and Efren Gonzalez.

•Alilyana R. Mawhinney-Sparks to Nicole M. Mawhinney and Mannuel R. Sparks.

•Alivia L. Meeks to Traci R. and Matthew D. Meeks.

•Aliyah L. Parra to Tirsa and Abraham S. Parra.

•Allison J. Dienelt to Jennifer L. and David E. Dienelt.

•Allison K. Ondecker to Melissa K. and Matthew D. Ondecker.

•Alondra Colin to Antonia Colin.

•Amare P. Cash to Charlotte L. Cash.

•Amelia E. Johnson to Shian M. Klug and Joshua D. Johnson.

•Anas Zide to Mara Yan and Ah Pee.

•Angel Lopez to Maria Cerda Zaragoza and Ruben Lopez.

•Annaleaha L. Wells to Shaquile M. Wells.

•Anne E. Steger to Rachel D. and Shon D. Steger.

•Antonio D. Prince-Little to Shonese R. Prince-Little.

•Ari F. Madden-Johnson to Jenna M. Madden and Dyami F. Johnson.

•Aria M. Arnold to Melissa S. Boester and Peter A. Arnold.

•Bella M. Patnoude to Michelle N. Murray and Justan G. Patnoude.

•Blake E. Timmer to Amy L. and Jason R. Timmer.

•Brooklyn M. Minnick to Jennifer M. and Christopher J. Minnick.

•Calvin P. Barnhouse to Linsey A. Hollingshead and Stephen W. Barnhouse.

•Cameron K. Hubbard to Kasey L. and Cameron Y. Hubbard.

•Cara A. Batesole to Jennifer A. and Brad W. Batesole.

•Caroline J. Langel to Nicole A. and Ben J. Langel.

•Caroline M. Miller to Amanda N. and Benjamin J. Miller.

•Cayden L. Brown to Rashida J. Parker and Christopher C. Brown.

•Chance L. Sanderson to Abbi N. Bussen and Zachary M. Sanderson.

•Chaniyah T. Stephens to Lacrisha L. Russell and Casey T. Stephens Sr.

•Charlotte E. Gullion to Fern M. and Jesse R. Gullion.

•Chit Zaw to May T. Htat and Kyaw T. Naing.

•Clara J. Osborne to Lisa J. and Justin T. Osborne.

•Colby R. Bowling to Jaime D. Hester and Christopher M. Bowling.

•Connor M. McClain to Amy S. and Jason N. McClain.

•Connor R. Berndt to Christina N. and Joseph L. Berndt.

•Cooper J. Chalfant to Kristen L. and Michael J. Chalfant.

•Corbin A. Charais to Alyssa A. Frazier and Phillip A. Charais.

•Da Nya D. Fields to Laina S. Underwood and Douglas Fields.

•Daniel Romero to Guadalupe Sanchez and Benito Romero.

•David R. Heyn to Jennifer L. and David W. Heyn.

•Deaira L. Doughty to Angela B. Tate and Ladareius L. Lashay Doughty.

•Deja A. Drew to Amesha B. Smith and Davit D. Drew.

•Dejah J. Tinker to Barvetta D. Sullivan-Tinker and Alexander L. Tinker Sr.

•Demetrius J. Robinson-Goodwin to Tamia L. Goodwin and Demetrius Robinson Jr.

•Donald Washington III to Laquetta and Donald Washington Jr.

•Dreshawn M. Vaughn to Sheneeka R. Young and Deshawn M. Vaughn.

•Elias A. Buzzard to Kassandra Rodriguez and Taylor A. Buzzard.

•Elijah D. Newport to Sarah M. Newport.

•Elizabeth P. Shepherd to Andrea N. and Stephen M. Shepherd.

•Ella E. Rayford to Jacqueline S. Bailey and Curtis L. Rayford Jr.

•Ella G. Rush to Leslie A. and Christopher A. Rush.

•Ella J. Claussen to Brooke L. and Joseph D. Claussen.

•Eloise M. Gresham and Hazel M. Gresham to Lauren and Kyle O. Gresham.

•Emily L. Agler to Jennifer L. Voirol and Sean T. Agler.

•Emily R. Fazekas to Kristin A. and Brent A. Fazekas.

•Emma K. Bickford to Amy N. and David M. Bickford.

•Erianne D. Ridley to Brittany D. Ridley.

•Evan L. Vangessel to Kelly L. and Edward E. Vangessel.

•Evelynn R. Steele to Anna R. and Joseph C. Steele Jr.

