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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Saturday, October 27, 2012 12:01 am
As Election Day looms ever nearer, we are taking time to research those individuals who are competing for seats on the East Allen County Schools board. A large number of the candidates are not from the Leo area or have interests in other communities. They may or may not have the best interests of our Leo-Cedarville community in mind. Terry Jo Lightfoot has lived in our community and worked for the benefit of our schools and our greater Leo community for many years. We truly feel she has our best interests in mind as she diligently pursues optimal educational situations for our children.

She has been a forerunner in keeping local schools in each of the diverse communities of East Allen County, as our schools are an integral part of the sense of community that exists in each of these locations. Lightfoot listened to her constituents and rigorously worked to maintain schools in our local communities.

Terry Jo has spent years developing and nurturing relationships with legislative leaders who can have enormous impact on our schools. She has also kept a good pulse on our Leo community, as to know what the needs for the education of our children entails. She subscribes to the belief that the school and community should work collaboratively in providing support regarding all avenues of learning, realizing they share the responsibility for educating their students/citizens.

It is our desire that our community will continue to have a hand in what happens “in our backyard,” and we certainly feel confident that Lightfoot will continue to work alongside us and finish the task at hand in the reorganization and improvement of East Allen County schools.

When we all work together, in the best interest of our schools, for the benefit of our children, we all win.

Bryan and Deb Sharp,

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 1979 the U.S. economy has grown. Corporate productivity is up 80 percent, providing a 240 percent increase in income for the top 1 percent of America. Yet, sadly, the average employees' wages are up only 11 percent.

Yes, the cost of living has risen more than 70 percent, not a problem for those earning 240 percent more, but it has been a real challenge for the other 99 percent of us.

Income inequality has now attained levels rivaling those of the Gilded Age, and the adverse effect it is having on our society is on display for the world to see.

Edward L. Glaeser, a professor of economics at Harvard, argues that as the rich become richer and acquire greater political influence, they support policies that make themselves even wealthier at the expense of others. This has obviously led to widening the income gap to our latest record levels. If you think that widening the wealth gap doesn't affect you, the data demonstrates undeniably that you are wrong.

That wealth gap has been found directly related to our most pressing social problems.

A study by Richard Wilkinson, Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology at England's University of Nottingham, found that in societies where income differences between rich and poor are smaller, the statistics show that community life is stronger. There is less violence, homicide rates of 10 times less, and imprisonment rates are 10 times lower. Health problems, particularly mental illness and addiction rates, are on average 40 percent lower, and there is less obesity.

That is a lot to attribute to inequality, but all these relationships have been demonstrated in at least two independent settings; among the richest developed societies, and among the 50 states of the USA .In both cases, places with smaller income differences do better.

Another alarming trend we are witnessing in our society is the impact income inequality is having on our political process. Legislation to support lobbying activities by corporations and business has accelerated greatly. Right-to-work and other related legislation has eroded membership in labor unions, declining substantially the primary mechanism for organized political representation of blue collar and middle-income workers in the governmental process.

I am certainly not against the financially wealthy. I just wonder, what kind of democracy are we really when only 1 percent of our citizens have opportunity to be represented?

These inequalities have made it increasingly difficult for many of our citizens to be truly informed about how the political choices available to them will actually impact the quality of their lives.

Get the facts about how your candidates have voted, who their loyalty extends to, what programs they plan to support and what programs they plan to cut. If you are not part of the 1 percent mega-rich, why would you vote for candidates that only respond to the needs and preferences of the mega-rich?

Jamie Wilhelm,

After more than 30 years of knowing Winfield Moses on a professional basis, I feel the entire state of Indiana has benefited from his activity.

After working directly with Win on citizen issues in the 1970s, where he championed reform of utility regulation and jobs issues, and the personal experience working with him during the International Harvester move, I can assure you that those of us involved at the time could not have had a better advocate.

Fort Wayne could have, and probably would have, become another South Bend after the Studebaker move without Win's leadership and help in bringing G.M. to the area.

Moses has always put us first in his approach to issues that affect us all, whether that be utility reform, jobs issues, care for our elderly or whatever it takes to stand up for the citizens of the area. He certainly deserves our support in continuing efforts to assist all of us.

Phil GinderThere has been a lot of talk concerning the embassy in Libya and that we lost four Americans. There have been a lot of questions and answers, wrong and right. People have been accused of this and that, but no one has mentioned that, perhaps, this tragedy was created because of the cuts in the military.

There are usually Marine guards at the embassies across the world. Here we have outsider security forces doing the job. This raises a question: Why?

I think there are two answers:

1. The cutbacks the Democrats are doing in the military have our security forces thin' they can't afford to outfit the embassies.

2. The hiring of the outsid security forces is like outsourcing manufacturing. It costs less to hire the local outsiders than to pay our boys to guard our people.

I don't think anyone wants to bring this up so as not to offend our friends in Libya, but since I still have freedom of speech, so far anyway, I will.

When are we going to learn defense is not the same as welfare? We should put our money in defense and take it out of welfare.

Gary Schierling C.P.P.,GrabillThis year three seats are to be voted on in the Southwest Allen School board election. In each race a challenger is facing a candidate having long experience on the board. If re-elected, these incumbents would begin terms that will add up to a combined total of 44 years seated on the board.

