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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Thursday, November 01, 2012 12:01 am
If you're like me you are sick of Congress being at a total stalemate in Washington. These people haven't even been to their jobs in the last month. I think the solution to this is term limits. The president, senators and congressmen should be limited to one six-year term each. That way they are not trying to get re-elected all of the time instead of working for us and keeping the government running.

Along with that I would take away the pensions for life, and they would get a 401(k), just like the rest of us. Also, no lifetime medical insurance for them on our dime. When they get old they can live just like the rest of us on Social Security and Medicare. I'll bet they would solve the problems with those two plans in a heartbeat.

I would even go so far as to say that once you have served in Washington you cannot be a lobbyist for anyone, ever. Then they have a decision to make. Do I want to be an elected official for six years, or do I want to be a lobbyist? You can't have it both ways.

Being an elected official in Washington also excludes you from going home and running for governor in any state.

You would find that our presidents would be culled from either the current governors of the 50 states or someone from private business that wants to run for president. Some of our last presidents have come from the ranks of governors. This would be the only way you could run for elected office twice. Governor then president.

I feel that they would get more things done in Washington this way rather than the little effort that comes out of there now. Then when politicians say, “This is what the American people want,” the new breed just might have a clue as to how the real American people live, not some silly ideas that they get by talking to their lackeys or yesmen and women that they surround themselves with.

D.R. MurphyI am writing in response to the Sept. 18 and 29 News-Sentinel articles about Sheriff Ken Fries and Councilman Paul Moss.

Let's look at the facts: Moss was stopped by a county officer because the car was swerving. Moss says he might have swerved while texting and also refused a breath test at the scene.

Question: What punishment does an ordinary citizen receive if they refuse a breath test at the scene?

Answer: Automatic suspension of driver's license by the BMV and an automatic blood test at the hospital.

So, there were three officers at the scene, all of them are qualified to handle a drunk driver. Did they have him step out of the vehicle and walk a straight line, touch his nose, field test him at all? Why was he allowed to use his cellphone during this stop? Ordinary citizens wouldn't have this privilege.

Tom Ryan, former Allen Circuit Court judge, didn't want the Allen County Ethics Commission to pursue information from the police before settling the complaint. Why, Mr. Ryan? Is it because the judicial system believes dishonest sheriffs are above the law?

Sheriff Fries' salary is over six figures, part of the budget of the jail and the money he saves on the meals he served the inmates will show you his character. I would much rather have 10 inmates sitting at my dinner table than have people such as Sheriff Fries or Councilman Moss. The public is not naïve or illiterate when such moments arise.

In the Sept. 29 article Moss stated, “But I don't really want the complaint dismissed,” adding that he, too, wants to be vindicated.

Well, Mr. Moss, here's a solution that we can all be satisfied with: You lose your driver's license for six months for refusing a breathalyzer and resign your councilman seat to someone honest.

Mr. Fries, well, I guess the next election will take care of you! Concerned citizens should speak up.

Larry BuscheThe administration's recent decision to file a World Trade Organization case over Chinese violations of trade laws on auto and auto parts is good news.

We hear a lot of talk about what this candidate or party will do, if elected. But the Obama administration has actually enforced our trade laws, something that hasn't been consistently done for 50 years.

Most people don't connect campaign promises with real action. But in this case, there are real workers who will get real jobs when we succeed.

We have so much more to do on jobs, trade and bringing back manufacturing. Real enforcement of our existing trade laws is a solid step in the right direction.

Vickie Rodemeyer Meyers

New Haven
When the school board asked for $119 million this year, they said they would hire Fort Wayne companies with your tax dollars. The board's first act to spend the money was to hire a company from Ohio when Fort Wayne companies could do a better job at significantly less money. When the school board does not keep its word, how can we trust what they say? These are the people controlling our children's education and sending jobs away from Fort Wayne.

At the school board meeting on Monday (Oct. 22), the board leadership staged a vote regarding raising taxes to make the two incumbents up for election appear to care about taxpayers. These incumbents led the charge for a $500 million tax burden on Fort Wayne and wanted the spring referendum to be $240 million instead of $119 million. They plan to push for the full $240 million if re-elected.

As a community, we debate and struggle with public school funding. But, for the school board leadership to stage votes in order to deceive the public is unacceptable. It is time to elect honest, trustworthy people to the school board. If elected, I will work to keep jobs in Fort Wayne and will not need to stage a vote to appear to care about taxpayers. I actually do.

