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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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We desperately need leadership from White House

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Friday, October 26, 2012 12:01 am
It hardly seems necessary to list all the ways the Obama presidency has failed. It is sufficient to say the president ignored the nation’s most pressing problems – the monstrous federal debt and the disastrous economy – and chose instead to doggedly pursue his progressive agenda to remake America. If building a new society requires destroying the old one first, it is clear that Obama is halfway there. Heaven help us all if we don’t kick him out of office before he has a chance to finish the job.Mitt Romney did not at first seem a likely hero able to rescue the country from Obama’s breathtaking mixture of arrogance and incompetence. He had walked back and forth across the political middle in his flirtations with conservatism so often that it was sometimes hard to determine exactly what his political philosophy was. His clinching of the GOP nomination seemed like another case of Republicans rewarding the candidate whose turn it was instead of actually trying to win the election.

But as the campaign season has worn on, Romney has found his voice and crafted an agenda in marked contrast to Obama’s, articulating the policies desperately needed by this country. He promises to get out of the way of the private sector so it can get on with the business of creating jobs. He pledges to recreate a coherent foreign policy that does not rely on the pathetic “leading from behind” strategy. And he vows to scale back the monstrous federal government that threatens to crush us all under a mountain of debt. His choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate, when so many had predicted he would make a "safe” pick – underscored his commitment to fiscal responsibility.

The president’s claim that he inherited such a big mess that nobody could have fixed it is patently absurd. He failed precisely because of his specific policies that burdened the private sector and created fear and uncertainty among the job-creating class. The people who can get this country moving again are sitting on their money until they see real leadership that gives them a chance of some stability. Romney and Ryan can provide that leadership.

And they had better. Let’s assume the best, that Romney and Ryan win and the GOP controls both the House and Senate. That would give Republicans a two-year window to do whatever they want, the same window Obama and the Democrats had and squandered on Obamacare and the hideous “stimulus package.” If progress isn’t seen after two years on things like the debt and tax reform, it will be obvious no one is serious about heading off fiscal disaster, and it will surely come.


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