I believe the three challengers are the voters' best choice. I urge voting for Jason Kuchmay, Joe Greco and Meagan Milne. Their credentials are top-notch, and they will be strongly committed to continued improvement in education while paying careful attention to the budget. It's time for some new faces and fresh thinking on the SACS school board.

More information on each of the candidates can be found on the their websites: www.kuchmay.com, www.josephagreco.com, milneforschoolboard.com.

Fred Warner>/i>As the 2012 elections draw near, much consideration should be given before choosing candidates who will serve as our local, state and national representatives.

We make no apologies for being independent voters with a commitment to constitutional government, a pro-life stance and honoring God for the blessings we experience.

We are pleased to throw our support behind Audrey Queckboerner for the Indiana House of Representatives for the 85th District. She represents a pro-life, constitutional approach to government, which gives us a clear choice in 2012.

It is time to rid ourselves of status quo governing representatives and choose those who truly will follow the core values of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and reverence for life and family values.Queckboerner and the Constitution Party represent these values.

It is sad that the national news media choose to ignore those who are striving to return to the role of limiting federal government in favor of more local and state governance.

If more candidates sharing Audrey's beliefs were elected, we could truly rid ourselves of the ever growing “big brother” socialistic-style federal government, which has put brakes on individual liberties and freedoms for decades. Audrey Queckboerner deserves our vote.

We urge you to learn more about her values by visiting www.Vote4AQ.com or exploring the home page of the Constitution Party of Indiana by visiting www.CPIndiana.org.

Greg and Carol Postel,

I cannot believe I am the only one who sees through the Romney charade billed as the first presidential debate, which was no debate at all. Romney broke all the rules of civil debate. He had nothing to offer, so he decided to deprive the public of any debate at all. He offered nothing new at all and created a shambles, leaving the false impression that controlled a debate by breaking all the rules, interrupting President Obama, misquoting the Constitution to make it seem as if the federal government has no power at all over religion, freedom of speech or freedom of the press.

With a reasonably straight, but gleeful face, he turned a linguistic phrase telling the moderator, PBS 39 and nation to shove it by cleverly raising Big Bird to the fore. With arrogance and subdued vehemence Romney told Americans where to shove Big Bird.

PBS 39 (with programs as Democracy Now, Moyers & Company and Charlie Rose) has been exposing government corruption and corruption by big money interests to buy politicians, judges and legislation favorable to the wealthy by which they maintain their wealth advantage while lower classes are reduced to poverty.

But Romney serves the upper 1 percent and a press that peddles to the favor of the upper 1 percent. Threatening to end PBS 39 funding is to dissuade others from printing things unfavorable about Romney, only one of the tactics he has borrowed from Hitler.

Richard D. SloanIt’s time for a new president.

Being without a job, high gas and grocery prices are not rocket science, and everyone can understand that. Even people who have a job are not getting raises, bonuses, promotions. Some are even getting their hours cut back along with company perks.

Charities are not getting as many donations. Cities have had to scale back on projects. Companies will not invest in new jobs.

Consider the following facts:

Since Obama took office 45 months ago, unemployed Americans increased 495,000. The unemployment rate is up 3.8 percent. The long-term unemployed is up 87 percent. When we include the 8 million Americans who have given up looking for work, the real unemployment rate is closer to 15 percent.

The maximum amount of time unemployment was above 8 percent from President Truman to President Bush was 39 months. Under Obama’s leadership, it has been 45 months and counting. Every fifth man is out of work in America. Gas prices are up 100 percent.

When Obama took office, gasoline was $1.85 a gallon; today it is $3.69. Home values are down 11 percent. Worker health insurance costs are up 23 percent, and college tuition is up 25 percent.

Americans in poverty increased by 6.4 million, food stamp recipients increased by 46 percent. Over the past four years, 400,000 new food stamp recipients have been added to the welfare rolls each month, doubling the spending on this program from $35 billion to $75.7 billion from 2008 to 2011.

Fifty-three percent of all American infants are now on WIC, a nutritional government program, and free school lunches have inflated from 18 to 21 million. In comparison to spending on defense, it has increased 11 percent while spending on food stamp programs has increased 110 percent.

One in seven Americans are now on food stamps. Federal debt increased 51 percent. The national debt was $10.6 trillion when Obama took office; it is now over $16 trillion. Every fourth home mortgage is under water.

The average American lost 40 percent of their wealth from 2007-2010. Middle-class income has been reduced by $3,960. Oil drilling permits on federal land has been cut in half and business regulations increased dramatically.

All of the programs Obama and his administration used to try to artificially stimulate the economy have failed. The stimulus, cash for clunkers, bailing out GM and giving loans to several renewable energy companies who all went bankrupt-all failures.

Democrats had full control of Congress the last two years of Bush’s presidency. They then had full control the first two years of Obama’s presidency. That adds up to four straight years of Democratic control. What Republicans refused to pass through Congress, Obama just passed through executive order.

Democrats should have shown improvement in six years. They haven’t; they have made things worse.

It’s time to get America back on track. It’s time for a new president.

Laura J. Smyser


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