Michael Davis

FWCS Board, district 3 candidate
Let's face it; it is an indisputable fact that a well-trained cat, running for political office on the Republican ticket here in Indiana, would stand a very good chance of getting elected. Sadly, or gladly, depending on your political point of view, this has been the case for the last 70 years. My question to your paper's multitudes of Republican readers is why.

Why, for example, would Indiana voters have cast their ballots for a man like George W. Bush? The man led the country into near bankruptcy. The man ignored warnings of a possible attack on the U.S. by Osama bin Laden. The man led us into a completely unnecessary war in Iraq. The man was a draft dodger. The man repeatedly failed in his business ventures. Yet this man was elected and re-elected.

Now, today, I see “Romney-Ryan” signs everywhere. Romney is the guy who sends his money off-shore rather than keeping it here in the USA where it could help create jobs. Romney is the guy who would have let the American auto industry go bankrupt. Romney's Bain Capital is even now in the process of shipping more high-tech, good-paying jobs to China. Romney changes his position on every major issue on almost a daily basis. Yet, I continue to hear my local Republican friends say how Romney is going to create millions of good jobs if he is elected. Wow!

Putting Fort Wayne's millionaires aside, and be their reasons fact or fiction, I would love to know why ordinary working people here in Fort Wayne believe the Romney-Ryan ticket is the right choice for them and for this country.

Kenny ThomasFor hundreds of years, your home was your castle. In May 2011, that changed.

Justice Steven David wrote the majority opinion in Barnes v. Indiana that reads, Hoosiers have “no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers” intoyour homes. This ruling eliminated the common law provision known as the Castle Doctrine — your right to defend your home.

In September 2011, the case was re-heard. Justice Steven David reaffirmed his earlier ruling that your home is no longer your castle.

This ruling is critical to you and me. Before this ruling, you, your family and your home were primary; government was secondary. Because of Justice David's ruling, government is now primary at the expense of you and your family.

Justice David comes before Hoosiers on the Nov. 6 ballot. Hoosiers, don't let Justice Steven David strip more freedoms away!

Vote no to retain Justice Steven David.

Susan Martin,

I am offended by Barack Obama's statement that Richard Mourdock's statement that whether a woman gets pregnant as a result of rape or not is in the will (or hands) of God is demeaning to women.

While Obama is a lawyer and president of our country, his understanding of the true and living God, the God of the Bible, is off base. God does not demean women, whom he created. However, God is totally sovereign, and he alone decides whether a woman gets pregnant from rape or not.

Obama's statement demeans the God he professes to believe in and makes me question his understanding of the God of the Bible.

Eugene Taylor

New Haven
Charles Sizemore is woefully uninformed or unrealistic about the Islam religion. While all Muslims are not violent, the religion of Islam has proved over and over that it is. They rape, behead, torture, oppress women and children, murder innocent people all over the world, destroy property and do other acts of violence all in the name of their deity, Mohammed. Yes, we all have freedom of religion in the United States. But rarely is anyone killed over it unless Islamists are involved.

Recently an Islamic group awoke 30 Christian students in Africa and murdered them in the dark of night. Our Libya ambassador and three others were murdered by Islamists , and our ambassador was dragged through their streets like a prize. 9/11 was the worst terrorist attack our country had ever seen, with the result that 2,976 innocent American lives were lost, some being burned alive, some crushed by the falling building and some jumping out of the building to their death. I doubt we look stupid to the world, but I'm certain we look stupid to some countries that cannot fathom President Obama running around apologizing to other countries for the good we do.

Mr. Sizemore, maybe you would like to teach the world to sing, but I prefer having a strong military on guard and keeping our head out of the clouds lest we get it blown off by the intolerance of religious zealots like Islamists who hate us.

Laura J. SmyserWhen we see Mike Pence smiling that engaging smile, he seems to be a regular man and a friend to us Hoosiers. Or Is he?

If you go to the Mike Pence website for governor there is a list that he plans to do for us the people of Indiana, but as the cliché goes, there are always two sides to the coin. Here are the lists in order from 1-6:

1. Increasing private sector employment.

2. Attracting new investments in Indiana.

3. Improving the math and reading skill of elementary student.

4. Increasing graduation rates.

5. Improving quality of Hoosier workplace.

6. Improving the health, safety and well being of Hoosier family, especially children.

So, now we have seen what Pence says he'll do for you the people of Indiana once he becomes our next governor, but in reality in researching his record, I found issues that you may want to re-think for Pence as your next governor. What I have found is available as public record to all residents of Indiana. There is an old Russian proverb that was made famous during the Reagan administration, which is “Doveryay, no proveryah,” which is “Trust but verify.”

I feel as a resident of this state I have a duty to my fellow Hoosiers to let them know that Pence's record is very different from what he says he would do once he becomes our governor.

