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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012 12:01 am
I write in support of two valuable members of the Fort Wayne Community Schools board of trustees, Becky Hill and Vice President John Peirce. The positive change taking place in For Wayne’s schools is undeniable. Our graduation rates, ISTEP scores and attendance indicators all exceed the state averages, despite challenges not found in other districts. State Superintendant Dr. Tony Bennett calls FWCS a model for the state.

Peirce and Hill have led the charge for academic excellence. Their opponents, Jehl and Davis, received financial support from the local tea party. Neither has participated in any of the numerous FWCS board workshops held over the past four years nor attended a single board meeting.

Both advocate diverting public funds to support Catholic, Lutheran and Islamic schools. Their policies will reduce the number of teachers, delay needed technology and cause a cutback in the district’s extracurricular activities, including sports and band.

Please help us reach our goals and academic excellence for all by returning Peirce and Hill to the FWCS board.

Mark E. GiaQuinta

FWCS board member
There have been suggestions lately that all “good” Republicans should vote for Richard Mourdock for the Senate because he is a Republican. Former supporters of Richard Lugar should remain faithful to the party.

Party loyalty is valuable, but there are always exceptions. Indiana Rep. Robert Morris believes the Girls Scouts of America are part of a communist conspiracy. Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri running for the U.S. Senate believes that women cannot get pregnant if they are really raped. (The unspoken idea, of course, is that if a woman gets pregnant then it could not possibly have been rape).

State Rep. Jon Hubbard of Arkansas believes that slavery was a blessing for Africans since otherwise they would never have been able to come to America. (I guess the fact that so many died on the trip was just the cost of passage.)

Charlie Fuqua, formerly a member of the Arkansas House and currently running, believes the only solution to Islam in America is to deport all Muslims.

Are these people you should vote for simply because you are a Republican? In Arkansas, state party leaders and officials have denounced these two individuals and their comments, refusing to support them.

Republican leaders in Indiana distanced themselves from Morris after his attack on the Girl Scouts. Gov. Christie of New Jersey, as stalwart a Republican as one could hope for, in a national news show flatly stated that the Republican Party should not support Akin in his race.

When asked if he supported Akin, he gave a resounding NO!

The good Lord gave each of us a brain. Please use it when evaluating candidates and do not simply vote for a candidate — Republican, Democrat or other — simply because of party label when there are compelling reasons for not doing so.

James M. LutzU.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock perhaps made a tactical error by expressing his sincere Christian beliefs in the recent debate.

The Bible is clear on abortion. I respect Gov. Romney’s opinion for approval of this drastic action in case of rape, incest or risk of a mother’s life. Romney, a Mormon, has forgiven Mourdock, and I believe others will also.

Meanwhile, Rep. Joe Donnelly is striving to reignite his campaign by using this gaffe as a political tool. This man has an established record of voting for the current administration and its far left radical agenda.

Included in his many “yes” votes are for the failed massive bail-out monies and Pelosi’s favorite, Obamacare, which each passing day brings forth new additional taxes and expensive costs to those who will be hurt most — those in the middle of Obama’s class warfare system.

John Paul

In all of the opinions and writing done on Obamacare, one problem (not issue) remains: What is the bill really for? All the surface problems are written about over and over again, that our health system is broken and we need to fix it. But I say it is something else.

The Dems have known that they have run up the debt so high they have to tax in some way, so they came up with this “undercover” bill called “affordable health.” What? As our Supreme Court has already stated that this is a tax,and when you look at the real thing, it has a tax on everything, almost.

What is sad is that the Dems have to “cover up” the tax with such a needy problem, health care.

But you know what, people have bought it, and then five years from now they will find a way to blame the GOP for this mess and people will believe that.

This is sad that they have to do things this way.

President Obama has asked, “Who do we trust?”

Yes, who can I trust?

Gary Schierling



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