•Faith M. Maxfield to Kara J. and Jason W. Maxfield.

•Faithlyn M. Smith to Halie L. Smith.

•Flynn R. Cline to Leslie R. McBride and Bryce R. Cline.

•Ford C. Long to Kelly A. and Kenneth W. Long Jr.

•Gaberiel W. Vondohren and Giovanni L. Vondohren to Shannon R. Gephart and Michael W. Vondohren.

•Giovanni A. Georges to Vadna M. and Diverlo Georges.

•Gracie M. Lahmeyer to Keri L. Lahmeyer.

•Haddie L. Amstutz to Angela G. and Jeremy B. Amstutz.

•Hadlee M. Hayden to Jordan M. Hayden.

•Hartleigh J. Aguirre to Angelina N. Aguirre and Cody T. York.

•Hudson L. Yoder to Stephanie R. and Ross M. Yoder.

•Hunter R. Klaehn to Lisa M. Washburn and Joseph R. Klaehn.

•Isaac S. Gonzalez to Kristen N. Cox and Oscar S. Gonzalez.

•Isabella L. O'Dell to Tonja M. and Lucas T. O'Dell.

•Isabella R. Straw to Stephanie L. and Marty V. Straw.

•Isabella Z. Chavez to Rocio and Marco A. Chavez.

•Ja Nyla M. Rawls to Prescious M. Rawls.

•Jace X. Ditthidet to Melissa D. Troxel and Jonathan Ditthidet.

•Jacob A. Aldridge to Elizabeth M. Rutledge and Daniel J. Aldridge.

•Jade T. Hullinger to Catherine N. and Trent J. Hullinger.

•Jaedyn A. Brancfield to Ashly K. Brancfield.

•Jaidyn D. Jones to Jasmine M. and Daniel D. Jones.

•James A. Fraser to Nikkiya M. and Andrew G. Fraser.

•Jaxon T. Quinn to Jessica I. and Blake A. Quinn.

•Jaxson W. Wilson and Jayda N. Wilson to Kristine M. Wegman and Kyle W. Wilson.

•Jaylen R. Tubbs to Danielle D. Claxton and Randall J. Tubbs.

•Joanna S. Cook to Amber N. and Haiden F. Cook.

•Jocelyn D. Imbody-Tigner to Melanie K. Imbody and Heath A. Tigner.

•Joella L. Mills to Ashley N. Hildenbrand and Kenneth J. Mills.

•Jonah C. Chapin to Audrey M. and Christopher H. Chapin.

•Julia E. Toledo to Yolanda Guzman and Ramiro Toledo.

•Justin V. Nguyen to Quynhanh H. Nguyen.

•Kali R. Odjick to Desiree R. and Chad R. Odjick.

•Karrleighon W. Walker to Kara A. Walker and Terry A. Rhodes.

•Karsyn C. Tipsord to Rachael L. Graham and Joshua J. Tipsord.

•Katie M. Ramirez to Maria Y. Ramirez-Coronado and Genaro Ramirez-Munoz.

•Kavon A. Deroo to Chante C. Deroo.

•Kendal E. Banks to Susan M. Wilkinson and Timothy A. Banks.

•Kenley D. Tilley to Nicole C. and Kenneth L. Tilley.

•Kennedy S. Butler to Kimberly S. Mayberry and Parish S. Butler.

•Keon D. Oakley Jr. to Victoria R. Stytle and Keon D. Oakley.

•Kieran A. Crowl to Kirsten L. and Kevin W. Crowl.

•Kloe L. Gibson to Allison R. Miller and Daniel R. Gibson III.

•Kylee Z. Childs to Doreena L. Childs.

•Kyler H. Blevins to Ashley R. and Stephen D. Blevins Jr.

•Landon T. Ingalls to Jolyn D. and Nathan D. Ingalls.

•Lawrence J. Scott to Rachel R. Ferrell and Stephen L. Scott.

•Lee K. Haydl to Lori L. and Kevin M. Haydl.

•Levi J. Miller to Amber C. Prentice and Richard S. Miller.

•Liam M. Franceus to Lucy G. and Kurt A. Franceus.

•Lillie O. Minnick to Samantha I. and Kevin R. Minnick.

•Logan A. Koshurin to Kalynn C. Koshurin.

•Logan C. Broyles to Heather K. and Daniel J. Broyles.

•Loveah I. Palma to Brandie R. Haverstock and Juan M. Palma.