In October of 2007 he voted no on assisting workers who lose jobs due to globalization. But if you look at number one on the list, he wants to increase private-sector employment.

In January of 2007 he voted no on increasing the minimum wage to $7.25.

In January of 2006 he voted no on providing $70 million for section 8 housing vouchers.

In April of 2011 he voted no on expanding children's health care program, but according to number six, he wants to improve the health, safety, and well-being of Hoosier families, especially children, Mike Pence's words not mine.

However, in March of 2006 he voted no to funding $84 million in grants for black and Hispanic colleges, yet according to number 4, he wants to increase graduation rates. In April of 2009 he voted no on enforcing punishment against those who are involved in hurting those that are in a minority, be it racial, sexual orientation, or whatever.

In December of 2010 he voted no to the healthy hunger-free kids act 0f 2010, but in a vote 264-157 it passed despite Pence's no vote. He also voted no on the emergency unemployment compensation act for November of 2010; it failed with a vote of 258-154.

Pence also voted yes to terminate the home affordable act in March of 2011, He also voted no on modifying the bankruptcy laws to avoid mortgage foreclosures.

I know the decisions that are made directly affect the lives of the 6,483,802 residents that call this great state home. I believe Pence is a wonderful husband and father and an all-around nice and caring man, but what Indiana needs is a governor who will look you in the eye and tell you the hard facts, a man or woman who says what he or she means and in turn acts upon that for the common good of this state. And a governor who has a record that is backed by facts not promises that once researched are like sand that's washed away.

Charles A. SizemoreThere are today several ominous movements going on in America and in the Western world, for the most part undetected, which I believe brings great evil unless we understand them and do something about them. There is, first of all, a tremendous change that is coming about in the relationship of the church and the state in America.

It is happening so slowly that we are like that frog sitting in the pot of warm water, which is gradually being heated to the boiling point. The frog just sits there and is slowly boiled to death. Does the First Amendment teach the separation of church and state? The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The First Amendment teaches the separation of the state from the church. The First Amendment is a one-way street. It restrains the federal government. The Bill of Rights was written to restrain the federal government from interfering with the liberties of the people. “A wall of separation.” Now the federal government is unshackling itself from the First Amendment, and the shackles are being put on the church. Our freedoms are in grave jeopardy today and we sit like the frog in the pot.

What is happening is that America has become the battleground between the world's oldest religions. The first religion to appear in history of mankind worships “God” and so did our forefathers. The second worships man, “humanism.” It is not a question of whether politics and the Ten Commandments will be mixed. It's a question of which religion will be mixed with American politics and buildings. Will it be the Ten Commandments that worships and deify God as our forefathers did or a religion that deifies man?

James Madison, chief architect of the Constitution, explained the nature of the American Republic in these words: “We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upong the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourseles according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

Now we are moving irresitibly toward the Soviet Communist concept of separation of church and state, and that is very dangerous. The Soviets pride themselves on the fact that they believe in the separation of church and state, and America is moving rapidly to adopt their view. Their view is simply this: The church is free to do anything that the government is not engaged in — and the government is engaged in most everything. Therefore, the church is free to stay in its four walls, pray and sing hymns. This is what is happening in America.

Since judges carelessness of God's plan, prayer and the Ten Commandments have been thrown out of our schools. We have seen the results, children killing children and the extinction by mass destruction of the helpless ones, the unborn.

Just walk through our government buildings and you may be pleasantly surprised to see what our godly forefathers placed upon the walls. Don't be like the frog and just sit there. We must come out of our comfort zones and just go and raise our voices and vote Nov. 6.

Paul F. Double,

More people gave up looking for work in September causing the U. S. unemployment rate to dip to 7.8 percent. The unemployment rate has hovered over 8 percent during Obama’s entire term up until last month. The president promised a 5.6 percent unemployment rate by this time in his administration.

The growth of the U.S. population requires the creation of 150,000 to 200,000 jobs per month to hold unemployment steady. In September only 114,000 jobs were created, which means we continue to fall behind in creating jobs. At the current rate of job creation, we might not hit full employment (4 percent unemployment) for at least another four years if we are mired in another Obama administration.

The administration has done a terrible job with the economy. We have 23 million Americans underemployed/unemployed, and only 58 percent of the working-age population is currently employed compared to 63 percent in 2008 before Obama became president. Americans on food stamps have increased by 15 million in the past four years. And the national debt has gone from $10 trillion to $16 trillion under Obama. We are in worse shape now than we were when Obama took office, and we cannot afford to continue these failed economic policies.

Donald A. Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH


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