•Lucas G. McCleary to Megan A. and Bradley D. McCleary.

•Luke R. Ivaska to Megan E. and Mark S. Ivaska.

•Mackenzie M. Jaklich to Stacia L. and James J. Jaklich.

•Madeline N. Penar to Nicole M. and Christopher A. Penar.

•Makynley A. Hans to Kristina A. and Adam J. Hans.

•Manya Garg to Savita Goyal and Shailu Garg.

•Marco A. Maldonado to Carolina Garza and Marco A. Ceron Maldonado.

•Marquise D. Jones Jr. to Ashley R. Stucker and Marquise D. Jones Sr.

•Mason W. Zimmerman and Myla R. Zimmerman to Elizabeth S. and Zachary A. Zimmerman.

•Matthew A. Arvey to Laine C. Cline and Matthew A. Arvey.

•Matthew A. Gonzalez to Rita L. Cruz Gonzalez.

•Matthew A. Morgan Jr. to Lindsey J. Goffinet and Matthew A. Morgan.

•Max A. Burns to Trisha L. and Mark A. Burns.

•Maxwell E. Moore-Dezaldo to Linda Dezaldo-Valdes and William L. Moore.

•Michael A. Slain to Jessica L. and Kyle P. Slain.

•Mohamed N. Shamary to Nawal M. Sidki and Nathan L. Shamary.

•Muhammad S. Eid to Sa H. Da and Mi Khan.

•Mya J. Cadwallader to Courtney B. Cadwallader.

•Mya R. Helgesen to Cassandra R. and Jeremiah A. Helgesen.

•Mylearic M. Upshaw to Valerie P. Upshaw.

•Nadia M. Martz to Melonie D. Merryman and Jason E. Martz.

•Nathan A. Bergman to Crystal M. Johnson and Jonmorgan Bergman.

•Neyamaiah L. Elizondo-Waters to Dominique D. Elizondo-Smith and Roderick L. Waters.

•Nino J. Castillo to Nicole F. and Ernesto M. Castillo.

•Ohkaishar Be to Modeeza Be and Satar Satar.

•Olive M. Dillon to Carmen R. and Jordyn H. Dillon.

•Olivia G. Banks to Jennifer L. and Michael P. Banks.

•Olivia G. Schroeder to Tonya M. and Matthew J. Schroeder.

•Owen M. Etzel to Dawn L. and Matthew C. Etzel.

•Owen S. Howenstine to Ashlee L. Franken and Austin S. Howenstine.

•Parker T. Graf to Kimberly D. and Jonathon R. Graf.

•Presley J. Miller to Carrie J. Beber and Neil E. Miller.

•Rico L. Bailey to Tiffani F. Hines and Enrico L. Bailey Sr.

•Samuel Villegas to Lourdes and Loreto Villegas.

•Sarea M. Suttle to Vanessa D. Suttle.

•Saul Hernandez to Monica I. and Antonio Hernandez.

•Sequoia M. Brown to Heather M. and Kyle N. Brown.

•Serenity C. Frantz to Kristin N. Frantz.

•Serenity L. Jordan to Kristin A. and Daniel S. Jordan.

•Shawn B. Musice to Jamie L. Burgess and Shawn E. Musice.

•Sofia A. Lehman to Nicole B. Evans and Aaron M. Lehman.

•Sylas J. Lowery to Kristina R. Kindy and Gary L. Lowery.

•Theo B. Cook to Sara L. and Kevin R. Cook.

•Thomas Y. Da to Peizhong Yi and Yao Da.

•Travis D. Rew to Jill M. Rollings and Patrick D. Rew.

•Trevor J. Lehman to Amanda L. Lehman.

•Truen R. Stutzman to Myka L. and Benjamin D. Stutzman.

•Valeria Juarez to Concepcion L. Juarez.

•Welsie J. Stroud to Jamie L. and Jonathan A. Stroud.

•Wyatt P. Stewart to Brooke L. and Stephen M. Stewart.

•Xander L. Alvarez to Amanda M. and Joshua L. Alvarez.

•Ximena Lopez to Yadira M. Almaguer and Miguel A. Lopez.

•Zandria L. Foreman to Amanda R. Foreman.

•Zaniyah S. Eaton to Sharonda M. Eaton.

•Zayden B. Davis to Chelsie R. and Michael A. Davis.

•Zephaniah A. Jordan to Charity A. Jordan.

•Zin M. Oo to Ka Su and Kawlay Po.